Keith Mann And Young Entrepreneurs

An idea only has a little bit of value if it does not express itself or come into fruition in some way. A brilliant idea can sometimes be forgotten, overwhelmed by other worldly cares and concerns. However, if that idea is carried by a talented individual, it could literally change the course of history. The modern era is the exemplar of the power of a good idea that was brought to fruition by talented individuals. The modern person lives surrounded by technology and comfort. If there is a talented person who has a mind for business and creativity, they should be sought out. That is Keith Mann’s mission. That is why he has established a scholarship for high school students who live in Brooklyn.

Partnering with Uncommon Charter High School, he is implementing this scholarship in one high school so that he can identify the student who he believes has the most potential. In a low-income situation, students with potential for creativity and business are often forgotten. They fade into irrelevancy and their potential is wasted. But while it is wasted, the future prosperity of the city of Brooklyn dwindles as well. An individual who can contribute something to society is thrown into poverty and crime, only to waste his or her life. That is why Keith Mann has established this scholarship.

Who Is Keith Mann?
Success did not come easily to Mr. Mann. He had to struggle for years to overcome the trials of life. He had many of the same barriers that burden entrepreneurs all over the world. Today, he is the founder and CEO of a very successful business. His experience has taught him that far too many students are left behind or face insurmountable obstacles that need to be overcome. He is using his success to help young and talented individuals to overcome the burdens that prevent success.


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  1. Amina Hector says:

    There are far too many students who have potential that do not need to be left behind by the system. So, he is offering a scholarship to a Bachelor’s Degree program to one talented student every year. It can also be that dissertations writing will be used by them well enough to get this viewed all the time.

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