Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel Starts A Fundraising Initiative to Correct Mouth Deformity

Children in diverse parts of the world suffer mouth deformities. Unless an institution takes over to render help some children in rural areas many children live with these deformities for life. Operation smile has been providing medical aid to unprivileged children since its inception in 1982. The organization does not have a solid source of financing and largely relies on aid from well wishers.  Over 220,000 children have benefited from free surgical treatments advanced by the organization.

It was noble for Avi Weisfogel to start a fund raising initiative to support free surgical correction. He deposited $ 2000 to a fund raising campaign in which he is running. He stated that this was only the beginning. Every child has an inherent right to be ordinary and grow a healthy normal life like other children throughout the world. It would be unfortunate for a child to suffer permanently for a condition that can be easily corrected through a normal surgery. Avi Weisofogel is running his fund raising program through GoFundMe which is a crowd based fund raising platform. Being a dental professional he has come across the defect and he is too well aware that it can be corrected. Every year thousands of children are born with the deformity it is Avi Weisfogel hope and desire to help where he can and change their lives for the better.

Avi Weisfogel is a decorated dental practioner who achieved recognition in his town for his dedication and diligence. He does not take his profession lightly, seeking new ways and methods to perfect his trade. The dental profession is a very fragile profession that is wanting and demands utmost care so as to avoid injuring the patient; he took it to himself to educate other dentists to counter sleep disorders.

Doctors are supposed to have an inclination of helping others. Avi Weisfogel has reinforced this belief severally helping those in need. He is also a hardworking entrepreneur who started his own clinic in 2013. Through research and keen observations he has come with ingenious ways to cure, prevent and counter various sleep disorders.