Rocketship Education: Providing a Competitive and Affordable Alternative Education

In the United States, public school education is funded by the government, but students might feel intimidated going to a public school because of bullying issues or other concerns. This is where alternative education steps in, providing a safe and secure environment for children who wanted to learn. Families across the United States are now considering alternative education as a means to provide education to their children because of the focus that the school administration provides to honing their students’ skills in academics, arts, music, and sports.

One of the most popular alternative learning destinations in the United States today is the Rocketship Education, which runs the Rocketship Public Schools. Parents who do not have that much money are being assisted by the government by providing them with coupons that they can use to enroll their children in Rocketship Public Schools. These schools trace their origins in California, where an individual decided to partner with an educational institution and develop his own school system that would allow the children to experience a new way of learning. The Rocketship Public Schools slowly gained popularity because of how they are handling the children, and it can be evident in their performances in taking national achievement tests.

The success of the Rocketship Public Schools can be traced to the school management who prioritizes the development of the skill from each student. Aside from training the students how to be an academic achiever, they are also encouraging them to join sports, arts, and music. The school management is also encouraging the parents to join the class discussions, and to interact with their children because it would help them learn faster. Technology is also used widely inside the school, with applications developed to hasten the learning progress, especially in young children.

The National Public Radio recently posted a malicious report about how the Rocketship Public Schools are training its students to ace the national performance tests, but the allegations were quickly denied by the school administration and the parents themselves, stating that the reporter did not bother to visit any Rocketship Public School to verify their claim. See the allegations here

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