Florida’s Education Reform Program Is The major Success Of The Work Of Dick DeVos

Around 30 years ago Dick and Betsy DeVos began touring schools in the Michigan area seeking to explore them many educational options open to them for their own school age children; 30 years later and now retired from his role with AmWay I was pleased to read about the continued efforts of Dick DeVos in the area of education reform. Dick continues to fight for eductaion reforms to add to the programs in 17 states across the U.S. that allow school vouchers and choice to be used by all parents within their jurisdictions; an interview with Betsy DeVos in Philanthropy Roundtable gave me a better insight into the thoughts and ambitions of the DeVos family in terms of education reform across the U.S. In my own view, and in that of Betsy DeVos the major leaps forward made in education reform in the state of Florida will be the main legacy of Dick in the future as over 50,000 children now attend the school chosen by their parents for them based on an educational choice program. Dick has been a major supporter of Republican politicians and conservative cause, but I was pleased to hear both he and Betsy DeVos are willing to cross party lines, as they did in Florida, to make sure as much support is found as possible for the educational reforms they have backed for more than three decades.


I have always been impressed with the business choices made by Dick DeVos over the course of his career, including his first executive role with the AmWay Group that saw him increase international trade for the company from five percent to over 50 percent of business. Wikipedia provides information on the career of Dick DeVos, and gave me the chance to discover the important works Dick DeVos has completed since he began working with AmWay in the 1970s. Dick believes the community should have the best possible options in all aspects of life and took it upon himself to head up the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan that looked to fill the hole left by the decision of many airlines to leave the area. These roles have impressed me greatly as I have looked in more depth into the life and good works of this Grand Rapids, Michigan native.