The contributions of James Dondero

James Dondero has been an influential figure in Dallas. He’s a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He is currently working for the welfare of the Dallas Community. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Mr. Dondero is someone with a reputation to maintain. His affiliation with Dallas’s community is exemplary. One of his recent achievements includes contributing a large amount of charity for Dallas Zoo. In 2001, Dallas Zoo was considered as the ideal habitat for Hippos but after the death of an old hippo named Papa, the zoo was shut down. This decision greatly affected the locals and the natives weren’t happy about it. The zoo remained closed for about nearly 20 years.

A lot of complaints were written to the concerned authorities because the natives missed enjoying the captivating hippos. People of the Dallas community wanted the zoo to start functioning. After about two decades the management of Dallas zoo decided to address the problem. But reopening an old zoo which was closed for nearly two decades required serious funding. About 14 million dollars were needed to rejuvenate the zoo and make it function for the locals. Read more about James Dondero at

Mr. Dondero’s generous donation of $1 million for the zoo was a catalyst in the functioning of the zoo. The natives of the Dallas community were overwhelmed by the news of their beloved zoo being reopened after a gap of 20 years. The Dallas zoo management specifically named a habitat in the name of Highland Capital Management which was Mr. Dondero’s entrepreneurship firm.

James Dondero has always been a patriot and loves the people of Dallas. He has always been a committed individual and has dedicated his efforts for the natives of the city. He has always been forthcoming in assisting the town whenever it requires financial assistance.

Other than his involvement in the zoo project, Mr. James Dondero has vastly contributed to the field of Education. He donated a hefty amount of charity for George W. Bush’s Presidential Museum and Library.

Mr. Dondero is someone who has dedicated all his life to philanthropy and for the charity of people of Dallas, Texas and his services will never go unnoticed.