How OSI Industries Went From A Butcher Shop To A Multinational Business

OSI Industries is an organization that has been innovating for over a century. This business started out as a small butcher shop on the streets of Chicago, Illinois, and today it has over 20,000 employees in 17 nations. It started out in 1909 as the small business of a German immigrant. He brought his sons into the fold when they were old enough. After the founder of this company, Otto Kolschowsky, retired his sons continued to run the company up through the 1970s.

One of the defining moments in this company’s history was when it was chosen to be the supplier of fresh beef to Mcdonald’s, at the time one of the first franchise businesses in the world and the very first fast food restaurant. They were supplying beef when the very first McDonald’s opened for business and as it rapidly spread throughout the region they continued to supply beef to all of the new franchises that were opening. It happened pretty quickly that supplying McDonald’s became the core business of OSI Industries.

Since that time in 1955 OSI Industries has developed partnerships with a lot more restaurants so it is not nearly as reliant on McDonald’s as they once were, although McDonald’s still makes up a big part of their business and they are proud suppliers to this day of protein to that multinational restaurant chain. They now have facilities in both Americas as well as Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

The current owner and CEO of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin, has focused on expanding both domestically and internationally ever since he got involved in this company in 1975. He recently bought a plant in Chicago that Tyson Foods was shutting down, for instance. He says that his company needed the additional production capacity in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Buying other companies in order to expand OSI Industries has also been in the cards for many years. Recent purchases include Flagship Europe which is a food processor out of the United Kingdom. They just recently renamed this Creative Foods Europe in order to better describe what this company offers.

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