Darius Fisher Always Delivers

Status Labs is trusted with a lot when it comes to digital reputation, as they are in charge of 1500 clients in 35 countries. That is a lot to handle and a lot on someone’s plate. However, Darius Fisher and his team at Status Labs are up for the challenge. In fact, they embrace it and they look forward to it. They know it is their job, and it is a job they take incredibly seriously. They do not rest on their laurels and they do not take it easy. They want even more clients in even more countries. They are never content and never satisfied. They also pride themselves on always delivering, as that is the Darius Fisher way.

They use marketing and PR and they use it to their advantage. Just about everything and anything is online and digital these days. There are even talks that physical media might be going the way of the video store. Because of this, people can access things at a quicker rate. They are able to access things at a rate that some thought was out of reach. This is both good and bad. If someone wants to show their work or what they have done, it is only a click away and that is a good thing. However, sometimes there might be someone out there that is jealous and they are focused on bringing that person down with bad news, bad press, and saying the most awful things about them, things that have no semblance in reality or the truth.

Darius Fisher takes pride in protecting the innocent and making sure someone has good PR, good marketing, and they are able to build their brand. He is all about building that rapport with the client. That is why it was wonderful to hear he received the 2016 PR World Awards® Business Development Individual of the Year for his work as co-founder and president of Status Labs. Whenever someone does the kind of work he does and puts in the kind of hours he does, they deserve to be recognized by the those in the know.