How to manage online reputation

Online reputation management is a very important part of business. It is crucial for businesses of all sizes to constantly monitor where their pages appear on search engines. reveals that the top few results are usually the most popular and reliable. your average researcher is not likely to go very far down the first page and several people won’t even click over to the next page. In a fast paced society it is important to have a brand name and good public image at the top of search engines.

In addition businesses managing their online reputation, it is also important for citizens to watch their social networking accounts and what they post online. One bad or controversial image could ruin an employment opportunity. Many companies have been a lot stricter about back ground checks and employee searches. It is common for employers to search potential employees names on Google to see what pops up. Anyone can protect themselves by doing the same searches and monitoring what is being posted about them, or better yet, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your family or relatives to see.

The first step to assessing and managing your online appearance is to Google yourself. Be sure to search the exact name that people know you by and would search. There may be several inaccurate pages coming up if a name is misspelled or a nickname is typed in the search bar.

Next is to assess and measure how your page ranks compared to other pages. Take a note of what kinds of pages appear before yours and what content is on those pages. Try very hard to get the page to at least appear on the first page of results. It is best to be at least top five or you run the risk of losing so much exposure.

Lastly, it is time to sit down and make a future plan. How are you going to keep moving the page up and holding a spot on the first page? How can you demote the false and harmful information? Be sure that keywords stay relevant and all the content posted is up to date and accurate.


Darius Fisher Always Delivers

Status Labs is trusted with a lot when it comes to digital reputation, as they are in charge of 1500 clients in 35 countries. That is a lot to handle and a lot on someone’s plate. However, Darius Fisher and his team at Status Labs are up for the challenge. In fact, they embrace it and they look forward to it. They know it is their job, and it is a job they take incredibly seriously. They do not rest on their laurels and they do not take it easy. They want even more clients in even more countries. They are never content and never satisfied. They also pride themselves on always delivering, as that is the Darius Fisher way.

They use marketing and PR and they use it to their advantage. Just about everything and anything is online and digital these days. There are even talks that physical media might be going the way of the video store. Because of this, people can access things at a quicker rate. They are able to access things at a rate that some thought was out of reach. This is both good and bad. If someone wants to show their work or what they have done, it is only a click away and that is a good thing. However, sometimes there might be someone out there that is jealous and they are focused on bringing that person down with bad news, bad press, and saying the most awful things about them, things that have no semblance in reality or the truth.

Darius Fisher takes pride in protecting the innocent and making sure someone has good PR, good marketing, and they are able to build their brand. He is all about building that rapport with the client. That is why it was wonderful to hear he received the 2016 PR World Awards® Business Development Individual of the Year for his work as co-founder and president of Status Labs. Whenever someone does the kind of work he does and puts in the kind of hours he does, they deserve to be recognized by the those in the know.

An Evangelicals Review: Donald Trump’s Online Reputation

Evangelicals are a major voting block in the United States. The Republican party in particular has a strong evangelical membership that often has a major say in determining who the Republican nominee for president will be. This year the Republican nominee is Donald Trump. A major reason why Trump has been able to clinch the Republican nominee without the need for a convention has been the positive online reputation review he has with many evangelicals.

Why have many evangelicals backed Donald Trump? Mr. Trump has a reputation of being honest and doing what is best for the country. Many evangelicals are willing to overlook Trump’s brashness and outspokenness right now because they believe that the United States now needs a strong leader to guide it in the right direction. Enter Donald Trump in the narrative who has a reputation for strong leadership. The consensus of evangelicals now is less about social issues and more about political and economic issues that they believe someone with a reputation like Donald Trump can best solve. It will be interesting to see in the coming months if Trump decides to go with an online reputation company like Five Blocks to help clean up his name.

On the other hand, not all evangelicals are on board with Donald Trump being the nominee of the Republican party. His reputation as somewhat of a strongman and bully has led <a href=””>some evangelicals to question if he is suitable to president</a>. However, the number of Evangelicals opposed to Trump is very small. The great majority of evangelicals are firmly behind trump even if he does not espouse their moral or religious views. Healing the country comes first, then come social and religious issues.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event that takes place in January in Las Vegas, revealed the current and future of technology for the next four decades. What’s most current and advanced is there, and as reported by the website CNET, CES 2016 did not change the world, but showed how much change there is in the world. According to executive of Banco BMG Marcio Alaor, the event this year was headlining a drone with room for a passenger, electric cars, and cameras attached to everyday objects that will change the way we interact in our homes.

The Drone Ehanng 184

Drones were the main attraction at CES 2016, but the most acclaimed was the Ehang 184. The drone is designed for a passenger and gives us the belief that flying cars have finally arrived. Because it is a drone, it is not necessary or possible to fly it. Just pre-program the path, sit back, and enjoy the trip. “For now, it has the flight capacity of only 23 minutes,” said Marcio Alaor BMG, “and reaches a maximum height of 3.5 kilometers.” The drone is manufactured by the Chinese corporation Ehang, which continues to work on the invention. “Your biggest concern is security,” said Marcio Alaor, executive of Banco BMG. “Therefore, the Chinese company is working to set up a control center to take control of the drone when needed.” Watch the video made ​​by the company:

Electric cars

Electric cars were also an attraction at the electronics fair and apparently the trend of the current automotive sector. Confirmed by Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG, the company General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Bolt in 2017 in its final version. The car will be available by the end of this year at a starting price of $30,000. See more about the car at the website. Ford and Volkswagen are also putting stock into electric cars and showed prototypes, confirming the increased number of these vehicles on the market in years ahead. Ford has announced plans to put 13 hybrid cars on the market in 2020, while Volkswagen decided to reinvent its classic Kombi with an electric prototype. Imagine never having to search for a gas station. It may happen.

Smart home

Also new were cameras connected to objects. They are attached to everything. For example, in the refrigerator. “If you’re in the grocery store and don’t remember if you have to buy milk, your refrigerator will send a photo of its interior and the problem will be solved,” says Marcio Alaor, executive of Banco BMG. The Samsung brand refrigerator will cost about $ 5,000.


The first CES took place in New York City in 1967. Since then, many devices used by us were presented first hand at the event. Some examples include: the VCR at CES 1970, the Compact Disc Player, presented in 1981, the DVD in 1996, plasma television in 2001, and Blu-Ray DVDs in 2003. The CES 2017 already has a date and will be between January 5-8 next year again in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Marcio Alaor is Director and Vice President at the BMG Group/Banco BMG, one of the most prestigious banks in Brazil and Latin America. Banco BMG is a major sponsor of Brazilian football and prints the uniforms of 39 clubs, as well as three men’s and two women’s teams of Superleague volleyball, three basketball teams, fighter Vitor Belfort. and gymnast Jade Barbosa.

Alaor has been member of the Board of Executive Officers at Banco BMG since 2008 and Vice-President since 2001. He started his career at Banco BMG in 1977 and became its Control Executive Director in 1999.

One Rash Moment Shouldn’t Ruin a Reputation

Mistakes have a way of sticking around, according to Melissa Click, a University of Missouri professor. Click granted an interview to USA Today about a reputation tarnishing video that was leaked in November 2015. Click was filmed at a protest asking for journalists to be forcibly removed. Now seen as an enemy of First Amendment rights, Click’s career is at a stand still as she was suspended pending an investigation. Full of regret for a rash action, Click is attempting to undo the damage by a strategic public relations campaign. In the interview, Click states she does not want one bad decision to end her career and wants to make amends. A firm rooted in second chances, Status Labs is helping Click regain her good online reputation.
The firm based out of Austin, Texas has grown exponentially in the few years since it was founded in 2012. As the need grows for online reputation management, Status Labs has many clients worldwide. Part of a positive marketing campaign is to address the reputation destroying moments publicly and offer explanations and apologies.
The firm’s founder, Darius Fisher has expertise in the marketing field and has worked on political campaigns making candidates shine. He has taught seminars at marketing conferences based on his expertise. A recent conference, the Impact15 marketing conference, featured Fisher as a main speaker discussing the importance of Google as a first impression. Most people these days Google everything; therefore, if the first results are negative that is the first impression people get. Knowing how the internet and technology works as well as understanding how people think is why Status Labs is becoming a giant in reputation management. With clients from every background, Status Labs can work with celebrities as well as small town businesses. The firm offers free consultations through the website.