Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto offer Medicare Beneficiaries relief

One of the common tendencies in the healthcare sector in the United States has been the use of private health plans to access Medicare benefits since the 1970s. Instead of going through the original Medicare plan, many Medicare beneficiaries have alternatives such as HMOs and PPOs to obtain these benefits. Some of the benefits of Medicare includes medical supplies and equipment, payment for in-patient and outpatient services, hospice care, and skilled nursing services. As opposed to the original Medicare plan, the new Medicare Advantage plans offer a route of payment through which patients can pay directly to the federal government and not to the Medicaid and Medicare Services centers.

InnovaCare Health is a leading North American managed health care service provider. This company offers the highest quality care services to its Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in the region. The goal is to provide quality more than quantity in the industry. This firm has incorporated the most advanced technologies and highly qualified physicians to carry out the mission of providing quality services. In the process, they have also ensured that there are cost-effective models that make it possible for everyone to afford these services. Through Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs combined with provider networks, InnovaCare Health has managed to spread its services to many parts of the country with an emphasis on Puerto Rico.

One of the reasons why InnovaCare Health has succeeded in its mission of providing superior healthcare services to the people is the leadership that it enjoys from CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides. Through the intervention of these two leaders, InnovaCare Health has managed to satisfy the federal government that it is capable of providing Medicare beneficiaries with top quality services. The approach to work is taking care of the patient first before anything else. The facility also ensures that it comes up with innovative medical practices, employ highly qualified medical staff and maintain effective communication with the public. The results are improved service delivery, improved quality of life for patients and improved growth of Innovacare Health.

Both leaders are both highly experienced leaders in the medical industry. Each one of them has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. As experienced leaders, they have a clear vision of where they would like to see the company go and are motivated to work towards that mission. Because of their experience, the two has managed to take the company through the toughest challenges that normally affect new organizations. Penelope is highly experienced in dealing with managed care industry since she has worked with government problems for a very long time.

What you missed about the Shervin Pishevar 21 hour tweet storm

Twitter users were treated to a dramatic moment when Shervin Pishevar started a rant that lasted for 21 hours. Dubbed the 21 hour tweet storm, the early uber investor and famous investor talked about the economy and the things that are likely to avoid it. He painted a gloomy picture while analyzing some of the recent developments in the economy of the United states. Although he was full of warnings and predicted dark times ahead, he also had useful insights for those who care to know about the financial situation of the country.

An impeding financial crisis

Pishevar spoke of an impending financial crisis that will almost be impossible to avoid. During the time when he posted the tweets, the stocks were not performing well, and he predicted that they would continue to perform that way for many more months. According to him, this would means that there will be little circulation of funds in the economy because of situations such as high interest rates, tax giveaway and enormous discrepancies in credit reports. Shervin Pishevar believes that all these situations have been brought about because of lack of proper policies.

Stop relying on government bonds

According to Shervin Pishevar, the government has always relied on bonds to get out of difficult situations. However, he says that they need to formulate a new policy because this one will not work anymore. He believes that it is something that has been overtaken by time and therefore, the government should look for better ways to raise funds when there is an impending crisis. He told his twitter followers that unless the government finds an alternative, everything will be gloomy.

In addition to talking about the bonds in relation to an impending financial crisis, Shervin Pishevar talked about the Silicon Valley and the perception that America holds monopoly of talents. He warned Americans that other countries had developed in various other ways and therefore, the thought that Silicon Valley holds power over other countries is just lie. He wants the government to readjust its policies and come up with ways to avert the situation because it sure is coming.

Whitney Wolfe Counters Misogyny And Continues To Empower Women

Online dating can be intimidating for women as they are frequently contacted by aggressive men who don’t seem to take rejection well. This fact is what has turned women away from the concept for many years and something that Whitney Wolfe and Bumble have been working hard to address since the company was created in 2014. Bumble is the first online dating app that puts women in complete control over who contacts them and who they contact.

While the dating world is a big part of Bumble, it’s much more than that and their Chief Executive Officer Whitney Wolfe is working hard to expand its offerings even more. Finding a romantic partner isn’t the only thing you can do on Bumble. It now has features to help you find friends and professional connections. Through Bumble, their more than 40 million users can network their lives in many aspects and now they can even purchase quality beauty products.


Whitney Wolfe has a goal to empower women in many different aspects. Not only is her app aimed towards women, but most of the executive positions in her company are also filled by qualified women who are driven to succeed. The company is truly a feminist project that is helping women take control over their lives. This woman ran company was recently valued by Forbes at more than $1 billion!

While women around the world are loving the app and its ideals, there are some that aren’t so happy about it and are letting their opinions be known in dangerous ways. Whitney Wolfe and many of the other staffers at Bumble were the targets of a terrifying attack by neo-Nazis who wanted to take down the company and their team. Their personal information was posted all over the internet and the FBI had to take over to take it down. Shaken by the incident, Whitney Wolfe countered back by hiring a security team for her company and employees along with a bodyguard for herself. While the situation has caused her an immense amount of anxiety, she refuses to back down from her goals.

Why Robert Ivy Was Awarded the Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects has been awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the country. The Noel Polk Lifetime achievement award, given only to artists, was given to an artist of a different type this time around. Robert Ivy, hailing from Mississippi, was the very first architect to be awarded Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Although many have numerous works, like books and movies, this time the works are unique in that they range from blueprints to completed works of art like buildings and other structures.

There are a long list of individuals who have received this award, including big names like Morgan Freedom, Eudora Welty, and Walter Anderson, a prominent artist. Although there are many artists that have hailed from Mississippi, there haven’t been any architects quite like Robert Ivy. Now considered to be among some of the finest artists in Mississippi, but all of those who have been awarded in the past, know all too well what an honor this award really is. See Related Articles at

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, which started in 1978, has been responsible for making sure that those who deserved the awards for their skills and talents, were receiving what they were due. Other artists, including William Young, and Michael Knight, are some of the newest names to be included along with Robert Ivy. Another reason that Ivy was nominated, was due to this service as an editor for McGraw Hill’s Architectural Digest. One of the best works prior to his nomination, was his biography on Fay Jones.

It’s safe to say that with his role in the field of architecture, his nomination and his written works, Ivy has increased the awareness of architecture, as well as increased the interest in architecture as a career. Learn more:  


Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App Has Brought Her Triumph and Trials

In 2014 the dating app Bumble was born of founder Whitney Wolfe’s desire to create apps that empower women. The career networking site for women Bizz is a spin-off of Bumble. A variation on the dating app BFF helps women find platonic friendship.

Before conceiving the idea that would become Bumble, Wolfe approached the billionaire founder of the Badoo dating app Andrey Andreev for funding for an online social site for women. Though Andreev wasn’t impressed by Wolfe’s idea he was impressed by Wolfe. Read her articles at to know more about Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe had worked for Tinder and played a key role in creating that app. Since she already understood dating apps Andrey Andreev advised Whitney Wolfe to create her own dating app. Wolfe’s idea for Bumble resonated with Andreev. He put up $10 million in seed money and opened Badoo software and systems to use by Bumble. Andreev received a 79% stake in Bumble.

Bumble has been in existence for four years and is already worth $1 billion according to Forbes. At 29 Wolfe’s net worth is $230 million. Last year Bumble’s 35 million users generated $100 million in revenue for the company.

In 2017 Match Group the company that owns Tinder offered Wolfe $450 million for Bumble. She declined that offer and a second offer of $1 billion. In March of this year, Match Group sued Bumble alledging patent infringement and misuse of intellectual property.

At the center of the litigation is the card-swipe-based, mutual opt-in premise that Tinder pioneered. Bumble counter-sued claiming Match Group’s suit was an attempt to devalue Bumble by using litigation to scare potential investors away from Bumble. Bumble is seeking $400 million in damages.

The suit could be as much personal as a matter of business. While working as a market researcher and customer recruiter for Tinder Whitney Wolfe dated Tinder co-founder Justin Marteen. The relationship went sour and Wolfe left Tinder alledging Marteen sexually harassed her.

After she filed a sexual harassment suit against Tinder Whitney Wolfe was awarded $1 million. As of this writing, a resolution of the patent infringement suit and resultant counter-suit are pending.



The American Institute of Architects: Championing for Ideological Cross-Pollination

American Institute of American Architects (AIA) is a professional body that was founded to bring together qualified architects in the United States. AIA is a leading members-only organization whose scope of influence overarches several sectors and industries including software engineering, health and building and construction industries. Over the past few years, the organization has taken key steps towards ideological cross-pollination with professionals in these various industries and fields with the view of better serving human interests. Under the guidance of its current executive vice president and chief executive officer, Robert Ivy, the organization has made significant progress towards making its presence felt in areas such as disaster management and prevention, and healthcare provision.

The Mission

Through its 10-year program aimed at showcasing its commitment to humanity, AIA has partnered with several professionals in different fields while also sponsoring events such as hackathon. Robert Ivy believes that such landmark and innovative initiatives will ensure that the organization work closely with the general public and other professionals in taking proactive steps towards ensuring public safety. He believes that architects and associated professionals bodies such as AIA can play a vital role in ensuring public health through health-focused and socially engaging building and infrastructural designs. He believes that such an interactive and very rewarding platform can be enhanced through various avenues such as mobile apps and other contemporary ideas.

Robert Ivy: Guiding AIA towards a Contemporary Outlook

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded with primary objective of giving space to practicing and upcoming architects a chance to meet, and discuss ways of improving the field. Founded in 1857, the organization is one of the oldest of its kind and currently boasts of over 90,000 members. The organization prides itself as the first body formed to address issues facing architects. The first president of the organization was Richard Upjohn who laid the foundation for its future.


Over the past years, Robert Ivy who took over the reign of the organization in 2011, has made strategic moves and guided the organization towards embracing contemporary ideas and issues. Towards this end, AIA has actively supported issues concerning education, policy and public health and safety. It has also actively engaged in community development. Additionally, Robert Ivy’s visionary leadership has seen the organization work towards taking center stage when it comes to finding solutions affecting various communities. This is reflective of his years of experience. He was the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record in 1996.

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Robert Ivy and The American Institute of Architecs

The American Institute of Architecs is an organization based out of Washington DC, Who’s primary goals are to, be a voice for the architecural profession and advance our nations quality of life to ensure the public’s health, safety, and welfare are protected. Concerns and ideas from architecs are of paramount importance, in an effort to design a better future for our country. Robert Ivy executive vice president/chief executive office and the board has been steadfast in its efforts to advance public policies on today’s pressing issues such as climate change, sustainability and the impact of design on public health.

Members across the country and across the world generate our living space, work and play spaces. Creating hospitals that heal us and houses of worship that sustain us. Architecs are building energy saving buildings, that are next generation, making our communities healthier and safer. The American Institute of Architecs and Robert Ivy is committed to more sustainable communities and a prosperous, equitable society for all. AIC advocates for policies that invest in well designed civic infrastructure, as well. Visit AIA at Conference on Architecture to know more.

Roads and bridges are just a fraction of infrastructure. Public buildings ate the basis our communities, hospitals, schools, libraries, police and fire stations etc. Many times these buildings are allowed to decay, reducing safety and weakening the quality of life for many across the nation. Architecs are in a position, they can attempt to guide policymakers with their knowledge to make informed decisions , about re-investing in our communities. The collective voice of architecs is essential for designing a future that can benefit everyone.

Robert Ivy has been very influential since his tenure with the organization. He is re-positioning the AIA from its rich legacy into an actively, responsive and influential organization. To his credit, Robert has streamlined AIA governance to improve decision making, built a new digital technology infrastructure and launched an awarding awareness campaign. The board has always strongly advocated for its member and practices. Advocating for the value of architecture and giving architecs the resources needed to perform theuir duties to the best of their abilities.

The American Institute of Architecs are very determined to protect the safety, health, welfare of its members and the nation. Together, the board and its members are working to ensure that they are designing for a better future and our values remain steady, while keeping open dialogue with policymakers is always good. Learn more:


The American Institute of Architects – Rich History and Leadership

The American Institute of Architects was a revolutionary establishment for architects all across the United States of America. The Institute brought people of the professional closer, forming a community, and it also introduced laws regarding architects which had not previously existed. Before 1857, everyone could claim to be an architect. Such a vital profession was not regulated, and there was no way to distinguish a fraud from a master by a document, only by work.

In 1857, The American Institute of Architects was established in New York City as 13 architects formed a group and decided to promote the profession and to bring changes to their line of work. Led by Mr. Richard Upjohn the society grew and many of the prominent architects at the time accepted the invitation to become a member of The American Institute of Architects. By March 1857, the society had already drafted bylaws which would change the profession as they knew it.

From then on, The American Institute of Architects became famous in the United States. In the 1860s, architects from other cities far and near sent in their requests to join the society. By the 1880s, the institute had already established several chapters in a number of different cities across the United States such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Albany, St, Louis, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Rhode Island, and Washington D. C. which is the current headquarters of The American Institute of Architects. By 2008, the institute had established over 300 chapters across the country, Read more at to know more about AIA.

Up to date, The American Institute of Architects is enjoying a vast membership of more than 90 000 architects. The institute provides them with education and support, government advocacy, public outreach and more. The American Institute of Architects is acting as a coordinator in the building industry. The Institute communicates with people from design and construction to coordinate the efforts.

The current leader of The American Institute of Architects is Mr, Robert Ivy. He has been acting as the Chief executive officer and Executive vice president for several years now. Mr. Robert Ivy has had more than a decade of experience as a leader. He graduated in Architecture from the Tulane University in 1976.

After that, Robert Ivy started working in the editing of several journals on architecture, as he had previously achieved a bachelor’s in English as well. Ivy worked at McGraw Hill Companies for about 20 years as Editor in chief and then as Vice President.

Mr. Robert Ivy became a part of The American Institute of Architects in Feb 2011. He has been instrumental in his role as a leader and has made a number of improvements to the communication and coordination within the society as well as to the public outreach activities of The American Institute of Architects.

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What The American Institute Of Architects Does For Those People In This Profession

The American Institute of Architects AIA) is an organization that supports architects across America. It is based in Washington D.C., although it was originally established in 1857 in New York, New York. They help their members in a number of ways. They provide educational opportunities to architects, advocate for them when interacting with government officials, support community redevelopment projects, and improve the public image of this profession. Additionally, they work with other organizations in the construction industry so that teams in this industry are coordinated.
There are are five membership levels at the American Institute of Architects. Many are architect members, which means they have a license to work as an architect. Associate members are those who work as a subordinate to an architect but aren’t one themselves. International associate members are licensed in a country other than America. Emeritus members have to be members of the organization for 15 years in a row and are 65 or older. Finally, allied members are professionals who are in the same industry like landscape architects and engineers. Students studying architecture can’t be a member of the AIA and so instead they’re part of the American Institute of Architecture Students.
Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of this organization. He earned these rolls in February 2011 after working in a top leadership role at McGraw-Hill Companies. He has been the editor in chief of the most important magazine in the industry, Architectural Record. Additionally, he served in this role for other magazines this company produces such as GreenSource and Engineering News Record.
It was in Columbus, Ohio that Robert Ivy was born and raised. He attended Sewanee University in Tennessee for his bachelor’s degree and attended Tulane University in Louisiana to earn his master’s degree. Both of his degrees are in architecture and he has been a member of the AIA for many years.
Over the course of his professional career Robert Ivy has earned a number of industry awards. Due to his lifetime contributions to his profession in 2009 he was given the G.D. Crain Award. Alpha Rho Chi named him a “Master Architect” in 2010. One of his big contributions that earned him awards was the book he wrote in 2001 called Fay Jones: Architect. Robert Ivy wrote about Fay Jones because he was one of the very few architects to receive the AIA’s highest honor which is the AIA Gold Medal. Check more:

Tony Petrello A Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Out To Beat Cerebral Palsy

Tony Petrello is a successful Texas executive who seems to have the Midas touch in the corporate taxation industry. He carries the reputation of being able to efficiently dissect multi-tiered legal issues and turn them into clear solutions.

He helped to manage the large law practice of Baker & McKenzie. Today, he is acknowledged in the international business community as the CEO and President of Nabors Industries.

Since he joined Nabors Industries in 1991, his leadership acumen and communicative skills has made Nabors Industries the go-to company for off-shore oil drilling services. Nabors Industries supplies the best in drilling machines and services that are used around the globe.

Tony Petrello said that his corporate success is in part due to his ability to hire talented and innovate engineers at Nabors Industries who bring state-of-the-art ideas into new fields and to work with each project more efficiently than before. With his background and expertise in corporate tax law, he exponentially grew Nabors Industries financially and territorially, including his visionary talent to see beyond unmapped enclaves.


However, Mr. Petrello is most known for his support to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. The millions of dollars that he donates has a personalized message behind it. His young daughter suffers from PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) which evoked the disease of cerebral palsy. Not only does Tony thrust his energy into research and therapy treatments for his daughter, he has also extended his concerns to help people around the world.

His large monetary donations help children and their family members work with the best neuro doctors and surgeons. The intended goal and research efforts of the Neurological Research Institute is to find a cure for neurological disorders that affects children of all ages. Tony Petrello’s message for parents is to continue in your steadfast love and encouragement for your child, even though there will be lots of time when you feel helpless because a cure is around the corner.

The Petrello family travels around as guest speakers on neurological disorders and its research. They open their hearts and tell the story of their daughter and her struggles in hopes of inspiring and bringing some form of peace to families who are going through the same thing. If there are any charity events or speaking engagements on the subject of the neurological disorders, Tony and his wife are present.

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