Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who is internationally known.


As a child in Palestine, Saad’s mother was told to immediately board a bus with her children.


The woman thought that she would soon be returning back to the comfort of her own home.


She was wrong.


Saad and his mother never saw their home again.


When Dr. Saad’s father caught wind of this, he did all that he could to reunite with his family, including spending hours searching for them before finally paying a boat owner a large sum of money to transport him across the river so that he could again be with his family.


After this event, Saad Saad’s dad told him something that he would remember for the rest of his life: they were people who had been thrown out of their homeland for no fault of their own.


The silver lining, however, was the fact that Saad could grow up to be whatever he wanted to be if he worked hard enough and educated himself well.


During Saad’s teen years, in the mid 1960s, Saad and his brother made their way to a construction site.


This work site was located in Kuwait, which is a country that is known for being unbearably hot in the summer time.


Saad can attest to the brutal heat because it caused him to pass out.


He realized that the high temperature had caused him to have a heat stroke.


He told himself that physical labor was not for him and determined in his mind to work a career that would keep him in a comfortable environment.


The only air conditioned work space that was available at the time was the operating room, so Saad set to work on becoming a pediatric surgeon.


After years of schooling, he reached his goal.


He even set out to do something that not many surgeons succeeded at: becoming board certified in the U.S.


This was quite the task, as many surgeons who sought this certification had failed.


However, Saad believes in not settling for anything less than his goal.


He became a U.S. Board Certified pediatric surgeon and the first one to ever speak both English and Arabic.


Because he was fluent in Arabic, he was hired to care for the children of the royal Saudi family.


Dr. Saad Saad would go on to do more remarkable and inspiring things, such as inventing two new medical devices.


His devices would make surgery easier and more non-invasive for doctors and recovery time swifter and less painful for patients.


If Dr. Saad could go back in time to give his younger self a piece of advice, it would be that reaching your dreams is not impossible if you are consistent enough. Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad