Jay-Z Throws Birthday Party for Juan “OG” Perez

Whenever Jay-Z does something he always ensures that it will be as extravagant as possible. The birthday party that he threw for Juan “OG” Perez was no different. Juan “OG” Perez is the current president of Roc Nation Sports, which makes him Jay-Z’s business partner, as well as his friend. It is estimated that Jay-Z spent approximately $113,000 on a recent birthday party for Perez. Naturally, the money was not all spent in one place. Though only a few people attended the celebration the dinner for Juan “OG” Perez cost nearly $13,000 with an additional $9,000 being spent on drinks. The bulk of the expenses, nearly $91,000, for the party were incurred later in the evening in the form of a nightclub tab.

For those who cannot imagine that it is possible to spend $113,000 on a birthday party, a quick look at exactly how the money was spent wills how just how easy it is to spend this much. The evening began at the popular New York City sushi restaurant Zuma. A combination of world class steak, sushi, and lobster for Juan “OG” Perez easily cost $13,000 considering the quality of the food ordered. The $9,000 spent on drinks also makes sense, because the party was consistently ordering expensive D’USSÉ Cognac for the duration of the dinner. Finally, the evening ended at Playroom Nightclub, where the small party ordered forty bottles of champagne. However, the entire bill was not entirely spent on champagne. Over $6,000 went to taxes and another $11,000 was paid as gratuity to the nightclub staff. Juan “OG” Perez spent his fiftieth birthday in luxury that most people could not even fathom, thanks to his friend and business partner, Jay-Z.