Geoffrey Cone: New Zealand is Not a Tax Haven

Geoffrey Cone graduated from Otago University with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He went further to pursue a postgraduate diploma in trust and tax law. For this reason, he commenced his practice in Auckland in 1980. He then moved to serve at Christchurch as a chairman and member of the partnering community in the law firm. He practiced as a commercial litigator and held several instructional programs in in trust and tax law. He also appeared in numerous court proceedings as a leading council. For over two years of his service, he was working the West British Indies as a commercial litigator. In 1999, he established his practice that covered numerous areas of law including tax and trust funds. The Cone Marshal Limited, his form, is the only law firm in New Zealand that deals in exclusive international tax and trust planning. The company provides trust and trustee management services through the affiliating companies.


New Zealand, in the recent coverage in the media, foreign trusts make the country sound like of the tax havens in the world. For this reason, many high-net-worth individuals would prefer this country for their complex financial deals because they think it is a tax haven. However, this country is not a tax have. The country has a complex tax schedule. For most, let’s deal with the big question in the air. New Zealand, like many other countries in the world, is not a tax haven. According to the OECD, there is a list of tax havens and their concerned characteristics that make the countries qualify as tax havens. New Zealand has never been, and is not, a tax haven. One of the major features that depict countries as tax havens is that they impose no taxes. According to your research, New Zealand is a full-service tax country. This disqualifies it from being a tax haven. Based on these grounds, the country is not a tax haven.


The transparency standard for tax shelters is that the countries that are not tax havens have a transparency policy to help them share information regarding fiscal matters in the country. One of the first countries to be listed as not-tax havens in OECD was New Zealand. The company has a substantial implementation of the agreed worldwide tax standard.


The best way we can see the country demonstrating leadership in transparency is in the requirements imposed on foreign trust funds. These trusts pay an enormous amount of tax in the country. The Former President of New Zealand, Michael Cullen, introduced the current working regulations in the country. A foreign trust in the country, starting from 2006, should present and account for all business dealings the do in the country. For every deal they make, they must pay tax. This includes distribute and settlement details, trust deeds, and liabilities.



Accolades for Jordan Thomas

According to a recent article that was published by PRI and newswire the second largest FCC whistleblower award has been granted. This substantial monetary award was granted to the SEC whistleblower and lawyer Jordan Thomas and his team for reported wrong doings in a very high profile case. The law firm was reportedly established as the nations first practice that was exclusively dedicated to represent the securities and exchange commission also known as the SEC. Now the SEC has been able to award upwards of more than $17 million to an individual whistleblower that was represented by that firm for their efforts to help expose a significant wrong doing or error in the financial services industry.

Jordan Thomas and SEC whistleblower her lawyer who also sits as the chair for the whistleblower representation practice was quoted in the article is saying “my client blew the whistle when others in the financial services industry were content to remain silent and allow investors to be harmed. In the coming years, I predict that many of the SEC’s largest and most significant cases will be the result of courageous whistleblowers. This is just the beginning.”

Thomas is firm has actually been around for quite some time now. They have been serving as one of the nations from your law firms for more than 50 years and have made comprehensive effort to represent institutional investors as well as other businesses and individual consumers and complicated securities and business type litigations. They were actually the very first law firm in the entire nation to go about is Stabley Shane a proactive is specifically focused on the protection and advocacy of whistleblowers who really calm forward to report the miss doings of others within the industry to the securities commission. They have built on their market leading platform on securities litigation and helped to serve as a hero to the heroes of the financial sector. They are consistent in remaining as one of the top plaintiff litigation firm that has continued to base their rankings and chambers and partners, the national logical plaintiffs hot list, benchmark litigation, and chambers and partners.

Due to their past, present, and predictable future successes both in and outside of the court room, it is easy to assume that this will not be the last that we hear of Jordan Thomas and his team. It is more than likely that they will continue to secure additional awards for all of their hard work and protecting those that are brave enough to blow the whistle to the SEC about Financial misconduct.

Why you Should Hire New York City Lawyer Ross Abelow

If you are based in New York or you have your business situated there, there are many reasons to be happy. New York City is a hub of activity and in such an environment, coming into contact with matters that have a legal bearing is not easy to avoid. If you or your business becomes entangled in legal matters, the good news is that New York City has some of the best lawyers you can ever work with. One such lawyer is Ross Abelow.


Abelow is a graduate from the Brooklyn Law School where he studied law. He practices various areas of law including family law, succession, commercial law and even entertainment law. As a lawyer who has been in practice for many years now, Abelow has the knowledge and experience to make your legal issues go away in no time. Here are some of the ways in which his services can be of help to you as an individual or a business owner.


As an individual you can use the services of Ross Abelow for family and succession law matters. Ross Abelow is a family lawyer who has helped many clients solve their matrimonial issues and live together or apart peacefully. He handles cases of separation, divorce, and the distribution of matrimonial property during divorce. He will not only help you go through the court processes when filing for a divorce, but he can also help you reach better terms outside court.


Apart from family law, Ross Abelow can also help you where you need legal information on how to enter into a contract with someone else or with another business. He will not only give you advice on how to draft a favorable contract but he will also help you include terms which will help you avoid liability or any costs should the contract get breached.


Apart from dealing with spouses and business owners, Abelow also handles matters in relation to the entertainment industry. He has clients who are entertainers or celebrities. His role is to help them seal deals in a legal manner and help them expand their businesses.


Abelow is also a philanthropist. He recently initiated a Go Fund Me campaign which raised money to help the animal shelters in New York City to take in more animals. The animals were left out in the cold because the shelters were full and congested. The money would go towards buying them food, bedding and medicine.