Kendall Long, Academy of Art Alum, Becomes Heartbreaker on Bachelor in Paradise

The Academy of Art University is a San Francisco-based art school. It offers in-person, international and online courses, depending on the needs of each student. It accepts people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

The Academy’s alumni go on to jobs at big media companies, like DreamWorks, Blizzard and Lucasfilm. Their designs, creations and talents bring them into the international spotlight – including Kendall Long, who became a fan-favorite on The Bachelor in Paradise.

Kendall is a very capable woman. She graduated from the Academy with a degree in multimedia communications, one of the many majors the Academy offers. They offer courses for people going into the entertainment, fine art, fashion, game and design industries. In addition to her degree, Kendall was involved in the school’s athletic program, the Urban Knights. She ran track.

The Bachelor in Paradise began airing on August 7th, and Kendall quickly stole audiences’ hearts. It’s no surprise how popular she became, considering her fun-loving personality and tact. During a confrontation with her nemesis Krystal Nielson, Kendall took the high road, earning herself even more fans.

It was during this first season that Kendall and “Grocery Store Joe” began their romance. The two have been spending a lot of time together, even after the shoot wrapped in June. Either they’re very committed to their roles, or something else blossomed.

Joe made some curious comments during the season wrap-up, which have left viewers wondering the true nature of his relationship with Kendall. Couple that with clues from social media, and there’s a very strong case for their romantic involvement.

Fans will be thrilled with this development, tuning in eagerly to see how this relationship develops. Kendall and Joe are a good match – they’re good-hearted, down-to-earth people, who deserve a happily ever after.

Even if it ultimately doesn’t work, Kendall has shown that she will be civil about it. Romantic or not, Kendall and Joe will likely remain friends for a long time.

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