SahmAdrangi: What is He Known for

When it comes to investors, SahmAdrangi ranks among the top of them. Here is more information about his career and what he is known for.


Adrangi started his career at Deutsche Bank. He also worked advising creditor committees at Chanin Capital Partners. He gained a tremendous amount of investment banking experience while working at both companies. He has also worked at Longacre Management, which was a debt hedge fund company.

The investor eventually went on to launch his own company called Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded the company back in 2009 and since then the company has gone on to manage over $100 million. Since it’s founding, SahmAdrangi has been involved in all aspects of the company’s development.

What Else Is SahmAdrangi Known For

Besides being known as an investor, SahmAdrangi is known for exposing fraudulent Chinese companies. Some of the companies he exposed included Lihua International, China Marine Food Group and China-Biotics to name a few. He shorted them and exposed them in 2010 and 2011. A number of his targets were subjected to enforcement actions from the SEC. Some of these targets included ChinaCast Education Corporation and China Education Alliance.

Social Media

The businessman and investor is active on social media. He is an avid Twitter user, and he enjoys discussing all things stocks via his business account. Through his personal Twitter account, he enjoys sharing regular stuff and random stuff. The content he shares ranges from photos to short statuses and things of that nature.

Conferences And Press

SahmAdrangi has spoke at various conferences, including the Distressed Debt Investing and the Sohn Conference. He has also been featured in publications such as the Washington Post, New York Times and BusinessWeek to name a few.

As you can see, SahmAdrangi is a businessman who knows what he is doing. It’s safe to say that he will continue to make a name for himself in his industry.

American Institute of Architects: Promoting the Architectural Profession

The American Institute of Architects is one of the professional organizations operating in the United States. The group was created for architects who are practicing their profession in the country, and their headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. The American Institute of Architects is helping the community through various programs like education, promoting government advocacies, redevelopment and reconstruction of infrastructures, and public outreach to showcase a positive image among the public and to gain their support. The community redevelopment is also working with other organizations which focus on designing and constructing to elevate the quality of the building industry. Robert Ivy presides over the American Institute of Architects, serving at the same time as the executive vice president and the chief executive officer.

The American Institute of Architects is one of the oldest professional organizations in the United States. The organization was established in the city of New York in 1857 by a group of young and passionate architects who wanted to elevate the status of architecture as a profession in the United States and at the same time, promote the ethical practice of the profession among its members. The architects who founded the American Institute of Architects are Joseph C. Wells, Richard M. Upjohn, John Welch, Jacob Wrey Mould, Fred A. Petersen, Richard Morris Hunt, Edward Gardiner, Leopold Eidlitz, Henry Dudley, Henry W. Cleaveland and Charles Babcock. Richard Upjohn served as the first president of the American Institute of Architects. During the establishment of the organization, several prominent architects were also present to witness the event. Before the foundation of the American Institute of Architects, anyone can claim that they are architects, and thus, malpractice could happen frequently putting the profession in a bad light. With the inception of the American Institute of Architects, architectural schools sprouted all throughout the country, and laws that protect the rights of the architects were enacted. Follow AIANational on Twitter.

During the meetup in 1857, the architects created their organization bylaws, which were signed by architects who were present. The American Institute of Architects soon spread to other cities and states, recruiting architects to join the newly formed organization. The American Institute of Architects soon became the largest organization of professional architects in the country, and the organization was recognized by the government as the official professional organization for architects. Their present headquarters in Washington D.C. is designed based on the works of a fellow architect, who won in a designing contest sponsored by the organization.

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Today, the American Institute of Architects is focusing on building a positive reputation for the profession. They are overseeing the actions of all the architects who are practicing in the United States, and they are making sure that no one would be dragging the profession in a negative light and would destroy the image that they have been protecting for decades. The American Institute of Architects is responsible for monitoring the behavior of all the architects in the United States, and once they found out that an individual is involved in illicit activities, they have the right to revoke their license to practice.

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What The American Institute Of Architects Does For Those People In This Profession

The American Institute of Architects AIA) is an organization that supports architects across America. It is based in Washington D.C., although it was originally established in 1857 in New York, New York. They help their members in a number of ways. They provide educational opportunities to architects, advocate for them when interacting with government officials, support community redevelopment projects, and improve the public image of this profession. Additionally, they work with other organizations in the construction industry so that teams in this industry are coordinated.
There are are five membership levels at the American Institute of Architects. Many are architect members, which means they have a license to work as an architect. Associate members are those who work as a subordinate to an architect but aren’t one themselves. International associate members are licensed in a country other than America. Emeritus members have to be members of the organization for 15 years in a row and are 65 or older. Finally, allied members are professionals who are in the same industry like landscape architects and engineers. Students studying architecture can’t be a member of the AIA and so instead they’re part of the American Institute of Architecture Students.
Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of this organization. He earned these rolls in February 2011 after working in a top leadership role at McGraw-Hill Companies. He has been the editor in chief of the most important magazine in the industry, Architectural Record. Additionally, he served in this role for other magazines this company produces such as GreenSource and Engineering News Record.
It was in Columbus, Ohio that Robert Ivy was born and raised. He attended Sewanee University in Tennessee for his bachelor’s degree and attended Tulane University in Louisiana to earn his master’s degree. Both of his degrees are in architecture and he has been a member of the AIA for many years.
Over the course of his professional career Robert Ivy has earned a number of industry awards. Due to his lifetime contributions to his profession in 2009 he was given the G.D. Crain Award. Alpha Rho Chi named him a “Master Architect” in 2010. One of his big contributions that earned him awards was the book he wrote in 2001 called Fay Jones: Architect. Robert Ivy wrote about Fay Jones because he was one of the very few architects to receive the AIA’s highest honor which is the AIA Gold Medal. Check more:

Aloha Construction: A How-To Guide of Home Improvement Success

When it comes to general contracting companies, the field is literally loaded with competitors. This is one of the most popular industries in the world, and its dominating presence will continue into the future. Aloha Construction, a general contractor company, is at the top of industry thanks to its wide variety of home improvement services. This family-owned business has only been around since 2008, but it has changed the game through hard work, dedication and passion. Founder and CEO Dave Farbaky has provided great leadership, and his professional staff of employees are well-trained in all things home improvement related.

Whether it’s kitchen remodel, basement refinishing, door installation, cedar installation, bathroom remodel or roof installation, this company can do it all in the most efficient way. The long list of satisfied customers will definitely backup all claims. On top of that, Aloha Construction provides services such as stucco installation, window fascia repair, roof cleaning, gutter repair, flashing, attic ventilation and many more. For those who are interested in service and just so happens to reside in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois, you’re in luck. Potential customers will receive a free property inspection before any work commences. When it comes to doing the actual work, the company will apply its multi-step inspection process, which will help to identify the root of the issue. No other company is willing to go the extra mile, but Aloha Construction is surely setting the precedent.

To give you more peace of mind, this company is fully-licensed and bonded, its employees are well-trained in a variety of subjects, and it’s a registered member of the Better Business Bureau. Is there anything this company can’t do? Aloha Construction can certainly do it all while providing protection for the homeowner’s personal belongings. All in all, Aloha Construction is raising the bar higher, and it’s changing the status quo in home improvement.…/prweb14244544.htm

Tony Petrello A Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Out To Beat Cerebral Palsy

Tony Petrello is a successful Texas executive who seems to have the Midas touch in the corporate taxation industry. He carries the reputation of being able to efficiently dissect multi-tiered legal issues and turn them into clear solutions.

He helped to manage the large law practice of Baker & McKenzie. Today, he is acknowledged in the international business community as the CEO and President of Nabors Industries.

Since he joined Nabors Industries in 1991, his leadership acumen and communicative skills has made Nabors Industries the go-to company for off-shore oil drilling services. Nabors Industries supplies the best in drilling machines and services that are used around the globe.

Tony Petrello said that his corporate success is in part due to his ability to hire talented and innovate engineers at Nabors Industries who bring state-of-the-art ideas into new fields and to work with each project more efficiently than before. With his background and expertise in corporate tax law, he exponentially grew Nabors Industries financially and territorially, including his visionary talent to see beyond unmapped enclaves.


However, Mr. Petrello is most known for his support to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. The millions of dollars that he donates has a personalized message behind it. His young daughter suffers from PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) which evoked the disease of cerebral palsy. Not only does Tony thrust his energy into research and therapy treatments for his daughter, he has also extended his concerns to help people around the world.

His large monetary donations help children and their family members work with the best neuro doctors and surgeons. The intended goal and research efforts of the Neurological Research Institute is to find a cure for neurological disorders that affects children of all ages. Tony Petrello’s message for parents is to continue in your steadfast love and encouragement for your child, even though there will be lots of time when you feel helpless because a cure is around the corner.

The Petrello family travels around as guest speakers on neurological disorders and its research. They open their hearts and tell the story of their daughter and her struggles in hopes of inspiring and bringing some form of peace to families who are going through the same thing. If there are any charity events or speaking engagements on the subject of the neurological disorders, Tony and his wife are present.

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Trabuco: The Innovative War Machine of the Ancient

From the history of mankind, war has been part of life in almost all the global communities. Civilization is the key that has tried to end wars through dialogue and understanding of each other. Notably, in the early ages, men did not have any way to get the resources they did not have rather that by fighting the enemies and obtaining their resources. The tools of war used were not so efficient as compared to the current war tools that nowadays are present.

Some of the tools entailed spears, bows, and daggers. In the middle age, there was the invention of the Trabuco a tool that Europeans used to invade territories of their enemies. It was first used in China before it was later moved to the European country. During this time, Trabuco was the only effective innovation that was used in wars. The Europeans would use the Trabuco to throw fire balls into the enemy’s territory. The fire balls would then destroy the territories of the enemies, and thus the Europeans would be able to defeat and enter the enemy territories. The Trabuco that is also referred as the balancing Trabuco is still found in most of the museums across the European countries.

The Trabuco used the mechanism of changing the potential energy to kinetic energy that would throw the stones and the fire balls. It was operated by several people and thus could not be operated by one person as it required great force to throw the fire balls or the huge stones that would later break the walls of the enemies.

The Era of the Trabuco came to an end at the inception of the gunpowder. The tools of war used were not so efficient as compared to the current war tools that nowadays are present. The invention of gunpowder made guns that were simple to use and could be operated by one person with no great force required. The Trabuco era is recognized by the historians as they study the revolution of the human kind from the ancient times. The history of mechanics, as the Trabuco users used the mechanics of converting potential energy into kinetic energy. For more information on Trabuco visit:


Cameron Clokie Advancement in Regenerative Medicine


The great name of Oral and Maxillofacial cannot be mentioned without tagging Cameron Clokie. He is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon as well as a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Clokie is a licensed and a certified surgeon with the knowledge and desired skills in surgery. He graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the McGill University. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

He holds a Ph.D. in Bone Regeneration from the same institution. Mr. Clokie’s doctorate degree in bone regeneration focuses on dental implants during the interface period. He successfully completed his fellowships and special training. He is a holder of various educational certificates as well as a doctorate in Philosophy.

Cameron Clokie is the owner and the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Incorporation. The medical facility focuses on providing regenerative solutions for the musculoskeletal reconstruction. Apart from just practicing medicine, Mr. Clokie is also a writer. He has published various reports, papers, and articles on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine both national and international use.

The oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a holder of 25 patents some of which are existing and others pending. He has used the patents to partner with businesses, an act that has enabled him to turn his skills and expertise in regenerative medicine into money.

Dr. Cameron Clokie brought to light the technique of doing surgery on tumors in the jaw bones. The complex technique entails making the stem cells to grow into bone tissues in adults by using proteins.

He first carried out the surgery to a man who had lost more than seven centimeters of his jaw bone in 2003. The man’s jaw bone was able to grow again after the surgery. Since its invention, the surgical technique has only been successfully applied to eight patients.

Bloomberg revealed that Dr. Clokie has provided lectures to many students across various universities in oral and maxillofacial surgery, bone regeneration, the future of dentistry and related topics.

In 1998, he was named the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. The scientist retired in 2017 from the teaching profession and as a professor from the same institution.

The Achievements of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based company, gives professional financial advice to businesses all over the world. The organization assists institutions to navigate complex transactions, access credit and make shrewd investment decisions. Madison Street Capital also offers merger consultation services and supplies valuation of firms. The Madison Street Capital reputation has been earned by successfully helping an array of favorite businesses. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital in 2014 announced that it had offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries. The firm is based in Illinois, and it deals with medical products. Madison Street Capital (MSC) helps Vital Care Industries to choose an appropriate lender and access a commercial loan. The company’s chief executive officer noted his satisfaction with the services they received from MSC indicating that his firm has manufactured sterile medical supplies since 1984. Anthony Marsala, a co-founder of MSC was in 2015 selected for a 40 Under Forty awards by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The award recognizes the efforts of young business leaders who have impressive accomplishments involving valuations, mergers, and similar endeavors. Anthony has a master’s degree and over 14 years of experience in the valuation and mergers matters. He serves as the chief operating officer of MSC.


MSC in January 2017 received a Turnaround Award, which showcased the company’s role in completing the most exceptional restructuring transaction in 2016 that was valued below $25 million. MSC was competing with over 300 companies to qualify for the annual award. The president of M&A Advisors also highly praised MSC for its exemplary performance. It received the award at a Palm Beach hotel in March. Madison Street Capital carried forward its practice of offering firms with wise advice on matters concerning merger transactions in early 2017. MSC started the year by assisting DCG Software Value when it was merging with the Spitfire Group. SCG Software has for more than two decades offered an array of analysis and software support services. It maintains its offices in Pennsylvania and Great Britain.


About Madison Street Capital

MSC is a privately held firm with its headquarters in Chicago. It has been doing business for the last 12 years. Madison Street Capital offers various services such as business valuation services, corporate tax planning services and private equity. Besides, MSC also deals with venture capital services, mergers and acquisitions services and advisory investment banks. The company has about 100 employees. MSC believes that healthy businesses are built within communities, explaining why it has created strong businesses all over the US. It has been involved in several philanthropic deeds and organizations such as United Way.

Securus Technologies Shuts Down Hostile Inmate Communication

Companies are not just about making money anymore. Sure there was a day and age when that was true, but no longer. Companies are now looking for ways to use their products to affect positive change in our world. Companies who want to send this world in the right direction often buy into the philosophy of social entrepreneurship. One company that believes this world-changing philosophy is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a United States company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In addition to this, they have a regional office in Carrollton, Texas, and another regional office on the eastern coast in Atlanta, Georgia.


The goal of Securus Technologies is to make criminal institutions safer for both the inmates as well as the guards who protect them. Through the use of their products, correctional facilities have seen a decrease in inmate on inmate assaults (which is the leading cause of death among inmates in prison) and an increase in guard security. Securus takes the safety of everybody in the correctional facility seriously, and everyone should hold this company in high regard for that.


Securus Technologies can accomplish this great good because they have created a system that can hack and control contraband cell phones located inside the facility. These cell phones are often used to coordinate with other inmates on who they plan on attacking.


In addition to this, Securus Technologies partnered with the Harris Corporation to create “Cell Defender” technologies which tap into already established radio signals to pinpoint the location of contraband cell phones. Besides Cell Defender, Securus Technologies also launched an initiative known as Wireless Containment Solutions. This initiative allows Securus to prevent inmates phones from connecting to Wi-Fi. This is crucial. If phones can connect to the internet, they won’t need minutes to use Facebook messenger.


Food Expert-Nathaniel Ru

They had trouble finding a suitable place to eat during their senior year at the Georgetown University. Nathaniel Ru together with his classmates always wondered how they can create a healthy eatery around their school. Little did they know that six years later they would establish an eating joint at M Store. The eatery has been expanding since then and has become a 21-store farm-to-table style restaurant chain Sweetgreen.

Ru and his friends were luck y to find out that Landlord of their residential place was also the owner and the Landlord of the local place they wanted to establish the restaurant.

Ru and his friends called the owner who declined to meet with them for about a month but finally, she agreed and they had a business meeting to explain what their intention was. Mr. Nathaniel recalls very well that it was the first and the last time he wore a suit to a business meeting.

Sweetgreen was the name that Ru and his friends came up with for their restaurant. Ever since they began the healthy restaurant, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion with the classmates expanding their services as well as their products to other locations among them; Northeast’s major cities as well as their suburbs, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

The three business partners had a vision of delivering fresh and healthy food which they have achieved. Their products are collected from local farmers, and spreaders. According to Sweetgreen’s Head of Digital Market; Theresa Dold the restaurant is not only a place to buy food and it more than a salad joint. Theresa said that the food company believes in challenging the custom.

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen Restaurant which is a chain of restaurants with over 40 locations in the United States. Together with his two classmates from Georgetown University; Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme they began the food business. The tree founders bring their experience gained from their families as they come from business-oriented families.

Mr. Nathaniel Ru was recently named and recognized by Forbes in the 30 Under 30 leaders to keep an eye on in the food as well as the wine sector. Ru has involved in the development as well as the expansion of their food organization from the days it began.

Nathaniel Ru is the Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen and he has been making sure that they are present in all their branches to keep the balance in all their branches.