Martin Luther King Day and The Frontera Fund

Martin Luther King Day is on March 15 and it is a nationally recognized holiday for the best-known figure from the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King was a pastor from Alabama who was indirectly chosen to lead this movement. He got involved in the fight for Civil Rights in 1955 shortly after Rosa Parks was arrested. He helped to organize and lead a bus boycott that kick started the Civil Rights.

After the bus boycott ended in 1956, King was officially a major figure in this movement. King’s involvement in the Civil Rights era allowed the movement to become an international experience. He was more than just a gifted pastor and speaker; King was a brilliant man who even won the Noble Peace Prize for his work during this movement.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created the Frontera Fund they created this financial support for organizations committed to protecting people’s rights.

In 2007 these men were both wrongfully imprisoned by a corrupt sheriff from Arizona named Joe Arpaio. Larkin and Lacey are the owners of the Phoenix Times News which is a newspaper publication.

They ran a story about the corrupt practices of Sheriff Apriao and the law enforcement officer decided to have them arrested. He came to their homes in the middle of the night and took them both away. Both men spent less than 24 hours in jail before being released.

There was a huge public outcry at what the sheriff had done. Soon, both men were awarded a huge $3.7 million-dollar award was given to them which they used to start the Frontera Fund.

Larkin and Lacey understand the importance of Civil Rights. They also understand how important it is for immigrants to have rights and for American citizens to have constitutional rights. Rights are necessary because they help people to live their lives with justice, equality and freedom.

These concepts are essential for American people. These are the very same ideas that the founding father wanted for all people who were considered citizens of this country.

Martin Luther King Day is an important one for many political, social and human rights organizations. They understand the importance of his work and how it relates to their own struggles in modern times. King’s sacrifice and commitment to the Civil Rights era helped to pave the way for people today.

Not only did African American people benefit from his work; but European Americans, Latino Americans and Asian Americans all benefited as well. Many of the organizations supported by the Frontera Fund will pay homage to Martin Luther King and the work he has done for this nation and the world.

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