Mathew Fleeger: A Successful CEO

Mathew Fleeger us the founding father and chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. Initially, he studied business administration from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. After this, he utilized his knowledge, experience, and capital by serving to take the executive posts in different gas and oil companies.

Gulf Coast Western also known as Joint Ventures is the collaborator group of oil and gas partnerships. The main objective of it is to bring together talent, experience, resources, and technology to discover, access and acquire the reserves of gas and oil located in the Gulf region of United States of America.

Mathew Fleeger gives equal credit for the company’s achievements to its joint partner and takes pride in the mutual respect, trust and success they have. Wells which are recently discovered are expected to generate approximately 800 barrels of oil on a daily basis. Gulf Coast Western is also planning on establishing offset wells so that the production potential may be enhanced.

For the Bonanza Project, the company has also gained access to the proprietary 3D seismic data which covers the land of around 42 square miles across Orbit development area. Successful working on this project will bring an increased production rate along with lots of assets and money.

Moreover, Gulf Coast Western holds 50 percent shares in salt water disposal assets. The company has also bought 25 percent of working interest in every well that is drilled in Wilcox formation. The company focuses to invest and initiate activities in areas which are located in the Gulf Coast because these areas are most of the times rich in gas and oil reserves. These areas offer a potential chance of success.

Therefore, Gulf Coast West prefers to work in success guarantying regions. In the future, under the leadership of Mathew, the company is looking forward to expanding their business in various areas of United States of America.