Securus helps in creating memories this Christmas season

It is quite challenging for families with some of their members as inmates. They never get to communicate with them frequently nor meet them often. Also, the inmates miss out on some of the families’ special moments. During festive seasons families remember, create and share both old and new memories. Some are forced to make long tiring trips and wake up early to queue in the prisons. All these is to keep in touch with their loved ones during this festive season of Christmas. Children reunite with parents as well as couples. This generates happiness and joy for both inmates and the family at large.


In 1986, an American based company, Securus Technologies was founded. It is well known for providing quality services and civil solutions. It serves law enforcement and correction agencies societies. It links technology to inmates and vital information to people running the correction agencies. Also, it provides communication services for family and friends with incarcerated members in multiple correction facilities. The company’s CEO reported of his business’ mission to meet their customer’s needs entirely.


Securus Technologies has launched a Video Visitation system. The software enables family members to make video calls to the inmates. With a relative in prison, I can call them when at home, in the office and feel connected to them. It is a service that the clienteles will cherish dearly especially during the holiday season. Christmas among other festive seasons is a period where inmates would love to spend longer time with their loved ones. However, they never get to enjoy this due to the limited time in the prison visits. This facility maintains the family bond and avoids hostility among inmates due to loneliness.


A demonstration video of this software was recently released on YouTube. A father whose desire is to be there for his child can make a video call with him. Connecting with family is a special moment in anyone’s life especially for children with parents behind bars. The young boy gets to open his Christmas gift with his father. Prison environments may not be the best for the children and Christmas would not feel complete when loved ones are far away. I feel Securus has met their pledge to offer satisfactory services to their customers. I recommend all walks of people to use the software. It is a user-friendly system, and they can schedule a time to communicate with their loved ones. Being a flexible system, they enjoy booking time around their personal schedules.

How FreedomPop Is Winning People Over

If you have a prepaid plan, you might pay a little less than you would if you have the advantage of a full contract, but you will have far fewer features, such as the potential upgrade your phone, add a line, and much more. This has left a massive gap in the market. One only needs to introduce a service to consumers that allows them to text, browse and make calls free of charge, and the market would be theirs. That is precisely what FreedomPop has done, offering 200 free text messages, minutes, and MB of data.

FreedomPop And WhatsApp
Now, FreedomPop is informally aligning with the fairly popular messaging app known as WhatApp. WhatsApp was bought and is now managed by Facebook. For that reason, they have had some trouble launching in eastern and European countries. But now that they are informally merging with FreedomPop, their service is available in Spain for free. People who download the FreedomPop app will have access to the WhatsApp messaging service. This will help the credibility of FreedomPop, and it will provide a great messaging platform for the people of Spain that has previously not been available to them.

Free Roaming
One of the frustrations that people have with their mobile carrier is that roaming will cost money. If they are outside of the range of a cell tower, they will have to pay extra. FreedomPop has quickly filled that void in the marketplace by offering free roaming. This is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and will soon be available in Spain as well once this informal merger has been finalized.

The alliance between companies such as FreedomPop and WhatsApp is important and could direct the future of the industry. When these powerful messaging apps offer free services that cell phone companies charge for, they will grab a share of the market for themselves. If you want to read more about this report, read the original report published by VentureBeat.

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