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How To Host A Relaxed Party

An event planner, Camille Styles, recently offered her top 10 tips for hosting a party that won’t stress the planner out. She starts out saying to stay organized and start early so you can breathe easier as the date approaches. Keep a to-do list and check off each task as it is completed. She also recommends that you create a theme to create a more festive atmosphere and mail invites to your guests that will get them excited to attend.

Other tips include offering a self-serve bar so guests can help themselves, while at the same time offer a specialty drink that you can serve in a unique glass. The appetizers you offer your guests shouldn’t be overly complicated and can replace having a dinner. You can get premade ingredients at the grocery store rather than making everything from scratch, which will definitely lower your stress levels. Let the kids have their own table and give them things to do such as paper and crayons. She also recommends you keep the plates and utensils simple. Her final tip is to give favors to your guests in order to make the event fun and memorable.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the premier event planners in NYC and can handle all these details for their clients. Twenty Three Layers has established relationships with the most exclusive event holders in the city. The company also makes use of the most looked for vendors so that the quality of the event is top-notch. The company handles all the details so that the host is left worry free about holding an exciting and memorable event.

Event planning companies in NYC has a plethora of options to choose from including many photographers, caterers, and entertainment. Also, as corporate event planners NYC, Twenty Three Layers can offer corporations exclusive events that they will happily bring their clients to in order to further development their business relationships. Twenty Three Layers is also capable of handling any branding or custom printing that is required in order to successfully hold the event.


Twenty Three Layers’ Successes in Event Planning and Design

Event planning or design takes great innovation and resources to get outstanding results. Consequently, the increasing need for event planning and design services calls for sophistication, which many entities do not meet. However, Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC in this industry has managed to be relevant to the market. Out of its human resource’s creativity and energy, the company has steadily risen to a market leader in its line of business. Its services include venue selection, entertainment, branding, floral design, and catering. In addition to its services are lighting, production, photography as well as fabrication among others. With its reputation, Twenty Three Layers has managed to be an attractive proposition among event planners in NYC. The company also offers consultation services such as advice on an event or party planning.

“Twelve tips and time-saving hacks” are factors that one cannot work without when planning a party or any other event. As an authority in this business, Twenty Three Layers is keen to point out factors that define any part despite its magnitude. Among these tips, include engaging a co-host due to the enormous nature of pre and post planning events. For example, hosting a simple event such as birthday party may seem simple, but there are “tiny” details that are easy to forget. There is also the aspect of digitizing invitations necessitated by the increased use of the internet and social media. The point regarding the use of digital invitations is pegged on the cost as well as efficiency attributed to the method.

Other tips that are prominent and stand out as important include engaging kids in parties that are easy to do using crafts. Cleaning may seem like a simple aspect, but there is an intricate process that should be followed. When holistically considered, these aspects sound simple but proves worthy after reading the entire piece. It is clear that event planning is not a matter of renting out various equipment and buying foodstuffs. Planning proves essential for people or organizations that need to have successful events. Corporate understand the need for events planning because an event can define success or failure in business. Twenty-Three Layers, in this case, is an important partner in successful event planning and design.

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Lauren Conrad’s Advice on Stress Free Party

Lauren Conrad has expanded her empire into party planning. After being on Redbook’s July cover, she discusses her party planning tips for a stress free party that everyone, even the host/hostess can enjoy. Lauren Conrad’s empire already covers the fashion world with two designer lines, the publishing world with 8 of her 9 books being New York Times bestsellers, and social media darling with over 10 million followers. Now she is offering her expertise on how to plan for a party that can be fun and easy. Currently, she has released a book Celebrate and opened an online retailer to compliment this new party planning business venture.

Her biggest secret to party planning success is not to fret about perfection. Perfection can stress out the host/hostess, and a party that seems too put together can cause the guests to feel uncomfortable. The main goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, and for Lauren, this includes her husband. She has toned down her party planning ways, including her elaborate themes. She strives to do things, like easier themes, to help include her husband. She works with themes that includes everyday items, like her birthday hoedown. This hoedown included items like cut off shorts and plaid shirts.

Her main advice is to make sure to have fun. No matter what you plan to eat or do, everyone needs to have fun. The hostess brought everyone together to celebrate, so they need to make sure everyone celebrates

23 Layers is a Manhattan based full service event and party planning firm. They are known for their attention to detail and whimsical and elegant events. For those who do not like to party planning, 23 Layers is the firm for them. They seek the perfection that so many want without the stress to the hostess.

This company has partnerships with other businesses to help round out their service. They work closely with vendors to make sure all the elements fall together for the perfect event. Whether it is a corporate function or personal party, 23 layers is the firm for them.

Planner extraordinaire DeJuan Stroud

When, it comes to planning and pulling off an event of grand scale, DeJuan Stroud has some expertise. In a recent article by the houston.culturemap.com an interview with this planning pro permits us an introduction. Along with some design and party insights, we are also privileged to have a moment or two that affords us an occasional personal glimpse into who he is, not only what he does.

It is quickly apparent from this article that he is driven and driven by the attempt to capture perfection, if only for a moment. Even his client’s motivation for success motivates him. The appreciation he reveals about the accomplishments and hard work ethic he finds in his client list sheds some light into what drives him.

The professionals at 23 Layers have that same drive, and share that same desire to achieve perfection. This serves them well as each and every event is viewed as an opportunity to not only deliver but to exceed all that was envisioned by their clients. How they accomplish this is with inspired minds and invaluable working relationships.

Bringing with them an energy, creativity and savvy to marry with these relationships they deliver to their clients the perfectly planned and executed events possible. Beautiful weddings, amazing parties and unforgettable celebrations, if it is an event, 23 layers will be the cake and the icing too! Look for event planning companies in NYC.

Don’t be surprised if at the next big gala event you attend you happen to see some recognition of one Mr. Stroud in conjunction with the planners at 23 Layers. If an event was in your future you can always see 23 Layers at twentythreelayers.com, event planners who make it their mission to go above and beyond expectations.