The EU Cannot Afford To Dismiss George Soros’ Wishes For The Ukraine

Ukraine wants to join the European Union, which would solidify the country’s status as a sovereign state, and allow it to stand firmly with other European nations while Ukrainian separatists are encouraging Putin’s military forays. George Soros argues that the EU should give Russia’s aggression their full attention, however, other issues, such as the Syrian migration crisis, are competing for the EU’s attention.

George Soros sees a new pro-European Ukraine, a nation embracing democracy and modernization, and quite different than the old Ukraine. Admitting that the new Ukraine still faces many challenges, from entrenched bribery to Putin’s efforts to destabilize the nation, Soros still believes Ukraine deserve financial support from Europe. With Ukraine’s extensive monetary oversight reforms and willingness to allow the International Monetary Fund to continue monitoring the sums, Soros may very well get his wish to see at least $15 billion in assistance go to the Ukraine. He hopes that the EU will not repeat what it did in Greece, making loans with high interest rates that were too small to affect change and then taking over the reforms. Even though the IMF made several small infusions of cash to Ukraine, the nation is still in a precarious financial situation.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

As Chairman of the Open Society Foundation, Soros is in a unique position, as he sees fist-hand how slow democracies are to move, even on important issues. The EU is not one, but many democracies, and they have multiple crises to attend to now. Some view Ukraine’s entrance into the EU as pulling Western nations into a military conflict with Russia, however, Soros is advocating peaceful sanctions. George Soros does see Ukraine is a top priority since it is an effective buffer between the EU and Russia, and Soros also believes a stronger Ukraine, with a well funded military is a better alternative than the EU entering into the battle with Russia. If Ukraine defends itself, it is essentially protecting all of Western Europe.

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