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Trabuco: The Innovative War Machine of the Ancient

From the history of mankind, war has been part of life in almost all the global communities. Civilization is the key that has tried to end wars through dialogue and understanding of each other. Notably, in the early ages, men did not have any way to get the resources they did not have rather that by fighting the enemies and obtaining their resources. The tools of war used were not so efficient as compared to the current war tools that nowadays are present.

Some of the tools entailed spears, bows, and daggers. In the middle age, there was the invention of the Trabuco a tool that Europeans used to invade territories of their enemies. It was first used in China before it was later moved to the European country. During this time, Trabuco was the only effective innovation that was used in wars. The Europeans would use the Trabuco to throw fire balls into the enemy’s territory. The fire balls would then destroy the territories of the enemies, and thus the Europeans would be able to defeat and enter the enemy territories. The Trabuco that is also referred as the balancing Trabuco is still found in most of the museums across the European countries.

The Trabuco used the mechanism of changing the potential energy to kinetic energy that would throw the stones and the fire balls. It was operated by several people and thus could not be operated by one person as it required great force to throw the fire balls or the huge stones that would later break the walls of the enemies.

The Era of the Trabuco came to an end at the inception of the gunpowder. The tools of war used were not so efficient as compared to the current war tools that nowadays are present. The invention of gunpowder made guns that were simple to use and could be operated by one person with no great force required. The Trabuco era is recognized by the historians as they study the revolution of the human kind from the ancient times. The history of mechanics, as the Trabuco users used the mechanics of converting potential energy into kinetic energy. For more information on Trabuco visit: