Securus helps in creating memories this Christmas season

It is quite challenging for families with some of their members as inmates. They never get to communicate with them frequently nor meet them often. Also, the inmates miss out on some of the families’ special moments. During festive seasons families remember, create and share both old and new memories. Some are forced to make long tiring trips and wake up early to queue in the prisons. All these is to keep in touch with their loved ones during this festive season of Christmas. Children reunite with parents as well as couples. This generates happiness and joy for both inmates and the family at large.


In 1986, an American based company, Securus Technologies was founded. It is well known for providing quality services and civil solutions. It serves law enforcement and correction agencies societies. It links technology to inmates and vital information to people running the correction agencies. Also, it provides communication services for family and friends with incarcerated members in multiple correction facilities. The company’s CEO reported of his business’ mission to meet their customer’s needs entirely.


Securus Technologies has launched a Video Visitation system. The software enables family members to make video calls to the inmates. With a relative in prison, I can call them when at home, in the office and feel connected to them. It is a service that the clienteles will cherish dearly especially during the holiday season. Christmas among other festive seasons is a period where inmates would love to spend longer time with their loved ones. However, they never get to enjoy this due to the limited time in the prison visits. This facility maintains the family bond and avoids hostility among inmates due to loneliness.


A demonstration video of this software was recently released on YouTube. A father whose desire is to be there for his child can make a video call with him. Connecting with family is a special moment in anyone’s life especially for children with parents behind bars. The young boy gets to open his Christmas gift with his father. Prison environments may not be the best for the children and Christmas would not feel complete when loved ones are far away. I feel Securus has met their pledge to offer satisfactory services to their customers. I recommend all walks of people to use the software. It is a user-friendly system, and they can schedule a time to communicate with their loved ones. Being a flexible system, they enjoy booking time around their personal schedules.

Why the CAA is the Only Choice

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the nation’s largest independently run practice of its kind. The CAA consists of a team of more than 80 qualified physicians who all specialize in the field of anesthesiology. Many of the association’s doctors have also received specialized training in areas such as obstetric, pediatric, and cardiothoracic anesthesiology. In addition, the CAA also employs over 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. These nurses assist the doctors to help ensure that each patient has a safe and comfortable experience. The CAA is based in Austin, Texas and provides top notch care to more than 20 medical facilities in the area. Doctors at the CAA offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of each patient. Some examples of these are general, local, and monitored anesthesia services. The CAA is also a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, which works to improve patient care through education and data collection. This partnership allows the CAA to stay up to date on new and useful information, which in turn provides patients with better and better care. This consistent commitment to improving their practice makes the Capitol Anesthesiology Association the obvious choice for all your anesthesiology needs.

Evaluating Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Impressive Career

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a world-famous oncologist, author, and editor. He has made notable contributions to the overall field of medicine. He currently teaches oncology at Buffalo University’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute, where he is also a board member. Prof. Mikhail earned his M.D and PhD in internal and experimental medicine and cardiology at St. Petersburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University. This heralded the beginning of a highly successful career, which has seen him serve at senior positions in notable institutions such as the Ordway Research Institute and the New York Medical College.

Mikhail’s Research on Aging and Rapamycin

Prof. Mikhail Blagosklonny has led numerous high-profile research teams, which have successfully carried out studies pertaining to the human aging process. At a personal level, he has formulated a premise about the role played by TOR signaling in cancer and aging. This has led him to propose the use of rapamycin, which is a renowned cancer treatment, to slow down the aging process. Mikhail’s hypothesis has been well received within the medical fraternity. He is regarded as one of the most passionate proponents of rapamycin in longevity studies. This has boosted his profile within the fraternity.


Prof. Mikhail Blagoskloony is best known for being the brains behind Oncotarget, which is a pioneer peer review publication that highlights issues related to oncology research. Oncotarget prides itself in being the most up-to-date open access journal within the medical field, which covers research on aspects related to oncology. Its publisher is Impact Journals. Mikhail established the journal in 2010 and serves as its editor-in-chief alongside Andrei V. Gudkov. The journal is indexed and abstracted in Scopus, the Science Citation Index Expanded, and BIOSIS Previews. This proves its prominence within the medical field.

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Other Editorial Ventures

Besides Oncotarget, Prof. Mikhail is the editor-in-chief of Aging. This is a monthly medical journal that covers the molecular mechanics of the aging process, gerontology, and senescence. He similarly serves in the same position at Cell Death & Differentiation, which is another notable peer reviewed journal. Reference:

Blagosklonny’s Career Highlights

Mikhail has distinguished himself as a dedicated scientist, more so in the area of aging and cancer research. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s works have been cited by major publications across the world. His breakthrough discoveries have similarly helped to shed light on medical issues that were previously seen to be obscure. Mikhail has been described as a preeminent researcher with a unique understanding of cancer biology and therapy by his peers. His hyper-functionary theory of aging has equally been well received and applauded by peers.

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Thor Halvorssen and His Experiences with Democratic Socialism

There are two types of people in the world. There are those who have data and those who have experience. Of course, there can be an overlap between these two fields. But the man who has data is typically not as compelling as the man who has experience. The man who has experience can say that he has tried it, seen it, and it does not work. Thor Halvorrsen is the man of both data and experience with the issue of democratic socialism. While socialism has been promoted on a popular level, especially in the United States, Halvorrsen believes that it could have dire consequences for future generations, based on his experience with it.

His Family Was Murdered And Imprisoned

In a country such as the United States, people do not worry about the consequences of criticizing a government entity because they have the benefit of freedom of speech. But in nations that practice democratic socialism, Halvorrsen recalls that this benefit is a foreign concept. He currently has relatives who are political prisons in the nation of Venezuela. His mother was murdered by a socialist regime. His father was tortured, beaten and murdered for allegedly committing white collar crimes. When a young person tells Thor Halvorrsen that democratic socialism is the best governmental approach, he knows that they are speaking from a lack of experience.

Frequently Food Shortages

If the government controls the price of food, Halvorrsen testifies that there are frequent food shortages. It is either too expensive for the people to afford it or it is too cheap and there is not enough money to pay the vendors. While a presidential candidate could promise something like free or cheaper food and the people would enthusiastically applaud, it is not a workable system. Halvorrsen recognizes that there needs to be competition within the market.

Socialism is more than a theory about how to operate the government. The effects are further-reaching than merely to give people free things. Halvorrsen recognizes how dire the circumstances are and that the fate of a nation could be compromised if they were to adopt this position. He does not want to see any more fathers and mothers murdered.

Geoffrey Cone: New Zealand is Not a Tax Haven

Geoffrey Cone graduated from Otago University with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He went further to pursue a postgraduate diploma in trust and tax law. For this reason, he commenced his practice in Auckland in 1980. He then moved to serve at Christchurch as a chairman and member of the partnering community in the law firm. He practiced as a commercial litigator and held several instructional programs in in trust and tax law. He also appeared in numerous court proceedings as a leading council. For over two years of his service, he was working the West British Indies as a commercial litigator. In 1999, he established his practice that covered numerous areas of law including tax and trust funds. The Cone Marshal Limited, his form, is the only law firm in New Zealand that deals in exclusive international tax and trust planning. The company provides trust and trustee management services through the affiliating companies.


New Zealand, in the recent coverage in the media, foreign trusts make the country sound like of the tax havens in the world. For this reason, many high-net-worth individuals would prefer this country for their complex financial deals because they think it is a tax haven. However, this country is not a tax have. The country has a complex tax schedule. For most, let’s deal with the big question in the air. New Zealand, like many other countries in the world, is not a tax haven. According to the OECD, there is a list of tax havens and their concerned characteristics that make the countries qualify as tax havens. New Zealand has never been, and is not, a tax haven. One of the major features that depict countries as tax havens is that they impose no taxes. According to your research, New Zealand is a full-service tax country. This disqualifies it from being a tax haven. Based on these grounds, the country is not a tax haven.


The transparency standard for tax shelters is that the countries that are not tax havens have a transparency policy to help them share information regarding fiscal matters in the country. One of the first countries to be listed as not-tax havens in OECD was New Zealand. The company has a substantial implementation of the agreed worldwide tax standard.


The best way we can see the country demonstrating leadership in transparency is in the requirements imposed on foreign trust funds. These trusts pay an enormous amount of tax in the country. The Former President of New Zealand, Michael Cullen, introduced the current working regulations in the country. A foreign trust in the country, starting from 2006, should present and account for all business dealings the do in the country. For every deal they make, they must pay tax. This includes distribute and settlement details, trust deeds, and liabilities.



Raj Fernando Continue Development of Chopper Trading

One of the premier trading firms in the world over the past decade has been Chopper Trading. Raj Fernando, a seasoned trader who was looking to branch out on his own, formed Chopper Trading in 2004. Raj Fernando started his career in the late 1990s when he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade and later the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In these roles he gained a significant amount of market knowledge, a client base, and trading skills, which have helped him to make Chopper Trading very successful.

One of the ways that Chopper Trading differs from every other trading firm is that it has a different approach when it comes to hiring talent. Many trading firms end up focusing on getting people from the best schools and those that have the best grades or spent years working at other top firms. While education and experience are important option the firm, they are more concerned with building and maintaining a positive work environment. The firm is far more focused on ensuring that all of the personalities blend and that people can be friendly before, during, and after the trading day.

While the company is focused on hiring people that have financial backgrounds and experience trading, they also consider the technology aspect of their firm to be very important. The company has one of the largest technology department in the industry, which allows it to develop and implement the best trading platforms in the world. This gives the firm the ability to recognize patterns and review trading strategies faster than their competitors.

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Assisted Living On Your Terms at The Manse on Marsh

When someone enters The Manse on Marsh, they are entering the next chapter in their life. For some people, that is very exciting and something they look forward to with a great deal of confidence and excitement. For other people, it is something that puts a lot of fear into them and something they dread. They have become accustomed to their way of living and living life the way they see fit. They are not keen on changing it anytime soon. As the old expression goes, if it is not broke, why fix it? However, sometimes they just need a little help and living on their own is no longer in the cards.

They don’t have to enter an assisted living facility kicking and screaming, however. They can enter it with confidence. They can know they are in good hands and they are going to be taken care of the right way. The only thing that is going to change is their location. Other than that, almost everything is exactly the same and that is a good thing. There will be some changes along the way, as that is natural, but for the most part, they can be themselves and be comfortable.

One must remember that The Manse on Marsh has won “The Caring Star” award and this is based on reviews and how they handle their residents. If anyone is unhappy about their stay there or anything is not to their liking, they can voice their opinion. That rarely, if ever, happens, but if it does, they can rest easy knowing they will be heard, listened to, and the proper adjustments will be made. That is why they are winning awards and people are happy.

People like to have their voice heard and they like to feel like people care about what they have to say and it matters to others. It is not going to get overlooked, ignored, or just put in a big pile of papers. They will rectify it as soon as possible. However, again, these types of things do not happen at the Manse On Marsh.

Florida’s Education Reform Program Is The major Success Of The Work Of Dick DeVos

Around 30 years ago Dick and Betsy DeVos began touring schools in the Michigan area seeking to explore them many educational options open to them for their own school age children; 30 years later and now retired from his role with AmWay I was pleased to read about the continued efforts of Dick DeVos in the area of education reform. Dick continues to fight for eductaion reforms to add to the programs in 17 states across the U.S. that allow school vouchers and choice to be used by all parents within their jurisdictions; an interview with Betsy DeVos in Philanthropy Roundtable gave me a better insight into the thoughts and ambitions of the DeVos family in terms of education reform across the U.S. In my own view, and in that of Betsy DeVos the major leaps forward made in education reform in the state of Florida will be the main legacy of Dick in the future as over 50,000 children now attend the school chosen by their parents for them based on an educational choice program. Dick has been a major supporter of Republican politicians and conservative cause, but I was pleased to hear both he and Betsy DeVos are willing to cross party lines, as they did in Florida, to make sure as much support is found as possible for the educational reforms they have backed for more than three decades.


I have always been impressed with the business choices made by Dick DeVos over the course of his career, including his first executive role with the AmWay Group that saw him increase international trade for the company from five percent to over 50 percent of business. Wikipedia provides information on the career of Dick DeVos, and gave me the chance to discover the important works Dick DeVos has completed since he began working with AmWay in the 1970s. Dick believes the community should have the best possible options in all aspects of life and took it upon himself to head up the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan that looked to fill the hole left by the decision of many airlines to leave the area. These roles have impressed me greatly as I have looked in more depth into the life and good works of this Grand Rapids, Michigan native.


Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Shares His Photography Tips

Most modern smartphone cameras are designed to provide a seamless experience on Facebook. Still, there are some of the most important basic tips that we forget when taking pictures. Accordingly, here are ten simple strategies to improve your next shot.

1. Modern smartphones are well-equipped to handle most types of photos, therefore, it is better to take your time to get the best shot.

2. Most basic photography classes teach about the composition function. Basically, these five elements are texture, symmetry, pattern, lines and depth of field says Figueroa. Do yourself a favor by spending 10 minutes reading about these to improve your photography.

3. By zooming on the target, you can get a clear and bright picture. If you don’t have the zoom function, try to get as close to the subject as possible.

4. Most of us try to use the flash anytime we take pictures. Try to take a picture without a flash, whenever possible, because flash can create strange shadows and highlights.

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5. If your smartphone does not have enough functions to improve the photo, try installing a good third-party camera app. You will be surprised by the improved results.

6. Most of us never read the camera manual on At least, make it a priority to read the owner’s manual whenever you buy the camera because it will give you a lot of tips that you missed.

7. If possible, don’t change the HDR, High Dynamic Range, function of your camera because it will affect your pictures. Only if you are a professional or want to experiment with pictures, it is practical to switch off the HDR.

8. Don’t overuse the filter in the camera. Despite the fact that these filters may help achieve better results, only use them if you have specific theme in mind.

9. Learn to edit or watch an online video because a simple edit of the photo can do wonders to the final results.

10. Most importantly, keep the lens clean because there may be countless invisible stains in the lens that may affect your picture taking abilities.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián is a native Venezuelan entrepreneur who fell in love with Panama. Currently, he holds five prominent positions in the country guiding multiple companies in various matters related to business and finance. He is also very fond of helping young entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish their own businesses. In Panama, Figueroa is also actively assisting business communities to develop partnership with local and international companies.

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David Osio’s Real Estate Group Launches New Mobile App

“Davos CAP Calculator” is a mobile application whose aim is to estimate returns for clients on real estate investments, created by the Davos Real Estate Group. This group is an independent company that is part of the Davos Financial Group, which offers financial advice on an international level.


Davos Financial Group has an objective to focus on creating investment strategies that meet the desires of each client by providing high quality service and highly experienced professionals that specialize in each of the services they provide.


Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerald Gonzalez, has been working for many months with the company Tecknolution on designing and developing this new application tool. It allows an individual to estimate gains of an investment property after associated expenses are taken into consideration.


This new application is available on iPhone and Android devices. It is only the beginning of a series of apps, according to Davos Real Estate Group. These series of apps will allow individuals to identify properties through your device and the ability to forward real estate reports to your agent via interactive chat.


David Osio, the founder of Davos Financial Group, believes that there was a need to develop a mobile app that allows the company to assist them in guiding their clients while they are investing in real estate throughout the country. The application is a very innovative tool that allows investors to have a clearer financial vision whilst purchasing properties.


Customers can estimate prices or rent on properties that suit client’s projected incomes the best. There will be a mortgage calculator on the app that allows clients to estimate their mortgage based on projections by the bank, the associated rate of interest and the funding period.


David Osio is the Executive Director of Davos Financial Group, in addition to be its founder. Prior to that position, he earned his law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. He has a tremendous understanding of financial practices across the multi-faceted financial industry.


David Osio has also studied at the IESA and the New York Institute of Finance, where he studied Shares Portfolio Management and Banking. He has had an outstanding career as a Legal Advisor in the private banking division of the Latino International Bank (BLI). In less than two years at the position, Osio moved up the ranks to Vice President of Commercial Banking.


In 1993, Osio decided to part ways with the BLI and founded Davos Financial Group, a corporation of independent companies dedicated to giving financial advice to customers.

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