An insight to Trabuco – Ancient War Machine

Trabuco is a special kind of attack weapon that was used in the middle ages. Its drive was to crush or crack walls of enemies during battles by shooting fireballs or projectiles to their territories. It generally referred as the balancing Trabuco other weapons existed that have a similar name like Traction Trabuco. Traction Trabuco was developed and used prior to balancing Trabuco. In Brazil, Trabuco is used as a reference to short guns or old manufactured revolvers that are of high quality.

Trabuco was first developed in China during the time of crusades. It was later utilized by Europeans as they viewed as an efficient and truly terrifying weapon to defend themselves. According to it was developed in 400 BC and introduced in Europe in 600AD. After the discovery of gunpowder, it was become less relied upon. Lack of gunpowder at that time made Trabuco the most convenient weapon.


The theory behind Trabuco on was to convert potential energy achieved from the string creating the kinetic energy that was its source of power. Trabuco was made of five parts; the beam, the frame, guide chute and counterweight and sling. The frame was used to support all the other components to achieve a raised stand in order to drop counterweight. The potential energy that was being converted is the gravitational potential energy. However, all the potential energy was not converted to kinetic action; some was lost in between because of friction. The counterweight was directly proportional to the projectile velocity since the more the counterweight; the more, the stronger projectile would be launched. The weight pushed the short arm down and the long one up. Then abrupt acceleration would rotate the projectile to the sling.

Trabuco weapons used human energy to operate. More than two hundred and fifty people would be needed to put in the force that was required to launch a projectile. The weapon could throw projectiles to more than 800 meters which made the weapon an ideal one during those days. Trabuco was also modified to make different attacks to the enemy camps, but the theory behind the weapon was still the same. This weapon theory is used by many teachers to teach physical principles.

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