George Soros working hard for the Democrats

The Democrats leading financial supporter George Soros has recently given more than $25 million dollars to Democratic candidates including Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and other political causes. George Soros previously had limited his political actions because of President George W. Bush’s second term win.

George Soros is estimated to have collected a fortune nearly $24.9 billion through currency trades and is expected to earn more as he continues to be successful. Politico reported that Soros was expected to be at the Democratic National Convention to witness friend Hillary Clinton accept the presidential nomination for her party, but had to cancel so he could keep an eye on the economic crisis in Europe. Many believe George Soros has become more politically engaged than ever before because of his strong support and faith in Hillary Clinton and his strong concern of Donald Trump.

George Soros believes the political stakes are higher than ever and cannot stand by any longer. George Soros has been praised by the party for going full-in for Hillary Clinton. George Soros is seen as the one who can revitalize other liberal activists. George Soros has worked to get other liberals to financially support the party including environmentalist Tom Steyer, who gave $31 million dollars in 2016, New York investor Don Sussman, who has given $13 million to different campaigns and committees and media executives Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner.

George Soros’ ability to mobilize the left’s rich donors has allowed Clinton and other groups to build a massive financial treasure chest, overpowering Republican committees backing Donald Trump. George Soros has funded many super PACs. Through the beginning of summer, George Soros donated $7 million dollars to a super PAC that backed Clinton called Priorities USA Action. According to Politico, Soros also gave $2 million to a PAC that has targeted Trump and other Republican candidates. George Soros has also promised $5 million to a PAC that fights to increase voter turnout among Hispanic voters in key states. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has donated $2 million to a PAC called America Votes, which mobilizes voters. George Soros has also donated $1.5 million to a super PAC that backs Democratic Senate candidates. Prior to his 2016 giving, he had dialed back his giving, leaving many to wonder whether he would ever give politically again. In 2005, George Soros launched an exclusive club of liberal donors, which is known as Democracy Alliance. It worked to turn contributions away from short-term battles towards ones that sought to combat major issues such as income inequality and climate change. He has donated more than $13 billion in the last 30 years to groups that work to defend human rights and expand access to healthcare around the world and in the United States. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Keith Mann And Young Entrepreneurs

An idea only has a little bit of value if it does not express itself or come into fruition in some way. A brilliant idea can sometimes be forgotten, overwhelmed by other worldly cares and concerns. However, if that idea is carried by a talented individual, it could literally change the course of history. The modern era is the exemplar of the power of a good idea that was brought to fruition by talented individuals. The modern person lives surrounded by technology and comfort. If there is a talented person who has a mind for business and creativity, they should be sought out. That is Keith Mann’s mission. That is why he has established a scholarship for high school students who live in Brooklyn.

Partnering with Uncommon Charter High School, he is implementing this scholarship in one high school so that he can identify the student who he believes has the most potential. In a low-income situation, students with potential for creativity and business are often forgotten. They fade into irrelevancy and their potential is wasted. But while it is wasted, the future prosperity of the city of Brooklyn dwindles as well. An individual who can contribute something to society is thrown into poverty and crime, only to waste his or her life. That is why Keith Mann has established this scholarship.

Who Is Keith Mann?
Success did not come easily to Mr. Mann. He had to struggle for years to overcome the trials of life. He had many of the same barriers that burden entrepreneurs all over the world. Today, he is the founder and CEO of a very successful business. His experience has taught him that far too many students are left behind or face insurmountable obstacles that need to be overcome. He is using his success to help young and talented individuals to overcome the burdens that prevent success.


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