Renew Youth: Creating Beauty Products that Protect the Skin

People are concerned about how their skin looks, and when wrinkles start to appear, they resort to beauty products which promise to restore their younger looking skin. However, not all beauty products work the same. The reason for the changes in the skin and the active ingredient in the product are two major factors to be considered if the product would work or not. Renew Youth is a company that manufactures beauty products that cause the skin to look better, and they are investing in researching which ingredients would make their products more effective. The company markets their products mostly to women who are more prone to skin changes especially when they hit the menopausal age.

Renew Youth has been in the business for more than two decades, and with the advancement in technology, they are able to create more treatments that have a higher percentage of effectiveness. According to Renew Youth, healthy skin should contain three major elements – elastin, collagen, and moisture. Elastin is a protein responsible for providing the skin with an elastic character, allowing it to go back to its previous state when pulled or pressed. Collagen, on the other hand, is another type of protein that holds tissues together. Lastly, moisture is present inside the skin to protect it from heat. These three elements are all present in the products manufactured by Renew Youth to ensure that their clients will enjoy a fair looking skin.

Renew Youth continues to market their products and assuring their buyers that it would protect them from the threats outside. The company is also advising their patrons not to be involved in actions that would bring further damage to the skin, like smoking and staying too long under the sun. Protecting the skin and taking care of it would later produce outstanding results.

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The Internal Working Mind of Imran Haque

As virtually everybody in North Carolina knows, Dr. Imran Haque is one of the best medical doctors practicing internal medicine in all of the Tar Heel State. Haque said several things in an interview recently of notice.

Haque feels strongly about Barack Obama, saying he wishes he were as calm as Barack Obama during tons of pressure.

He thinks everybody should practice the Golden Rule, especially those in business, as he said the Golden Rule helped him succeed as an entrepreneur.

Although it might not be true, Dr. Iimran Haque also claimed NCSU was the best college sports school in the nation – what a bold man.

Dr. Imran Haque went to the best medical school in the Dominican Republic, a prestigious university in the large city of Santo Domingo called Universidad Iberoamericana. After graduating with a degree in honors as an official medical doctor, Imran Haque went to the University of Virginia to work as a resident in their medical training program in the discipline of internal medicine.

Although Dr. Imran Haque was not sure of where he wanted to practice when he got a license to do so freely, he almost immediately found out that people in rural areas did not have as many doctors to serve them as those in larger, wealthier areas of the United States did. As many of the areas in North Carolina are similar to those in Virginia, he decided to work in North Carolina as soon as he completed the residential program in 2001.

After his move to North Carolina, where he practiced in a few hospital with staff privileges, he was able to build up enough wealth to found Horizon Internal Medicine, which now has locations in both Ramseur and Asheboro, both small, rural towns nestled away in central North Carolina.

Dr. Haque works in seven different locations, including the two installments of Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro and Ramseur, the other five being some of the most prestigious hospitals in those two towns and nearby areas. He offers lots of cosmetic procedures, including all of those that other internists provide, although Dr. Imran Haque is said to do a much better job than his peers in central North Carolina.


Why the CAA is the Only Choice

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the nation’s largest independently run practice of its kind. The CAA consists of a team of more than 80 qualified physicians who all specialize in the field of anesthesiology. Many of the association’s doctors have also received specialized training in areas such as obstetric, pediatric, and cardiothoracic anesthesiology. In addition, the CAA also employs over 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. These nurses assist the doctors to help ensure that each patient has a safe and comfortable experience. The CAA is based in Austin, Texas and provides top notch care to more than 20 medical facilities in the area. Doctors at the CAA offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of each patient. Some examples of these are general, local, and monitored anesthesia services. The CAA is also a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, which works to improve patient care through education and data collection. This partnership allows the CAA to stay up to date on new and useful information, which in turn provides patients with better and better care. This consistent commitment to improving their practice makes the Capitol Anesthesiology Association the obvious choice for all your anesthesiology needs.