Why More People are Beginning to Use Organo Gold Products

With so many people looking to take control of their health and overall wellness, it has never been easier for you to accomplish this than by using Organo Gold. This brand has been around for quite some time and is well-known for the one ingredient they put into the majority of their products: Ganoderma. This particular option is ideal for lots of different reasons because the ingredient totes a large number of benefits specific to health and wellness. You can pick and choose a variety of different options on their site and take a look at the wide range of products they have made available to those wanting to use their brand. To know more about the company click here.

You will notice that there is virtually a product for every type of issue or need out there. For instance, you may want to make use of this brand if you are going to be losing weight and wanting to gain muscle. The brand also has a product known as OG Smile for those wanting a brighter and whiter smile. You will love what Organo Gold has to offer and the fact that millions have used the product with great results. For this reason, Organo Gold has been a trusted household name for years and continues to grow in popularity. You can either visit the Organo Gold site to learn more about them or you can look at a local distributor who is going to be able to answer any and all of your questions right now concerning products.


Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans – A Highly Regarded Event and a Meeting of the Great Minds

Last November, NexBank’s President—John Holt—spoke as a panelist and offered new perspectives for increasing income and strategizing partnerships as well as relieving the often overlooked stress that affects many top banking leaders in the community sector. The event was successful and will repeat itself again next fall. NexBank is a proud member of the FDIC as well as an Equal Housing Lender under the U.S. Patriot Act. Its leadership consists of Matt Siekelski as Chief Operating Officer, Craig Korbuly as Chief Financial Officer, Dierk Hohman as General Counselor, Rhett Miller as Chief Credit Officer and Craig Campbell as Senior Managing Director.

NexBank is based in Dallas, where its three main branches flourish. NexBank primarily offers commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services as its three main components. NexBank’s commercial banking provides treasury management, agency services, credit services, correspondent banking, commercial real estate lending and general commercial lending. The mortgage banking division offers warehouse lending, wholesale lending and lending. Institutional services offer public funds, treasury management, investment banking and real estate advisory.

NexBank offers personal banking solutions, including savings and checking accounts with or without mortgaging options. See more at www.nexbank.com. NexBank provides online banking for individuals or businesses, and enrollment is quick and simple. Demos are also available upon request. Online banking is available 24/7 with secure and convenient access.

You may also transfer money between accounts, pay bills online and view all account or transaction information. NexBank’s Certificates of Deposit offer numerous methods for maximizing savings through competitive rates, automatic rollovers, flexible terms and frequently promoted special discounts. CD rates start at 0.1 percent per month.


The contributions of James Dondero

James Dondero has been an influential figure in Dallas. He’s a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He is currently working for the welfare of the Dallas Community. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Mr. Dondero is someone with a reputation to maintain. His affiliation with Dallas’s community is exemplary. One of his recent achievements includes contributing a large amount of charity for Dallas Zoo. In 2001, Dallas Zoo was considered as the ideal habitat for Hippos but after the death of an old hippo named Papa, the zoo was shut down. This decision greatly affected the locals and the natives weren’t happy about it. The zoo remained closed for about nearly 20 years.

A lot of complaints were written to the concerned authorities because the natives missed enjoying the captivating hippos. People of the Dallas community wanted the zoo to start functioning. After about two decades the management of Dallas zoo decided to address the problem. But reopening an old zoo which was closed for nearly two decades required serious funding. About 14 million dollars were needed to rejuvenate the zoo and make it function for the locals. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Mr. Dondero’s generous donation of $1 million for the zoo was a catalyst in the functioning of the zoo. The natives of the Dallas community were overwhelmed by the news of their beloved zoo being reopened after a gap of 20 years. The Dallas zoo management specifically named a habitat in the name of Highland Capital Management which was Mr. Dondero’s entrepreneurship firm.

James Dondero has always been a patriot and loves the people of Dallas. He has always been a committed individual and has dedicated his efforts for the natives of the city. He has always been forthcoming in assisting the town whenever it requires financial assistance.

Other than his involvement in the zoo project, Mr. James Dondero has vastly contributed to the field of Education. He donated a hefty amount of charity for George W. Bush’s Presidential Museum and Library.

Mr. Dondero is someone who has dedicated all his life to philanthropy and for the charity of people of Dallas, Texas and his services will never go unnoticed.

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Renew Youth: Creating Beauty Products that Protect the Skin

People are concerned about how their skin looks, and when wrinkles start to appear, they resort to beauty products which promise to restore their younger looking skin. However, not all beauty products work the same. The reason for the changes in the skin and the active ingredient in the product are two major factors to be considered if the product would work or not. Renew Youth is a company that manufactures beauty products that cause the skin to look better, and they are investing in researching which ingredients would make their products more effective. The company markets their products mostly to women who are more prone to skin changes especially when they hit the menopausal age.

Renew Youth has been in the business for more than two decades, and with the advancement in technology, they are able to create more treatments that have a higher percentage of effectiveness. According to Renew Youth, healthy skin should contain three major elements – elastin, collagen, and moisture. Elastin is a protein responsible for providing the skin with an elastic character, allowing it to go back to its previous state when pulled or pressed. Collagen, on the other hand, is another type of protein that holds tissues together. Lastly, moisture is present inside the skin to protect it from heat. These three elements are all present in the products manufactured by Renew Youth to ensure that their clients will enjoy a fair looking skin.

Renew Youth continues to market their products and assuring their buyers that it would protect them from the threats outside. The company is also advising their patrons not to be involved in actions that would bring further damage to the skin, like smoking and staying too long under the sun. Protecting the skin and taking care of it would later produce outstanding results.

Learn more: http://chronicleweek.com/2018/12/renew-youth-protects-perimenopausal-women/

Rocketship Education: Providing a Competitive and Affordable Alternative Education

In the United States, public school education is funded by the government, but students might feel intimidated going to a public school because of bullying issues or other concerns. This is where alternative education steps in, providing a safe and secure environment for children who wanted to learn. Families across the United States are now considering alternative education as a means to provide education to their children because of the focus that the school administration provides to honing their students’ skills in academics, arts, music, and sports.

One of the most popular alternative learning destinations in the United States today is the Rocketship Education, which runs the Rocketship Public Schools. Parents who do not have that much money are being assisted by the government by providing them with coupons that they can use to enroll their children in Rocketship Public Schools. These schools trace their origins in California, where an individual decided to partner with an educational institution and develop his own school system that would allow the children to experience a new way of learning. The Rocketship Public Schools slowly gained popularity because of how they are handling the children, and it can be evident in their performances in taking national achievement tests.

The success of the Rocketship Public Schools can be traced to the school management who prioritizes the development of the skill from each student. Aside from training the students how to be an academic achiever, they are also encouraging them to join sports, arts, and music. The school management is also encouraging the parents to join the class discussions, and to interact with their children because it would help them learn faster. Technology is also used widely inside the school, with applications developed to hasten the learning progress, especially in young children.

The National Public Radio recently posted a malicious report about how the Rocketship Public Schools are training its students to ace the national performance tests, but the allegations were quickly denied by the school administration and the parents themselves, stating that the reporter did not bother to visit any Rocketship Public School to verify their claim. See the allegations here https://www.the74million.org/article/smith-10-lessons-from-rocketship-educations-first-decade-as-a-pioneer-of-k-5-personalized-learning/

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Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto offer Medicare Beneficiaries relief

One of the common tendencies in the healthcare sector in the United States has been the use of private health plans to access Medicare benefits since the 1970s. Instead of going through the original Medicare plan, many Medicare beneficiaries have alternatives such as HMOs and PPOs to obtain these benefits. Some of the benefits of Medicare includes medical supplies and equipment, payment for in-patient and outpatient services, hospice care, and skilled nursing services. As opposed to the original Medicare plan, the new Medicare Advantage plans offer a route of payment through which patients can pay directly to the federal government and not to the Medicaid and Medicare Services centers.

InnovaCare Health is a leading North American managed health care service provider. This company offers the highest quality care services to its Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in the region. The goal is to provide quality more than quantity in the industry. This firm has incorporated the most advanced technologies and highly qualified physicians to carry out the mission of providing quality services. In the process, they have also ensured that there are cost-effective models that make it possible for everyone to afford these services. Through Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs combined with provider networks, InnovaCare Health has managed to spread its services to many parts of the country with an emphasis on Puerto Rico.

One of the reasons why InnovaCare Health has succeeded in its mission of providing superior healthcare services to the people is the leadership that it enjoys from CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides. Through the intervention of these two leaders, InnovaCare Health has managed to satisfy the federal government that it is capable of providing Medicare beneficiaries with top quality services. The approach to work is taking care of the patient first before anything else. The facility also ensures that it comes up with innovative medical practices, employ highly qualified medical staff and maintain effective communication with the public. The results are improved service delivery, improved quality of life for patients and improved growth of Innovacare Health.

Both leaders are both highly experienced leaders in the medical industry. Each one of them has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. As experienced leaders, they have a clear vision of where they would like to see the company go and are motivated to work towards that mission. Because of their experience, the two has managed to take the company through the toughest challenges that normally affect new organizations. Penelope is highly experienced in dealing with managed care industry since she has worked with government problems for a very long time.

Mathew Fleeger: A Successful CEO

Mathew Fleeger us the founding father and chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. Initially, he studied business administration from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. After this, he utilized his knowledge, experience, and capital by serving to take the executive posts in different gas and oil companies.

Gulf Coast Western also known as Joint Ventures is the collaborator group of oil and gas partnerships. The main objective of it is to bring together talent, experience, resources, and technology to discover, access and acquire the reserves of gas and oil located in the Gulf region of United States of America.

Mathew Fleeger gives equal credit for the company’s achievements to its joint partner and takes pride in the mutual respect, trust and success they have. Wells which are recently discovered are expected to generate approximately 800 barrels of oil on a daily basis. Gulf Coast Western is also planning on establishing offset wells so that the production potential may be enhanced.

For the Bonanza Project, the company has also gained access to the proprietary 3D seismic data which covers the land of around 42 square miles across Orbit development area. Successful working on this project will bring an increased production rate along with lots of assets and money.

Moreover, Gulf Coast Western holds 50 percent shares in salt water disposal assets. The company has also bought 25 percent of working interest in every well that is drilled in Wilcox formation. The company focuses to invest and initiate activities in areas which are located in the Gulf Coast because these areas are most of the times rich in gas and oil reserves. These areas offer a potential chance of success.

Therefore, Gulf Coast West prefers to work in success guarantying regions. In the future, under the leadership of Mathew, the company is looking forward to expanding their business in various areas of United States of America.

Why Are EOS Lip Balm Gaining so Much Attention?

EOS lip balms hit the beauty scene with an almost meteoric impact. The success may have come out of nowhere, but the EOS founders did take extra pains to try to make their brand as successful of possible. The Evolution of Smooth company put a lot of work into their new lip balm to make it appeal to consumers, to revolutionize a somewhat dry industry, and to make a product that they could believe in full heartedly. The company put a lot of work into their lip balm products. The made a strong formula that would appeal to younger generations, made a strategy to promote and market their product, and created a package concept that would be visually appealing to consumers in a way that older lip balm tubes just couldn’t compete with.

The EOS lip balm company started off with getting their product just right. They made a formula that contained ingredients that would be appealing to consumers who are more focused on what kind of ingredients are within their beauty products. Younger generations and older generations have begun to be more concerned about the number of chemical ingredients in their beauty products. Millennials and other younger people are more focused on having natural and organic ingredients within their beauty products. The EOS founders make their products out of 100% natural ingredients and use certified organic ingredients where the can to make their lip balms. They also made a few specific lip balms that are 100% vegan, although you have to check the labels to find the ones that are vegan. The idea behind using natural ingredients is that the product will be more healthy for the user. It appears to be the case, as most people see positive results from using their EOS lip balm. The founders of the EOS brand also created their own lip balm packaging that was different from anything else. They chose a pod-shaped container that has a handhold to make it easier for people to open and close it. The colorful round pod-shaped containers have really made the EOS lip balms gain attention.

The EOS brand made the containers to gain attention and they also created a marketing scheme to go promote their product. They gave some celebrities the EOS lip balms to try out. This permitted the EOS products to be spotted in the hands of celebrities. The brand also made YouTube advertisements and had their product placed into various music videos of popular pop stars. These approaches helped to make the EOS brand what it is today.

Jingdong is Helping Bookstores Sell Online

The world has been evolving every single day and the age of technology is upon us. Technology has helped the human race since the dawn of time – from wielding tools, to the age of industrialization and in today’s post-modern era. Technology has helped a lot of people and a lot of industries – but it has also has hurt and has made some industries on the verge of extinction. Advancements are here and with these advancements – by definition means that they will replace their predecessors.

Online shopping has been here for quite a while now and they have banked on the convenience and comfort of just browsing and buying items through the screen and the products being delivered right on your doorstep. Online shopping has made shopping instant – and it is all at the advantage of not even stepping out of your house and purchasing your favorite items through a screen. With the timeliness of online shopping in this age of smartphones and the internet – it has gained a very wide audience and an avid group of consumers. With the advancement of online shopping – this poses a threat to brick and mortar stores that need physical human interaction in order to function.

JD.com and its Chief Executive Officer, Richard Liu Qiangdong, know exactly how this feels like – losing their market and losing their sales in their brick and mortar stores – and Richard Liu Qiangdong has redirected his business to the online world in order to keep his business alive, and Richard Liu Qiangdong, with his years of experience, has now mastered the art and science of online marketing – and is now willing to help other business to evolve into this age of technology in order to keep their businesses timely and relevant to the modern world. Richard Liu Qiangdong is now collaborating with bookstores who operate in their brick and mortar stores and helping them advance and evolve in their inventory tracking and putting their products out in his online platforms to be able to get them to operate in a wider market and a wider audience. JD.com and Richard Liu Qiangdong isn’t only an excellent business, but also a business that is for the community.

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What you missed about the Shervin Pishevar 21 hour tweet storm

Twitter users were treated to a dramatic moment when Shervin Pishevar started a rant that lasted for 21 hours. Dubbed the 21 hour tweet storm, the early uber investor and famous investor talked about the economy and the things that are likely to avoid it. He painted a gloomy picture while analyzing some of the recent developments in the economy of the United states. Although he was full of warnings and predicted dark times ahead, he also had useful insights for those who care to know about the financial situation of the country.

An impeding financial crisis

Pishevar spoke of an impending financial crisis that will almost be impossible to avoid. During the time when he posted the tweets, the stocks were not performing well, and he predicted that they would continue to perform that way for many more months. According to him, this would means that there will be little circulation of funds in the economy because of situations such as high interest rates, tax giveaway and enormous discrepancies in credit reports. Shervin Pishevar believes that all these situations have been brought about because of lack of proper policies.

Stop relying on government bonds

According to Shervin Pishevar, the government has always relied on bonds to get out of difficult situations. However, he says that they need to formulate a new policy because this one will not work anymore. He believes that it is something that has been overtaken by time and therefore, the government should look for better ways to raise funds when there is an impending crisis. He told his twitter followers that unless the government finds an alternative, everything will be gloomy.

In addition to talking about the bonds in relation to an impending financial crisis, Shervin Pishevar talked about the Silicon Valley and the perception that America holds monopoly of talents. He warned Americans that other countries had developed in various other ways and therefore, the thought that Silicon Valley holds power over other countries is just lie. He wants the government to readjust its policies and come up with ways to avert the situation because it sure is coming.