Francisco Domenech & All of His Extraordinary Work

Francisco Domenech is the former director of the Legislative Services in Puerto Rico. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 29. 1978. He grew up in Florida and he attended catholic school as a child and adolescent. He went to college at the University of Puerto Rico to get his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Political Science.

Then later on he went back to get his doctorate degree in Political Science as well. He comes from a family that is rooted in Puerto Rico and that also served as advocates for their people. is very involved in helping out and fighting for the rights of others. He is an advocate for making Puerto Rico the 51st State in the United States, and he is also an advocate for a group called Young Advocates of America. He has served in this group for many years and two of those years have been as a the vice president. He started his own business and it is called Politank.

Politank serves as a way to be able to bridge the gap between the government and business. This firm helps business be exposed to different opportunities as well as help them overcome challenges and obstacles that are thrown their way. Since Politank is minority owned, he is a person who strives to be able to represent everyone the correct, respectful way. This firm has also been able to represent companies that have been on Fortune 100. Their mission is to be able to have that connection and relationship with the government and the businesses that are located in Puerto Rico.

This is something important that needs to be done because there was a time back in 2015 where over 50,000 people had to leave Puerto Rico because they had to search for better opportunities. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico, was not being able to provide them with such. Francisco Domenech has been a great advocate for those in Puerto Rico and has been able to open a lot of doors. His hard work and determination should be looked up to and admired.

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