Autism Awareness

Autism Rocks Brings Real Hope For Autistic Research

Hedge fund investor rock star, Sanjay Shah, has turned his love of rock music into true help for autism. Along with his devoted wife, Usha, the Sanjay Shah Denmark couple are turning their love of philanthropy into great fund raising through their own charity, Autism Rocks. Some of this fund raising has involved throwing huge seasonal parties through Autism Rocks. The retired multi-billionaire’s whole family has become increasingly involved in key charity work, around the globe.

The Shah’s raise money through Autism Rocks, which sets up and does all the administration of high-ticket private rock concerts. The shows have been shown in London and Dubai, so far. These shows have featured Snoop Dogg, Michael Bublè, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and Drake. There have also been top world class DJs, such as BFG and Fever. At the family festivals, Flo Rida and Tyga have been the featured performers. The audience went wild at each festival concert.

It was after the Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism that the importance of getting some answers and better treatments for the mysterious disorder. When Snoop Dogg made an unexpected visit to friends in The Palm of Dubai, where Sanjay and his wife live, that they were able to meet the hip hop superstar in their home. When Snoop heard about son Nikhil’s disorder, he suggested Sanjay get back into the music industry and use it to fuel funding for autism research.

Both Nikhil’s parents committed to this idea and Founded Autism Research to supply money for a long-term research program at Cambridge University. So far, the high-level charity has been able to raise over $15 million to help out those who cannot help themselves. Their future plans are for both adult age rock concerts and other private productions, such as all-ages family festivals, they hope to have on a more regular basis.