Human Trafficking

Thor Halvorssen and His Experiences with Democratic Socialism

There are two types of people in the world. There are those who have data and those who have experience. Of course, there can be an overlap between these two fields. But the man who has data is typically not as compelling as the man who has experience. The man who has experience can say that he has tried it, seen it, and it does not work. Thor Halvorrsen is the man of both data and experience with the issue of democratic socialism. While socialism has been promoted on a popular level, especially in the United States, Halvorrsen believes that it could have dire consequences for future generations, based on his experience with it.

His Family Was Murdered And Imprisoned

In a country such as the United States, people do not worry about the consequences of criticizing a government entity because they have the benefit of freedom of speech. But in nations that practice democratic socialism, Halvorrsen recalls that this benefit is a foreign concept. He currently has relatives who are political prisons in the nation of Venezuela. His mother was murdered by a socialist regime. His father was tortured, beaten and murdered for allegedly committing white collar crimes. When a young person tells Thor Halvorrsen that democratic socialism is the best governmental approach, he knows that they are speaking from a lack of experience.

Frequently Food Shortages

If the government controls the price of food, Halvorrsen testifies that there are frequent food shortages. It is either too expensive for the people to afford it or it is too cheap and there is not enough money to pay the vendors. While a presidential candidate could promise something like free or cheaper food and the people would enthusiastically applaud, it is not a workable system. Halvorrsen recognizes that there needs to be competition within the market.

Socialism is more than a theory about how to operate the government. The effects are further-reaching than merely to give people free things. Halvorrsen recognizes how dire the circumstances are and that the fate of a nation could be compromised if they were to adopt this position. He does not want to see any more fathers and mothers murdered.