Marc Beer and His Dream of Treating Pelvic Floor Disorders, At Renovia Inc

Pelvic floor disorders are underreported condition affecting quite many people. It can be embarrassing when one has urine incontinence, and people often fear exposing to doctors, or family members. Interestingly, the condition affects 250 million people in the world, of whom a quarter are women. One man has been proactive in creating solutions to address the problem of pelvic floor disorders. The co-founder, Chairman, and C.E.O of Renovia, Marc Beer has demonstrated the depth of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical devices and diagnosis. Before founding Renovia in 2016, Marc had an illustrious career at Via Cell where he led the company to rapid growth. Within seven years, it was listed in the second largest Capital stock market in the world NASDAQ as VIAC. The innovation of biotechnology to develop, collect and preserve blood stem cells emanating from umbilical cord earned Beer a great honor. He now brings outstanding innovation skills to Renovia with a vision to bring hope to more than 250 million people affected by pelvic disorders around the world.

Renovia is a Boston based health startup dedicated to develop and commercialize digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices. The purpose of the devices and apps is to help women rehabilitate and train weal pelvic floor muscles. With the apps, the patients can monitor and control the condition, including urine incontinence. Renovia leverage on technology to enhance interactions and user-friendliness, and guide women in pelvic floor movements. The success of Renovia would not be possible, were it not for the support of executives, notably Marc Beer. Learn more:

Marc Beer ability to marshal resources was witnessed after raising a record of $42 million to enable the Leva programs to kick off. Out of the funds, $32 million was obtained from series B round of funding from like-minded health care investors including the Ascension Ventures of Missouri as well as Perceptive Advisors of New York while $10 is a venture in debt. He was very impressed by the support he received and intends to come up with new treatment options by combing innovation and sensor technology. Marc Beer has been instrumental in overseeing commercial approval of innovative healthcare solutions. The approval of the first Renovia product Leva, in April 2018 by the Food and Drug Administration is an encouraging start to the programs. The leva Pelvic Digital Health System is a pelvic trainer with visualization technology that restores the muscles responsible for continence in the pelvic floor area.

Marc Beer sets his short-term goals along with what he would like to achieve eventually. Like the CEO of Renovia, he purposes to restore Women Pelvic Muscles by offering solutions that will treat Pelvic disorders, and reduce the cost of health care as a long-term goal. Through an app fed with the appropriate data, women shall be able to understand their pelvic condition, and the treatment required.