Sussex Healthcare: Availabe Jobs and Success

Sussex Healthcare began in 1985. Since this time, they have been very successful in creating 20 homes throughout the United Kingdom located in the southeastern area. Their centers are equipped with advanced technology and continue to provide critical services when it comes to individuals suffering from dementia, lesions attacks on the spine, motor neuron disease, traumatic injuries and multiple sclerosis. Experts are on call to assist all resident 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sussex Healthcare has a staff that performs sessions of aromatherapy, reflexology and hydrotherapy.


The company has received high acknowledgments from two authority organizations in the industry. In the past 10 years, home health aides have become in demand. Medical centers struggle based on the nurse shortage. Even with the home health aide surge, it has only been reported that there was a 16% or less increase in jobs. However back in 2010, there was a spike of 35% regarding cost and at home services. In 2015, there is expected to be 12% increase of home health aides throughout the industry.


Nearly 10.8 million individuals within the U.K. will soon seek out custom care. Sussex Healthcare is there to provide services with talented staff available to conduct evaluations. They will attempt to determine what activities the resident can engage in regarding their current situation and what their prior caregiver was assisting them with. They will also reflect on mobility issues and a specialist will develop a strategy to help with symptoms experienced by each individual through a questionnaire.Sussex Healthcare is currently looking to hire caregivers at its various locations. All vacancies include administrative staff, physical therapists and nurses. The company invites all qualified individuals to visit one of their many locations and apply for a position. There’s no experience necessary as Sussex Healthcare has a well-equipped training program for those with the right ambition and attitude. Here are the locations that are open and seeking positions:

  • Horsham
  • Uckfield
  • Crawley
  • Billinghurst
  • Henfield
  • East Grinstead

Most of these locations will have shifts that are available day and night. The organization takes its hiring process seriously and chooses all cares very carefully.

OSI Food Solutions and Chicken Offerings

OSI Food Solutions Spain has just gotten a lot bigger. It has multiplied its ability to get chicken out to the general public as well. The company currently has the ability to accommodate 45,000 plus tons of chicken, pork and beef offerings. This is taking place in Toledo in Spain. It’s been a sizable effort for OSI Food Solutions, too. The OSI Food Solutions team can now make 24,000 tons of high-quality chicken offerings each year. The team in the past was only able to make a total of 12,000 tons yearly. This is a significant difference. People who are searching for jobs in the region may benefit from this massive change. It’s opening up 20 brand new positions to jobseekers. The group already has a crew that’s composed of 140 individuals. It’s in a space that spans approaching 23,000 square feet. Many fresh elements are part of the space. It now has a production center that was never there in the past. It has a designated shipment location. People can rely on refrigerated spots that manage the storage of sizable waste bins. They can rely on storage sections for essential supplies. They can even now turn to service sections that are suitable for nitrogen, hot H20 and oil tanks. The center, last but not least, has a lounge that gives workers the chance to talk and relax for a little while.

OSI Food Solutions has gotten its hands on Baho Food. Baho Food refers to a brand that comes from the Northwestern European nation of the Netherlands. It’s one that produces snacks, meats and convenience items. It caters to retail and foodservice sectors. David G. McDonald is the name of OSI Food Solutions’ head. He’s its Chief Operating Officer and President. He reports that the landing of Baho Food helps the company with all of its European activities. Baho Food is equipped with five smaller divisions. It takes charge of processing centers that are located in both the Netherlands and nearby Germany. The firms are Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience and Gelderland Frischwaren.