Spark Tank

Marc Sparks Has Created A Competition Set Up For Non-Profits

Marc Sparks is well known as a successful businessman, and he leads a company, called Timber Creek Capital. In addition, Marc Sparks is very well known for having business ideas that are beneficial to the public.

He also has become extremely widely known as a philanthropist, and he has done a great deal to give back to the community of Dallas, Texas, where he resides. One organization that he set up, The Samaritan Inn, has been beneficial to the lives of many people in need.

Now, he has created a competition for the owners of organizations with the power to create social change, called the Spark Tank. The company that wins the competition gains five thousand dollars in funding, along with the distinction of winning the competition.

The organizations that are accepted into the competition are ones that have the power to benefit the public in some fashion. In order to be accepted into the competition, organizations have to meet several different requirements. Once accepted, there are a number of different aspects of the competition.

In order to compete in the Spark Tank competition, all businesses have to be certified as 501c3 organizations. These organizations are all non-profit organizations. However, some non-profit organizations aren’t able to compete in Spark Tank.

The organization has to have had a history of being active, at least for a couple of years. Also, the organization must not be a PAC (political action organization), a national charity, or an organization with a religiously based goal. In addition to organizations that are set up to help people, organizations that are set up for the rights of animals also can be a part of the Spark Tank competition.

When organizations sign up to be in the competition, they give their ideas to those in charge of the competition. However, only three of the organizations that apply will be allowed to be part of the competition. Then, the three organizations that get chosen are able to present the ideas that they have.

The presentation of the ideas must be done within ten minutes or less. After the presentations are all complete, the winner of the competition is chosen.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

While the amount of money that the winner has access to may seem relatively small, it does have the ability to assist many organizations. In fact, the 5,000 dollars can be used to do a lot of important things for an organization. A non-profit organization that Marc Sparks founded, The Samaritan Inn, used an amount of money this small to do a lot of things.