Things To Do Near Fagali Airport

There are many things to do near Fagali Airport. Near Fagali airport, is the Upolu island of Samoa. These islands offer stunning clear water, beautiful palm trees, and magnificent rainforests. Upolu island is near the stunning South Pacific ocean. Enjoy fishing trips, beautiful surf waves, and opportunities to scuba dive, seeing the unusual sea life.

You will not run out of things to do on these beautiful islands. See the stunning waterfalls, go to the village of Apia and enjoy some of the best cuisines the town has to offer. Enjoy an afternoon round of golf at some of the island’s scenic golf courses. Related Links

Fagali Airport is a single terminal airport centrally located in the beautiful rainforest of the island. From the Fagaki Airport, you will be only 20 minutes away from all the area’s great resorts and hotels. If you are arriving from the United States, Fagali Airport is served by Polynesian Airlines which offers direct flights to and from the islands form specific cities in the United States, including Honolulu.

If you are looking for luxury living with a magnificent view, look no further than Taumeasina Island Resort. Located within a few minutes from Apia, this resort provides an atmosphere of sheer indulgence without an indulgent price. From budget to luxury stays, the city offers hotels and beach housing that will fit any budget.

Once you depart the Fagali airport, you will have no worries about finding budget ground transportation. From rental cars, hotel shuttles, hiring your vehicle and driver, you have a vast variety of transportation choices.

Apia offers you and your family plenty of relaxation and great fun in the sun. Learn the Samoan culture at the Samoa Cultural Village. Are you looking for reasonably priced souvenirs and excellent local cuisine? Look no further than the Somoa Cultural Village, located conveniently on the Apia island. Like history? On the Apia island, you and your family can see historical worship temples and stunning vistas, offering you pristine surroundings for some beautiful photos. Don’t forget your camera. You will not want to miss the opportunity for these fabulous photographs. Just think of the memories you will have to look back on when you back at home! Visit:


Write About the Fagali Airport or Island

Fagali is a village on a land mass in the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, the proprietor of the Fagali flight terminal has revived the terminal right after they shut it down temporarily. In the beginning, the flight terminal possessed an individual runway, and the runway that they utilized was merely a band of vegetation which was ideal for landing particular models of aircraft.

fter quite some time, they revamped the landing area to be able to help the airport to benefit from a more advanced layout. That is the reason why they improved the landing area, and the airport was revived in 2002. Additionally, Polynesian Airlines is the owner of the Fagali flight terminal structure itself. Visit for more details.

Aside from that, there has been a pair of air carriers which have serviced the structure in recent times, such as Polynesian Airlines as well as Samoa Air. At this point, however, the landing field was still merely a band of vegetation which was ideal for landing aircraft. Therefore, the Fagali pathway was revamped to be a suitable landing area with a covering made of cement in the year 2002.

Furthermore, at this point, the track was enhanced to benefit from the style of runway utilized by air terminals across the globe. Therefore, the owner of the flight terminal improved it in the year 2002 to take advantage of a complete conventional track made of cement. Then they proceeded to utilize the terminal for a couple of years. However, the operator of the building shut it down once more in 2005.

On this occasion, they shut down the structure on account of worries that the racket from the aircraft might be detrimental to those who were presently living in the neighborhood. There were at the same time additional anxieties associated with the question of whether the aviation station was reliable enough for professional air travel companies to make use of it on a regular basis. Despite this, ultimately, the proprietor of the flight terminal once more revived the structure in 2009.

Therefore, the building is now frequently serviced, and they have established regular outings for Pago Pago via the flight terminal.

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Fagali’I Airport:

Fagali’I Airport is located in Samoa therefore it is essentially owned by the Samoan Government. The ground that the airport sits on was once grassland. However, fifteen years ago the entire area was re-paved as well as upgraded. By October 2002, the Fagali’I Airport was up and running on a full time schedule.

Prior to October 2002, the Samoa Airport was opened and closed numerous times over the past four decades. Once the airport was officially declared operational in 2002 many criticized the decision due to safety as well as other reasons.

In late 2009, Polynesian Airlines began using Fagali’I Airport as a passenger drop off area as well as a connection route. Fagali’I Airport now has regular flights to Pago Pago. The use of Fagali’I Airport certainly does not bring in considerable revenue. Flights involving the airport are sporadic and many travelers refuse to recognize Fagali’I Airport as a safe zone when traveling to nearby areas.

Two of the main airlines that use Fagali’I Airport uses on a regular basis include South Pacific Airlines and Polynesian Airlines. Apparently the two airlines are convinced that the airport is safe and they have both resumed regular flight schedules.

Fagali’I Airport is considered a public airport which generally serves the entire Apia region. The fact that the airport is made from asphalt as opposed to concrete is a major reason it is considered unsafe. Asphalt does not allow for a smooth and safe take off or landing. However, little is being done to address this concern. The Government has not intervened to order upgrades or improvements to Fagali’I Airport.

Fagali’I Airport has roughly 300 flights scheduled each month. Many of the flights that pass through the Apia area stop over at Fagali’I Airport. The flight schedules remain in effect however, the passenger list appears to keep getting smaller for obvious reasons.

Finally, possibly in the future if upgrades are made to the airport it will be deemed safe and more airlines may begin using the airport as a regular stop off point. However, until that time comes if it ever does the airport will more than likely remain deserted.

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