Michael Hagele is a Tech Enthusiast Bound by Nothing

When we talk about technology, nobody understands it better than Michael Hagele. He is a tech enthusiast who serves a consultant for various companies including research firms, design, and technology consulting companies, as well as the development institutions or organizations dealing with the latest trends in the field.

His experience springs from serving as a counselor for several industries and different venture capital companies. He helped the companies handle and manage things like intellectual property, as well as the policies governing corporations. Read more about Michael Hagele at ideamensch.com

He also was in charge of addressing gaps and issues in employment and provided guidance to smooth acquisitions and stock option strategies. This placed him at a better position where he is currently. He can comfortably provide consultation even to biotechnology giants, internet, aerospace and electronic companies across the Globe.

His career began when he worked at Fenwick and West LLP offices – the Licensing and Online Commerce Group in Silicon Valley. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Iowa and a J.D from the Berkeley’s University of California.

He is a man of many talents. Regarding technology licensing, bargain, drafting, distribution and any other development agreements involved in the field, he is the expert. Coupling with the commercial understanding of promotions and agreements, the stocks, and in-depth analysis of a broad range of technological portfolios, one can’t help but marvel at his capability.

In an interview, Michael Hagele notes that to bring ideas to life, one should never give up. He says that the best results might even materialize themselves before the thought process is complete. Whichever the case, he says challenging assumptions and integrating better ideas and grabbing every opportunity he gets has always worked for him.

He has developed a huge interest in genetic programming and Artificial Intelligence and the associated applications. His work on some of the projects utilizing the two are futuristic and he always ensures that funding of such projects is put to good use.

Michael Hagele’s advice as an entrepreneur is to put the customer first and better utilize the social media. This way, an investor can relate to existing and potential customers on a personal level. While at it, as he suggests, you can pitch new products and see how they are received in the market. The platform provides the best channel for business growth.

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