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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Shares His Photography Tips

Most modern smartphone cameras are designed to provide a seamless experience on Facebook. Still, there are some of the most important basic tips that we forget when taking pictures. Accordingly, here are ten simple strategies to improve your next shot.

1. Modern smartphones are well-equipped to handle most types of photos, therefore, it is better to take your time to get the best shot.

2. Most basic photography classes teach about the composition function. Basically, these five elements are texture, symmetry, pattern, lines and depth of field says Figueroa. Do yourself a favor by spending 10 minutes reading about these to improve your photography.

3. By zooming on the target, you can get a clear and bright picture. If you don’t have the zoom function, try to get as close to the subject as possible.

4. Most of us try to use the flash anytime we take pictures. Try to take a picture without a flash, whenever possible, because flash can create strange shadows and highlights.

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5. If your smartphone does not have enough functions to improve the photo, try installing a good third-party camera app. You will be surprised by the improved results.

6. Most of us never read the camera manual on At least, make it a priority to read the owner’s manual whenever you buy the camera because it will give you a lot of tips that you missed.

7. If possible, don’t change the HDR, High Dynamic Range, function of your camera because it will affect your pictures. Only if you are a professional or want to experiment with pictures, it is practical to switch off the HDR.

8. Don’t overuse the filter in the camera. Despite the fact that these filters may help achieve better results, only use them if you have specific theme in mind.

9. Learn to edit or watch an online video because a simple edit of the photo can do wonders to the final results.

10. Most importantly, keep the lens clean because there may be countless invisible stains in the lens that may affect your picture taking abilities.

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Adrián is a native Venezuelan entrepreneur who fell in love with Panama. Currently, he holds five prominent positions in the country guiding multiple companies in various matters related to business and finance. He is also very fond of helping young entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish their own businesses. In Panama, Figueroa is also actively assisting business communities to develop partnership with local and international companies.

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