George Soros working hard for the Democrats

The Democrats leading financial supporter George Soros has recently given more than $25 million dollars to Democratic candidates including Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and other political causes. George Soros previously had limited his political actions because of President George W. Bush’s second term win.

George Soros is estimated to have collected a fortune nearly $24.9 billion through currency trades and is expected to earn more as he continues to be successful. Politico reported that Soros was expected to be at the Democratic National Convention to witness friend Hillary Clinton accept the presidential nomination for her party, but had to cancel so he could keep an eye on the economic crisis in Europe. Many believe George Soros has become more politically engaged than ever before because of his strong support and faith in Hillary Clinton and his strong concern of Donald Trump.

George Soros believes the political stakes are higher than ever and cannot stand by any longer. George Soros has been praised by the party for going full-in for Hillary Clinton. George Soros is seen as the one who can revitalize other liberal activists. George Soros has worked to get other liberals to financially support the party including environmentalist Tom Steyer, who gave $31 million dollars in 2016, New York investor Don Sussman, who has given $13 million to different campaigns and committees and media executives Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner.

George Soros’ ability to mobilize the left’s rich donors has allowed Clinton and other groups to build a massive financial treasure chest, overpowering Republican committees backing Donald Trump. George Soros has funded many super PACs. Through the beginning of summer, George Soros donated $7 million dollars to a super PAC that backed Clinton called Priorities USA Action. According to Politico, Soros also gave $2 million to a PAC that has targeted Trump and other Republican candidates. George Soros has also promised $5 million to a PAC that fights to increase voter turnout among Hispanic voters in key states. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has donated $2 million to a PAC called America Votes, which mobilizes voters. George Soros has also donated $1.5 million to a super PAC that backs Democratic Senate candidates. Prior to his 2016 giving, he had dialed back his giving, leaving many to wonder whether he would ever give politically again. In 2005, George Soros launched an exclusive club of liberal donors, which is known as Democracy Alliance. It worked to turn contributions away from short-term battles towards ones that sought to combat major issues such as income inequality and climate change. He has donated more than $13 billion in the last 30 years to groups that work to defend human rights and expand access to healthcare around the world and in the United States. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Thor Halvorssen and His Experiences with Democratic Socialism

There are two types of people in the world. There are those who have data and those who have experience. Of course, there can be an overlap between these two fields. But the man who has data is typically not as compelling as the man who has experience. The man who has experience can say that he has tried it, seen it, and it does not work. Thor Halvorrsen is the man of both data and experience with the issue of democratic socialism. While socialism has been promoted on a popular level, especially in the United States, Halvorrsen believes that it could have dire consequences for future generations, based on his experience with it.

His Family Was Murdered And Imprisoned

In a country such as the United States, people do not worry about the consequences of criticizing a government entity because they have the benefit of freedom of speech. But in nations that practice democratic socialism, Halvorrsen recalls that this benefit is a foreign concept. He currently has relatives who are political prisons in the nation of Venezuela. His mother was murdered by a socialist regime. His father was tortured, beaten and murdered for allegedly committing white collar crimes. When a young person tells Thor Halvorrsen that democratic socialism is the best governmental approach, he knows that they are speaking from a lack of experience.

Frequently Food Shortages

If the government controls the price of food, Halvorrsen testifies that there are frequent food shortages. It is either too expensive for the people to afford it or it is too cheap and there is not enough money to pay the vendors. While a presidential candidate could promise something like free or cheaper food and the people would enthusiastically applaud, it is not a workable system. Halvorrsen recognizes that there needs to be competition within the market.

Socialism is more than a theory about how to operate the government. The effects are further-reaching than merely to give people free things. Halvorrsen recognizes how dire the circumstances are and that the fate of a nation could be compromised if they were to adopt this position. He does not want to see any more fathers and mothers murdered.

Thor Halvorssen Has Plans To Fight Oppression

Thor Halvorssen has many plans to help people around the world using his Human Rights Foundation, and there are many people who are going to enjoy working with him because he believes in social justice. There are a lot of people who want to help, and there are many places where they can help. Social justice has been something that Thor Halvorssen has always believed in, and it started when he was able to stop corruption in his native Venezuela.
He moved on to make sure that he could help people from his offices in New York, and he has been in the media spotlight ever since. There are many leaders around the world who are not good to their people, but a lot of them get forgotten because the stories are not heinous enough or current enough. The stories are going to stay in the news because of what Thor Halvorssen does. He keeps the Dos Santos family in Angola on the tip of his tongue, and he keeps the North Koreans in his thoughts because the country is closed off.


He wants to make sure that people are going to have a chance to learn about what is happening in the world. They are going to need more information about the world around them, and they can learn it all from Thor Halvorssen. It is easy for people to learn when following him, and they can help the Human Rights Foundation when there is a need around the world.
It is very easy for people to get help around the world when they come to the Human Rights Foundation, and they can trust Thor Halvorssen to learn their stories. Thor wants to help everyone he can. He knows there is a way to start a social justice revolution that he believes is possible.

Take a look at Thor’s IMDB profile to see his recent fim making endeavors.

Thor Halvsorssen: A Great Human Rights leader

In 2005, Thor Halvsorssen launched the Human Rights Foundation in New York. This foundation only staffs a dozen people, but strive to cover every part of this earth. The Human Rights Foundation hosts many forums a year all over the world to stand up for and protect our basic rights.

Thor has been a human rights activist since the late 1980’s, starting in London by organizing an opposition to South African apartheid. Thor’s heritage played a huge role is the reason he started the Human Rights Foundation; individual liberty was always a discussion for him since his family was of Venezuelan and Norwegian decent. His father, for one, was falsely imprisoned and tortured in jail, set free only after the International Society for Human Rights took on his case and won.

One would think that because of his family’s past and because of the wrong-doing in this world, he would have a hatred towards people; however, Thor Halvorssen sees the best in people and thoroughly believes in progress.

Not that supporting Human Rights is glamorous; Thor has been arrested, detained, and beaten many times for this cause. This article in the Weekly Standard talks in great detail about the Human Rights Foundation and how those supporting this cause get in on the action; they do not just stand around and discuss our rights, they fight for them. Thor being a number one example of this.

The Human Rights Foundation has a leader who knows first hand what it’s like to be robbed of his rights. He is the best candidate for the job, and has a mild yet thought-provoking approach to human rights.


Racist Remarks by George Gascon

George Gascon is being accused of making racist remarks while he was police chief in San Francisco. He is now the District Attorney. While he was police chief, he talked about the minority groups in the city while conversing with members of the Police Officers Association. There were also text messages exchanged where Gascon discussed minorities. When Gascon was police chief, he promoted very few people who were in minority groups, especially African Americans.

In today’s society, there are still people who feel that minorities receive more than they should, but it’s not a reason to dislike them. An official in the city who leads others is a person who should be supportive of every race as he is sworn to serve and protect. He is not sworn to divide the city based on race or exchange racist comments with union leaders and other officers. If there were others talking about different races, then they would probably face some kind of persecution in the form of members of the race beating someone or making sure their voices are heard in regards to their opinions. These are the actions that lead to murders. Police officers shouldn’t be the ones who start the conversations that lead to murders and other crimes that relate to African Americans and other races.


Find out more about George Gascon:

We’re Lucky Thor Halvorssen Was Interviewed By Fox News The Other Day

Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, recently gave an interview on Fox News where he sits above the graphical banner “Socialism Violating Rights”. But that banner belies the content of the interview itself. During the three minute interview, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation explains that socialism is not bad and does not violate human rights. Socialism is simply a form of government that human beings can use for the good of all people or that authoritarian dictators can use to perpetuate crimes against humanity. It is not, itself, a bad thing despite the attempts of Fox News to slam socialism and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

We are fortunate that the interviewee was Thor Halvorssen. The man’s own father was a political prisoner of the socialist dictator of Venezuela. Human rights groups had to negotiate the release of his father but not before his father was tortured by the dictators government. It seems that Fox News believed Thor would hate socialism unequivocally, but Thor is smarter than that.

Thor Halvorssen repeatedly tries to make the distinction between socialism and human rights to the hostess throughout the interview. When she doesn’t buy Thor’s argument, he goes for the coup de grace, telling her that he supports Sen. Bernie Sanders bid for the White House. He even tells her the exact amount that he is donated to the campaign — $2,700, the most allowable for an individual under US law in 2016.

The human rights activist then aims the interview at the proper targets, namely those candidates that support dictatorships, such as Hillary Clinton.

He continues to explain that he does not agree with everything that Bernie Sanders stands for, but he’d rather see a democratic socialist in the White House than a supporter of dictatorships, especially someone who is taken money from said dictators. You’ve got to wonder if Thor Halvorssen will ever be invited on Fox News again. Connect with Thor on Facebook to keep up with news and events he is involved with.