NewsWatch TV Helps Companies Through Their High Quality Reviews

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet is the marketing director for Avanca. When recently asked about her experience with NewsWatch TV, she proudly boasted that they were a professional company that greatly contributed to Avanca’s successful IndieGoGo campaign. NewsWatch TV helped market their IndieGoGo project by reviewing it and airing the review on national television. The campaign ended up making nearly a half million dollars. That’s over twenty nine times their funding goal. The aforementioned project wasn’t Avanca’s first time working with NewsWatch TV. In fact, not only have they worked with NewsWatch TV on an earlier project, but they have been so impressed by NewsWatch and the results that they bring that Avanca is currently using their marketing services on a third project.

NewsWatch TV is a television program that had humble beginnings in 1990 as a monthly show that focused on finances. In the years that followed, NewsWatch TV expanded and began doing reviews of technological gadgets, celebrity interviews, news about the government, and they even started covering major medical news.

The show is aimed a lot more at consumers and those seeking entertainment these days. Due to that, they have become an award winning show with a considerable following. Companies often enlist their services to help market their services, but NewsWatch TV upholds strict standards and all of the services that they agree to review must first pass through an approval process to ensure that NewsWatch TV viewers are only getting accurate and meaningful information.

In recent years the show has collected multiple awards for producing excellent programming. They won both the gold and platinum Marcom awards, a Videographer Award, and they even won a silver Telly award. These awards are proof of their growth as a program, their dedication to quality content, and the value they bring to American viewers.