End Citizens United – Working Towards Making Elections Fair And Just, The Way It Is Meant To Be

It is a widely known fact that the election campaigns, whether it is regional or Presidential, are funded primarily by the high net worth individuals, industrialists and large scale corporations. In the verdict given by the Supreme Court of the United States in 2010 in a case between Citizen United and Federal Election Commission, it further made it easier for the corporations to funnel endless amount of money to the elections without any restrictions.

The union groups, private and public organizations and other major businesses made its way on the top list of political spenders through this decision. Such large amounts of funds diverted to the elections are not without purpose. It is well-known that the political leaders, once elected, have to bend the rules and amend laws and make decisions for these corporations that funded the election and rooted for the leader. It creates a mass conflict of interest, where the particular section of the elite class gets benefitted while the majority of the country’s population suffer or get neglected.

The End Citizens United PAC is entirely funded by the people of the country in a drive to overhaul the verdict of the Supreme Court. It aims to stop the overflowing funds to the elections and make it fair and just so that the interest of the people of the country is not compromised due to the substantial monetary contributions made by the corporations and for-profit companies. End Citizens United PAC is working towards making the political funding fair and transparent and put a limit to how much an individual or a corporation can fund these elections. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

It believes that the existing funding system has many gaps that need to be filled and it can only happen when the people of the country come together and sign the petition it has filed. End Citizens United PAC has filed a petition that has already been signed by over 325,000 people across the nation, and the number keeps on increasing with time as more and more people get aware of the discrepancies in the current funding system.

End Citizens United PAC has collected over $2 Million in funds from the everyday people across the country and aims to raise a total of $25 million soon. It has been running a very successful drive and marketing campaign online and offline from the time it launched and has received tremendous public support. The average donation that the PAC has been receiving is $14.86 and Richard Carbo, communications director for End Citizens United, believes that figure is going to rise soon.

End Citizens United PAC aims to bring a stop to the current funding system wherein money is continuously funneled into the elections without any restrictions or limitations. It seeks to make the elections fair and just for the interest of the people.

Visit their website on endcitizensunited.org