Madison Street Capital Does It Again!

Not long ago, Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based global investment banking firm was profoundly announced as one of the finalists in the 15th Annual M$A advisor Awards. These annual awards are widely respected and valued as a pinnacle of accomplishments in the financial industry. The Annual M$A Awards aim at recognizing excellence in the financial sector, restructuring as well as deal making thus celebrating achievements and contributions of the best companies and professionals. Madison Street Capital, a well-renowned investment banking company has been presented with double nominations for international and Industrial Deal of the Year (under $100MM) as well as Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.


Nominations Received by Madison Street Capital


International and Industrial Deal of the Year acknowledged this great firm for its role in facilitating Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A. This transaction was led by Director Karl D’ Cunha who serves as the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital. According to Charles Botchway, the firm is honored and very pleased to have led the whole process of helping its longstanding client, Dowco with the Acuna and Asociados S.A acquisition. Being the founder and chief executive officer of Madison street capital, Charles Botchway has given the best direction for the firm. Additionally, Charles continued to express his sincere gratitude for being nominated as one of the most viable participants running for the amazing Years Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Lean more:


According to Benzinga news, Madison Street Capital has great dealmakers who work tirelessly and extensively across multiple time zones with an aim to connect clients all over the world with emerging and growing businesses that perfectly suit their versatile and diverse needs. This therefore guarantees success and growth for the customers. With many demanding and moving parts, the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados by Dowco was a cross border transaction and a very complex one. According to Karl D’ Cunha, the achievement is worth being recognized. The final winners of the 15th M$A Annual Awards will be announced officially in November 9, 2016 at New York Athletic Club.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a profoundly established investment banking company that has been very successful in its operations by accomplishing different endeavors. This company is fully committed to excellence, leadership, service and integrity in delivering merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions as well as valuation services to privately and publicly held businesses.


Services offered by this firm aim at positioning clients in the best positions within the universal global marketplace thus guaranteeing them success. This company leverages its capacity when undertaking new projects by taking customer’s goals and objectives into consideration. Madison Street Capital views and observes emerging markets as the main component responsible for global growth of clients.

Can Someone Change Careers Like Martin Lustgarten?

Changing careers is something that a lot of people think about when they are watching investors, and the investors around the world are making a lot of money from their homes or home offices. Someone who is at a home office is going to be able to relax while they are working or researching world markets.


Martin Lustgarten does this every day, and he has chosen a career that allows him to work from his home in Florida and travel when he needs to. He is a traveler who learns about all the different countries where he could be spending his money, and he does a lot of research online to determine which of the countries he has chosen are the most worth his money.


Martin Lustgarten invests in a lot of different countries because he knows that all these countries have their own kind of potential. Some countries are going to help people make a lot of money really fast, and there are other countries where people need to make long term investments. It is easy for people to get what they want when they are studying and investing the way that Martin Lustgarten does. He puts a lot of time into what he is doing, and he takes everything very seriously to make sure he can make money.

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Instagram: @mlustgarten

Sam Tabar: The Specifics of Business Law

When financial professionals meet with their clients, they are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of business law. Whether it’s a question about how a contract is structured or an investment agreement, clients must have confidence in the experts with whom they interact. When it comes to those who are skilled in these and other areas of law, there are few people more knowledgeable than Sam Tabar. With his experience in the legal and business worlds, Sam is uniquely qualified to help clients with any topic they are dealing with in their business dealings.

As a graduate of such well-known schools as Oxford University and Columbia Law School, Sam used his Ivy League background to assist clients around the world with various issues. An expert in financial strategies and analysis, Sam spent the early part of his career working with clients who were involved in hedge funds. Needing answers to various questions about investment agreements and analysis, clients turned to Sam for the answers they needed. Never one to let his clients down, Sam always made sure he had the answers to satisfy the toughest of questions.

After working for several years as an attorney with various firms, Sam decided to put his financial knowledge to the test. Accepting an offer to become a Capital Strategist and Director of Business Development with PMA Investment Advisors, Sam set out to show the world what it takes to lead a firm to the top of its industry. Always ready to take calculated risks, Sam began developing numerous types of strategies that would help the firm in both national and international financial markets. With the firm having a hedge fund worth more than $2 billion, Sam was put in charge of increasing the fund’s net worth. Just as he figured, that was exactly what happened. In fact, the hedge fund grew from a value of $2 billion to nearly $3.5 billion, demonstrating his strategies would indeed work.

Focusing on the financial goals of his clients, Lawyerist shows how Sam demonstrates time and time again that his willingness to take risks pays off. With one success story after another, Sam has proven he has what it takes to stay ahead of the competition.  Offering attorney services on Thumbtack, over his entire career, Mr. Tabar has built CrunchBase credits worthy of a COO.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event that takes place in January in Las Vegas, revealed the current and future of technology for the next four decades. What’s most current and advanced is there, and as reported by the website CNET, CES 2016 did not change the world, but showed how much change there is in the world. According to executive of Banco BMG Marcio Alaor, the event this year was headlining a drone with room for a passenger, electric cars, and cameras attached to everyday objects that will change the way we interact in our homes.

The Drone Ehanng 184

Drones were the main attraction at CES 2016, but the most acclaimed was the Ehang 184. The drone is designed for a passenger and gives us the belief that flying cars have finally arrived. Because it is a drone, it is not necessary or possible to fly it. Just pre-program the path, sit back, and enjoy the trip. “For now, it has the flight capacity of only 23 minutes,” said Marcio Alaor BMG, “and reaches a maximum height of 3.5 kilometers.” The drone is manufactured by the Chinese corporation Ehang, which continues to work on the invention. “Your biggest concern is security,” said Marcio Alaor, executive of Banco BMG. “Therefore, the Chinese company is working to set up a control center to take control of the drone when needed.” Watch the video made ​​by the company:

Electric cars

Electric cars were also an attraction at the electronics fair and apparently the trend of the current automotive sector. Confirmed by Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG, the company General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Bolt in 2017 in its final version. The car will be available by the end of this year at a starting price of $30,000. See more about the car at the website. Ford and Volkswagen are also putting stock into electric cars and showed prototypes, confirming the increased number of these vehicles on the market in years ahead. Ford has announced plans to put 13 hybrid cars on the market in 2020, while Volkswagen decided to reinvent its classic Kombi with an electric prototype. Imagine never having to search for a gas station. It may happen.

Smart home

Also new were cameras connected to objects. They are attached to everything. For example, in the refrigerator. “If you’re in the grocery store and don’t remember if you have to buy milk, your refrigerator will send a photo of its interior and the problem will be solved,” says Marcio Alaor, executive of Banco BMG. The Samsung brand refrigerator will cost about $ 5,000.


The first CES took place in New York City in 1967. Since then, many devices used by us were presented first hand at the event. Some examples include: the VCR at CES 1970, the Compact Disc Player, presented in 1981, the DVD in 1996, plasma television in 2001, and Blu-Ray DVDs in 2003. The CES 2017 already has a date and will be between January 5-8 next year again in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Marcio Alaor is Director and Vice President at the BMG Group/Banco BMG, one of the most prestigious banks in Brazil and Latin America. Banco BMG is a major sponsor of Brazilian football and prints the uniforms of 39 clubs, as well as three men’s and two women’s teams of Superleague volleyball, three basketball teams, fighter Vitor Belfort. and gymnast Jade Barbosa.

Alaor has been member of the Board of Executive Officers at Banco BMG since 2008 and Vice-President since 2001. He started his career at Banco BMG in 1977 and became its Control Executive Director in 1999.

Investment Banking and A Close Look at Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a division of banking that is related to creation of capital. Banks assist individuals, corporations and governments to raise financial capital. Investment banking also involves the process of underwriting new debts and equity securities. It is also associated with issuance of financial securities, facilitating mergers and acquisitions and aiding in the sale and trading of securities. It provides guidance to issuers on placement and issue of stock.

Investments banks are usually associated with or are subsidiaries of large banking institutions. They assist in large and complicated financial transactions. What investment banks do is that they employ investment bankers who are given the responsibility of assisting corporations, governments, pension funds, hedge funds and other organizations plan and manage large projects that require a lot of finances. Investment banks will give advice on how to structure a deal depending on the client’s preferences. This may be either acquisition, merger or sale.

Whenever a company wants to issue stocks or bonds. Investment banks act as the middlemen between the company and the potential investors. Investment banks price financial instruments in order to maximize revenue taking into account regulatory requirements. When a company is holding its initial public offering, an investment bank will usually buy all of the company’s shares and sell them on the market at a price higher than it bought them thus making profit. Hence investment banks have well experienced analysts who are able to accurately price the stock in the best way possible.

Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin which is an investment banking firm in Florida. He has handled businesses with large banks at Florida and United States. He has been in investment banking  for some period of time that has helped him gain vast experience in exchange of security and equity trades.

Martin understands the importance of treating clients the right way and as such he is active on all his social media accounts. This makes him approachable and fun to work with. He has a passion for investment banking and rarely goes wrong whenever he invests with banks.