Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Swiss Startup Factory- Mike Baur

Every person would love to accomplish their childhood dreams and passion, although most of us to achieve that, few people have reached that including entrepreneur Mike Baur. Mike Baur is a banker, and his passion for finance began when he was still a teenager. Mike was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mr. Baur is a go-getter, and he did not let his dreams and passion for finance die, instead went after his high school education, he ahead to pursue MBA from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Mike Baur began his career working in the Swiss Banking Sector, and his hard work and devotion saw him climb the career leader becoming one of the Executive Board members in a Swiss private bank. Mike has worked in top banks in Switzerland including Clariden, and Sallfort. Baur is also very passionate about seeing young people succeed in life and especially in financial matters. Together with his co-partners, they founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The primary reason for establishing Swiss Startup Factory was to mentor as well as supporting the young innovators in Switzerland and the world over. The institution is privately owned, and it is also funded and supported independently.

Swiss Startup Factory is a unique support organization in Switzerland, and it is designed to run a three-month accelerator program. The accelerator programs are very clear and are meant to describe milestones that will decrease time to market. The young innovators receive funding and execution from the company during the acceleration session. Some of the areas that the organization helps the young entrepreneurs include sales and marketing, finance, law, and technology. The most significant assistance they are offered is the mentorship program which is conducted by top successful entrepreneurs.

Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program does not only provide mentorship and support to startup but also to entrepreneurs in residence who have not yet found a business idea but are willing to found a startup. The young entrepreneurs apply, and they are selected to be part of the startup team that will receive mentorship and support from the Swiss team. The Swiss Startup Factory continues to sustain new start-ups and developments, and it is even more interested to discover more new possible projects. Mike Baur who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and has more than 20 years experience in the financial sector continues to provide leadership to the team to fulfill the young innovator’s dreams.


Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve speech praises Dubai business partner Hussain Sajwani

The famous Damac Properties real estate developer was established by Hussain Sajwani in 2002, exploiting an opportunity after the Dubai government permitted nonnatives to possess property in the emirate. Purchasing land in a then-undeveloped piece of town, he figured out how to sell his initial 38-story private building in less than six months before he struck the ground to begin development. Sajwani has since shined Dubai’s image as a sparkling destination. Damac has collaborated with worldwide extravagance brands Versace and Fendi for apartments designing while Donald Trump developed golf courses. Promoting tricks incorporate a free Lamborghini or BMW for flat purchasers each January. Hussain Sajwani began his entrepreneur journey in food service business, whereby he attracted clients like the Construction Giant Bechtel and US Military and up to this day, he still runs the food service firm. At Donald Trump’s bash in New Year’s Eve in Florida, he gave a discourse to the visitors in participation and got out his companion and business accomplice Hussain Sajwani. According to CNN Trump said, “Hussain and the entire family and beautiful people are here from Dubai today this evening. What’s more, they’re adoring it”.

It is clear that both Hussain Sajwani and Trump share fondness for flashy real-estates. Sajwani has utilized promotion skills to peddle his luxury flats and homes. Bugatti-marked estates got ready for another group on 1,260 acres that will highlight another Trump International green golf course while in addition to the space near the glass-walled living room whereby owners park and get a view of the Bugatti sports car. Sajwani likewise hit co-marking trades with Versace and Fendi among the other properties Damac Properties is currently developing. Sajwani was back in the United States after the election where he met with Ivanka, and shifting to Washington to be nearer to the White House. Hussain Sajwani is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. He is also the Co, Chairman at DAMAC Holding LLC, and at Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG. Habib Sajwani was born into a middle-class and conservative family of Dubai in 1954. He earned his economics college degree from the University of Washington. Today, Sajwani is a role model to many in business sector among other developing fields.

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Water Quality Returns Close To Normal Levels At Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain

Water quality should always be a major source of concern and regular testing for all resorts around the world, which has been shown to be the case for Squaw Valley Ski Resort that identified the presence of two contaminants soon after a huge rainstorm that flooded groundwater wells across the Placer County region. The Upper Mountain region of the resort has been the only area hit by the water quality issue, which is limited to four wells serving a small portion of the resort; Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney explained skiing is being permitted in the Upper Mountain area, but restaurants and drinking water supplies remain off limits with complimentary bottled water being offered to all visitors.


Liesl Kenney explained it is important to remember the contaminated water supplies were never offered to any visitor at the resort and no health issues have so far been traced back to the contaminated water supply. Squaw Valley’s popular Upper Mountain locations of High Camp and Gold Coast are some of the best known on the slopes of Placer County, but Squaw Valley officials believe keeping restaurants and other entertainment options closed for now serves the health of their visitors and will not reopen until water quality experts have restored the water to normal levels.


In a statement released by Liesl Kenney it was revealed the upgrades to the well water systems made in the Summer of 2016 resulted in the presence of traces of E.Coli and Coliform were identified quickly during regular testing procedures. Immediately upon identifying the issues with the water supply to the Upper Mountain region it has been reported drinking water was turned off in the affected area and a number of local officials and independent experts immediately contacted; Placer County Environmental Health officials, Squaw Valley District agencies, and independent experts have since been working together and report E.Coli is no longer present in three of the four affected wells, and Coliform has also been reduced as the battle to return the water quality to normal seems ot be being won at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Raj Fernando Continue Development of Chopper Trading

One of the premier trading firms in the world over the past decade has been Chopper Trading. Raj Fernando, a seasoned trader who was looking to branch out on his own, formed Chopper Trading in 2004. Raj Fernando started his career in the late 1990s when he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade and later the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In these roles he gained a significant amount of market knowledge, a client base, and trading skills, which have helped him to make Chopper Trading very successful.

One of the ways that Chopper Trading differs from every other trading firm is that it has a different approach when it comes to hiring talent. Many trading firms end up focusing on getting people from the best schools and those that have the best grades or spent years working at other top firms. While education and experience are important option the firm, they are more concerned with building and maintaining a positive work environment. The firm is far more focused on ensuring that all of the personalities blend and that people can be friendly before, during, and after the trading day.

While the company is focused on hiring people that have financial backgrounds and experience trading, they also consider the technology aspect of their firm to be very important. The company has one of the largest technology department in the industry, which allows it to develop and implement the best trading platforms in the world. This gives the firm the ability to recognize patterns and review trading strategies faster than their competitors.

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David Osio’s Real Estate Group Launches New Mobile App

“Davos CAP Calculator” is a mobile application whose aim is to estimate returns for clients on real estate investments, created by the Davos Real Estate Group. This group is an independent company that is part of the Davos Financial Group, which offers financial advice on an international level.


Davos Financial Group has an objective to focus on creating investment strategies that meet the desires of each client by providing high quality service and highly experienced professionals that specialize in each of the services they provide.


Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerald Gonzalez, has been working for many months with the company Tecknolution on designing and developing this new application tool. It allows an individual to estimate gains of an investment property after associated expenses are taken into consideration.


This new application is available on iPhone and Android devices. It is only the beginning of a series of apps, according to Davos Real Estate Group. These series of apps will allow individuals to identify properties through your device and the ability to forward real estate reports to your agent via interactive chat.


David Osio, the founder of Davos Financial Group, believes that there was a need to develop a mobile app that allows the company to assist them in guiding their clients while they are investing in real estate throughout the country. The application is a very innovative tool that allows investors to have a clearer financial vision whilst purchasing properties.


Customers can estimate prices or rent on properties that suit client’s projected incomes the best. There will be a mortgage calculator on the app that allows clients to estimate their mortgage based on projections by the bank, the associated rate of interest and the funding period.


David Osio is the Executive Director of Davos Financial Group, in addition to be its founder. Prior to that position, he earned his law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. He has a tremendous understanding of financial practices across the multi-faceted financial industry.


David Osio has also studied at the IESA and the New York Institute of Finance, where he studied Shares Portfolio Management and Banking. He has had an outstanding career as a Legal Advisor in the private banking division of the Latino International Bank (BLI). In less than two years at the position, Osio moved up the ranks to Vice President of Commercial Banking.


In 1993, Osio decided to part ways with the BLI and founded Davos Financial Group, a corporation of independent companies dedicated to giving financial advice to customers.

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The Investment And Philanthropic Endeavors Of Malini Saba

I consider Malini Saba to be one of the leading investors and philanthropists globally. She is of South Asian origin. Malini is the founder of Saban, a global firm that has several investment interests. Her company has interest in US technology firms in addition to oil and gas in China. Saban also invests in real estate in countries like India and Australia.


She is the most passionate philanthropist that I know of. In 2001, Malini established Stree: Global Investments in Women, a non-profit organization. Through Stree, Malin aims to change how at risk as well as low income women and children across the world see themselves. The organization also endeavors to change how they view of their roles in society.


Stree was inaugurated by Bill Clinton, former US president along with Jordan’s Queen Noor. It offers women a means of accessing healthcare as well as legal empowerment. It also provides grassroots movements a forum to connect with public policy in Eastern Europe, India, Central America, and Africa. In June 2005, Malini Saba made what I regard as one of the biggest contributions in history. She gave $1 million to start the first Heart Research Center in the world for South Asians at El Camino Hospital. In 2004, Malini toured India and Sri Lanka. She visited the areas affected by The Tsunami. Malini pledged $ 10 million to the disaster victims.


Her remarkable investment career started in 1990s. Malini worked as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. I believe she is one of the highly experienced investors in the technology field. She has invested in technology firms for more than 20 years. They include PayPal Inc., Sycamore Networks, as well as Netscreen. This information was originally posted on the Huffington Post.


About Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Sri Lankan Parents. Much of her childhood was spent in Australia where she grew up prior to moving to the United States. She relocated to the US when she was 19. Malini had only $200 to survive. Starting from scratch with that humble background, Malini established a strong foundation for the accomplishments she has presently achieved. This information was first published on Malini Saba’s website.


From an early stage, Malini was interested in investment. She obtained advice from leading bankers whenever an opportunity came up. I believe it is that advice, which led her in making the right moves as an investor. So far, she has had great success in the real estate, telecommunications, and commodities industries. In my View, she is one of the most respected investor and philanthropists that have done a great job through Stree. Details of this information were first reported on Malini’s LinkedIn profile.

Flavio Maluf Explains The Consequences Of Brexit

In June 23, 2016, the UK existed from the EU after the successful referendum. Across Europe, the stock markets were largely affected. The departure led to devaluation of the pound sterling, recording the biggest crash since 1985. Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian businessman, takes a look at the effects of the departure.

He first looked at the impact on the British economy. Flavio states that the UK was a major contributor to the success of the European Union. Flavio explained that the now restricted movement of goods and people between the EU countries would also have an adverse effect on the economy. Looking at the foreign trade of the United Kingdom and Europe, there will be new rates on tariffs and extra quotas on incoming products. This situation will harm foreign trade. However, Flavio Maluf looks at it positively. He points out on the possibility of the country entering into bilateral agreements that were previously not practical.

The successful businessman also analyzed the effect of the departure on the Brazilian imports and exports. Initially, the Brazilian market experienced impairments. The Brazilian market will benefit from the exit of the UK from the EU by being able to make bilateral agreements with the UK. Previously, the two nations traded based on the EU standards. However, since the UK is not Brazil’s major trading partner, these benefits will be limited.

In addition, Flavio Maluf looked at the effects on the UK’s exit on the EU. Since the EU was well established in major countries like the UK, France and Germany, it stands to have a weak economy. Currently, France’s economy is unstable. German remains as the only hope for the EU. Being successful and experienced in entrepreneurship, Flavio’s contribution to the world of business is highly valued.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman. He is a qualified mechanical engineer who graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Flavio is the eldest son of Paulo Maluf, a politician and the owner of Eucatex and Grand Food. Eucatex is a Brazilian company that manufactures products using eucalyptus as raw material. Some of the products manufactured by the company are ceiling tiles, panels and soft boards.  Read more of his opinions on the business world on his official blog.

Lime Crime reaches two million followers


Lime Crime has much to celebrate as a result of its Instagram account. The cosmetic company has been able to double its Instagram followers in less than 365 days. The cosmetic brand now has over two million followers under in’s Instagram page.
Instagram has not only become a place for fans to see images or pictures that relate to the Lime Crime brand, it has also became one of the numerous ways that the company helps to create an interactive shopping experience for its customers. The founder has made known that many companies utilize this social media platform to sell more products, but to Doe Deere it is much more. The social media platforms allow the Lime Crime brand to have fun and to engage its fans and followers.

Fans not only are able to connect with the Lime Crime family or help to better their shopping experience; they have the ability to post their creativity. Using the hashtag #limecrime fans and followers are able to post their nail artwork and their unique lips created by the cosmetic brand. These particular pictures not only provide a platform for followers and fans to show their creativity but it also give customers all around the world the opportunity to see how a particular product may look on them.

Lime Crime is the brain child of Doe Deere. This cosmetic line was born in 2008 with the idea that makeup should do more than just conceal flaws but rather it should be used as a tool to help reveal self-expression. Deere was not always a successful entrepreneur. Deere is proud to let known that she is a musician. Before she had cosmetic line to keep her busy, she was focused on making music along with promoting and marketing it. The experience that she gained from her music career helped her to promote and market her makeup line.

Her ability to stay driven as an entrepreneur is the fact that she knows that her brand stands from something that is bigger than her.  Those that follower and her brand are known as unicorns. Doe feels that the term unicorn is a great fit because they represent being one of a kind.

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Can Someone Change Careers Like Martin Lustgarten?

Changing careers is something that a lot of people think about when they are watching investors, and the investors around the world are making a lot of money from their homes or home offices. Someone who is at a home office is going to be able to relax while they are working or researching world markets.


Martin Lustgarten does this every day, and he has chosen a career that allows him to work from his home in Florida and travel when he needs to. He is a traveler who learns about all the different countries where he could be spending his money, and he does a lot of research online to determine which of the countries he has chosen are the most worth his money.


Martin Lustgarten invests in a lot of different countries because he knows that all these countries have their own kind of potential. Some countries are going to help people make a lot of money really fast, and there are other countries where people need to make long term investments. It is easy for people to get what they want when they are studying and investing the way that Martin Lustgarten does. He puts a lot of time into what he is doing, and he takes everything very seriously to make sure he can make money.

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Highland Capital Management as headed by James Dondero

Highland Capital Markets is a company that is based in Dallas Texas and was cofounded by James Dondero. It is involved in offering investment services to both individuals and institutions. It has headquarters in Dallas abut it has a network in New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore.

It has been in the investment industry for over 20 years, and it has made milestones in the industry. It specializes in the credit and equity market investments. Regarding credit management, HCM has been able to prove to be most trusted credit management for most banks in the economy. They have also invested in the credit management fund that creates income to support their operations.

James Dondero is at the head of the management as the President and co-founder of the institution. Highland Capital Markets has grown due to his ability to make the right strategies in managing and guiding the company. James’ interest in credit and equity management was founded when he joined as an analyst trainee in the Morgan Guaranty Program in 1984 that offered to train interested individuals in the investment industry. He has been in the equity and credit markets for over thirty years.

James Dondero resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). He has a wide experience in the market equities and credit sectors that have made him be involved in most policy making activities. He has been given the opportunity to preside as a chairperson in facilities such as the Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical.

Dondero is also a board member of the America Banknote and MGM Studios. Such recognition and attributes make James Dondero a guru in the investment sector. It has enabled him to be a major decision in Highland Capital Management. HCM have managed to improve the equity and credit segments in the strategies that they are applying presently. Apart from the credit and equity investment they have they have set their standards and targets that drive their successes. They aim at offering services with boldness, experienced and disciplined teams.

He is a robust and determined support of improving the performance of the equity and credit markets a sector which he has suggested numerous policies to be implemented.

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