Online Dating: Skout, No Lookup Hook-ups?

Is Skout really the top trending social networking app for dating? Today, traditional dating scene presents a host of challenges. Even if relationship seekers want nothing but an amicable friendship, it’s a trying occupation. I’ve encountered my fair share of disappointment and unhealthy dating experiences. While I’m not a fan of the cruel lessons it’s taught me, I’m also acknowledging that it’s steered me in the right direction. Online dating gives me a greater sense of control over relationships. What’s more, it extends a convenience that the traditional dating scene doesn’t. With Skout, building friendships couldn’t be any safer and easier. Chiefly, it’s a location-based community that encourages friend finder relationships and casual chats, although it’s become a virtual utopia for meaningful matchmaker dating lately. Of course, Skout members usually start out as friends before building long-term relationships.

Skout extends an official in-browser platform. Additionally, members can download Skout for iOS and Android. The mainstream services of Skout is to discover friends nearby, connect and share photos. Got Facebook? Skout allows Facebook sign-up for a frustration-free registration. What’s more, traditional profile creation requires minimal effort and basic information. The home screen simply displays a grid of potential friends nearby. It allows admirable gestures such as sending a wink, chat invite or virtual gift to engage a stranger. Skout alerts members when someone added as a favorite comes online. What about unwelcomed friendships? Skout “report and block them” commands take the frustration out of communication.

“Shake-to-chat” lets me invite random strangers to chat. With the “Buzz” command, I can read social feeds that show recent activities of either favorite profiles, local connections or friends. “Look-at-me” redeems accrued points to increase user visibility through a bidding system. Skout offers a paid and free subscription, but many activities require points using an in-app currency. Members can earn redeemable points from participating in certain activities or making in-app purchases. Christian Wiklund, Skout’s chief executive looks to stepped social networking engagements with the recent acquisition of Nixter. The nightlife events social networking platform let party seekers discover upcoming engagements, purchase tickets, arrange VIP accommodations or explore guest appearances. While the two will operate independently, Wiklund looks to complement Skout experiences with Nixter energetic nightlife solutions.

Portia Kersten, Skout CFO (Chief Financial Officer) joined the HuffPost Business magazine team last spring for an interview. The influential female executive spoke at length about her position at Skout and how she balances both worlds. Today, Skout runs the largest social networking community bringing new friends together. Its operation extends to a global audience, although it initially targeted U.S.-based connections.

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Racist Remarks by George Gascon

George Gascon is being accused of making racist remarks while he was police chief in San Francisco. He is now the District Attorney. While he was police chief, he talked about the minority groups in the city while conversing with members of the Police Officers Association. There were also text messages exchanged where Gascon discussed minorities. When Gascon was police chief, he promoted very few people who were in minority groups, especially African Americans.

In today’s society, there are still people who feel that minorities receive more than they should, but it’s not a reason to dislike them. An official in the city who leads others is a person who should be supportive of every race as he is sworn to serve and protect. He is not sworn to divide the city based on race or exchange racist comments with union leaders and other officers. If there were others talking about different races, then they would probably face some kind of persecution in the form of members of the race beating someone or making sure their voices are heard in regards to their opinions. These are the actions that lead to murders. Police officers shouldn’t be the ones who start the conversations that lead to murders and other crimes that relate to African Americans and other races.


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Fabletics Is A Great Place To Buy Clothes

Fabletics talked to Marie Claire on, and they shared their information about their brand. Fabletics sort of touched off the athleisure craze, and now everyone is wearing what Fabletics started with. Kate Hudson was the person who decided it was time to dress in athleisure, and she created Fabletics that is for busy moms and women who are on a schedule.

There are a lot of people who can try out the full Wikipedia article for the first time when they subscribe, and they will have the clothes that they need to get ready every day. There are some things that women need to do to find all the kinds of that they need to be successful. They need to get dressed fast, and their clothes still need to look good. These women will have something to toss on every day, and they will love that they can get dressed fast.

Women who want to make sure that they have the best clothes will find out that they can get the right colors and styles for their bodies. They can easily get dressed in the morning, and they will look stunning even if they are in something simple like tights and a nice top just using Fabletics clothes. They can change around their clothes as much as they want, and they will be able to use the clothes to get into the gym and get their burn.

These brands will be much harder to do, but they will be able to have Fabletics in their closet filling out their wardrobe. The women who are very concerned about how they will look can go with Fabletics because it makes them look great and feel great. These clothes are easy to buy, and the vision for the company makes it such that any woman benefits when they are buying the brand.

Why you Should Hire New York City Lawyer Ross Abelow

If you are based in New York or you have your business situated there, there are many reasons to be happy. New York City is a hub of activity and in such an environment, coming into contact with matters that have a legal bearing is not easy to avoid. If you or your business becomes entangled in legal matters, the good news is that New York City has some of the best lawyers you can ever work with. One such lawyer is Ross Abelow.


Abelow is a graduate from the Brooklyn Law School where he studied law. He practices various areas of law including family law, succession, commercial law and even entertainment law. As a lawyer who has been in practice for many years now, Abelow has the knowledge and experience to make your legal issues go away in no time. Here are some of the ways in which his services can be of help to you as an individual or a business owner.


As an individual you can use the services of Ross Abelow for family and succession law matters. Ross Abelow is a family lawyer who has helped many clients solve their matrimonial issues and live together or apart peacefully. He handles cases of separation, divorce, and the distribution of matrimonial property during divorce. He will not only help you go through the court processes when filing for a divorce, but he can also help you reach better terms outside court.


Apart from family law, Ross Abelow can also help you where you need legal information on how to enter into a contract with someone else or with another business. He will not only give you advice on how to draft a favorable contract but he will also help you include terms which will help you avoid liability or any costs should the contract get breached.


Apart from dealing with spouses and business owners, Abelow also handles matters in relation to the entertainment industry. He has clients who are entertainers or celebrities. His role is to help them seal deals in a legal manner and help them expand their businesses.


Abelow is also a philanthropist. He recently initiated a Go Fund Me campaign which raised money to help the animal shelters in New York City to take in more animals. The animals were left out in the cold because the shelters were full and congested. The money would go towards buying them food, bedding and medicine.

Lime Crime reaches two million followers


Lime Crime has much to celebrate as a result of its Instagram account. The cosmetic company has been able to double its Instagram followers in less than 365 days. The cosmetic brand now has over two million followers under in’s Instagram page.
Instagram has not only become a place for fans to see images or pictures that relate to the Lime Crime brand, it has also became one of the numerous ways that the company helps to create an interactive shopping experience for its customers. The founder has made known that many companies utilize this social media platform to sell more products, but to Doe Deere it is much more. The social media platforms allow the Lime Crime brand to have fun and to engage its fans and followers.

Fans not only are able to connect with the Lime Crime family or help to better their shopping experience; they have the ability to post their creativity. Using the hashtag #limecrime fans and followers are able to post their nail artwork and their unique lips created by the cosmetic brand. These particular pictures not only provide a platform for followers and fans to show their creativity but it also give customers all around the world the opportunity to see how a particular product may look on them.

Lime Crime is the brain child of Doe Deere. This cosmetic line was born in 2008 with the idea that makeup should do more than just conceal flaws but rather it should be used as a tool to help reveal self-expression. Deere was not always a successful entrepreneur. Deere is proud to let known that she is a musician. Before she had cosmetic line to keep her busy, she was focused on making music along with promoting and marketing it. The experience that she gained from her music career helped her to promote and market her makeup line.

Her ability to stay driven as an entrepreneur is the fact that she knows that her brand stands from something that is bigger than her.  Those that follower and her brand are known as unicorns. Doe feels that the term unicorn is a great fit because they represent being one of a kind.

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How FreedomPop Is Winning People Over

If you have a prepaid plan, you might pay a little less than you would if you have the advantage of a full contract, but you will have far fewer features, such as the potential upgrade your phone, add a line, and much more. This has left a massive gap in the market. One only needs to introduce a service to consumers that allows them to text, browse and make calls free of charge, and the market would be theirs. That is precisely what FreedomPop has done, offering 200 free text messages, minutes, and MB of data.

FreedomPop And WhatsApp
Now, FreedomPop is informally aligning with the fairly popular messaging app known as WhatApp. WhatsApp was bought and is now managed by Facebook. For that reason, they have had some trouble launching in eastern and European countries. But now that they are informally merging with FreedomPop, their service is available in Spain for free. People who download the FreedomPop app will have access to the WhatsApp messaging service. This will help the credibility of FreedomPop, and it will provide a great messaging platform for the people of Spain that has previously not been available to them.

Free Roaming
One of the frustrations that people have with their mobile carrier is that roaming will cost money. If they are outside of the range of a cell tower, they will have to pay extra. FreedomPop has quickly filled that void in the marketplace by offering free roaming. This is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and will soon be available in Spain as well once this informal merger has been finalized.

The alliance between companies such as FreedomPop and WhatsApp is important and could direct the future of the industry. When these powerful messaging apps offer free services that cell phone companies charge for, they will grab a share of the market for themselves. If you want to read more about this report, read the original report published by VentureBeat.

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The Life of the Indefatigable Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has consistently demonstrated exceptional ethical integrity standards as her career has progressed through the years. She also demonstrates great maturity and the defiance to subdue all her challenges. Read more about her life at ProjectEve article.
Helane Morrison has practically shaped the practice of corporate compliance over the course of the last two decades. Helane was one of the pioneers who set the pace for younger generations at a time when corporate compliance matters took a backstage in the business world.
She had made compliance practitioners command respect across the scope. The world remembers her stint with the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. Helane Morrison came in and saw her influence grow within the organization. By the time she inherited the regional office of the regulatory firm, Ms. Morrison was calling the shots against rogue companies.
The level of corruption in the financial markets has soared up in recent decades. More business establishments are involved in underhand dealings, insider trading, fraud, and Helane knew someone had to force such entities to account for all their transactions. Furthermore, the recurring economic woes affecting the global economy result from the unethical business behaviors of individuals and corporate in the financial markets.
Morrison first became a public figure in her role as an administrator for the SEC. She exposed widespread corruption in the San Francisco corporate arena. Some of her victims included a real estate company known as Metropolitan. More information on this case is available at QouteHD. When Ms. Morrison finally became the regional director, she made history as the first woman to hold the senior role at the SEC.
Helane’s commitment to Compliance came after years of dedication to Law and Journalism. These two professional fields provided her basis for investigating, reporting and prosecuting fraudsters. Helane started out as a smart undergraduate student at Northwestern University. Later on, she made her way to the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California for her JD. History also records Helane as having served as the lead editor of the California Law Review magazine.
Today, Helane fulfills her higher purpose at a hedge fund known as Hall Capital in San Francisco. She serves as the managing director, firm lawyer and the chief compliance officer. See her profile at Hall Capital.

Can Someone Change Careers Like Martin Lustgarten?

Changing careers is something that a lot of people think about when they are watching investors, and the investors around the world are making a lot of money from their homes or home offices. Someone who is at a home office is going to be able to relax while they are working or researching world markets.


Martin Lustgarten does this every day, and he has chosen a career that allows him to work from his home in Florida and travel when he needs to. He is a traveler who learns about all the different countries where he could be spending his money, and he does a lot of research online to determine which of the countries he has chosen are the most worth his money.


Martin Lustgarten invests in a lot of different countries because he knows that all these countries have their own kind of potential. Some countries are going to help people make a lot of money really fast, and there are other countries where people need to make long term investments. It is easy for people to get what they want when they are studying and investing the way that Martin Lustgarten does. He puts a lot of time into what he is doing, and he takes everything very seriously to make sure he can make money.

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Keith Mann And Young Entrepreneurs

An idea only has a little bit of value if it does not express itself or come into fruition in some way. A brilliant idea can sometimes be forgotten, overwhelmed by other worldly cares and concerns. However, if that idea is carried by a talented individual, it could literally change the course of history. The modern era is the exemplar of the power of a good idea that was brought to fruition by talented individuals. The modern person lives surrounded by technology and comfort. If there is a talented person who has a mind for business and creativity, they should be sought out. That is Keith Mann’s mission. That is why he has established a scholarship for high school students who live in Brooklyn.

Partnering with Uncommon Charter High School, he is implementing this scholarship in one high school so that he can identify the student who he believes has the most potential. In a low-income situation, students with potential for creativity and business are often forgotten. They fade into irrelevancy and their potential is wasted. But while it is wasted, the future prosperity of the city of Brooklyn dwindles as well. An individual who can contribute something to society is thrown into poverty and crime, only to waste his or her life. That is why Keith Mann has established this scholarship.

Who Is Keith Mann?
Success did not come easily to Mr. Mann. He had to struggle for years to overcome the trials of life. He had many of the same barriers that burden entrepreneurs all over the world. Today, he is the founder and CEO of a very successful business. His experience has taught him that far too many students are left behind or face insurmountable obstacles that need to be overcome. He is using his success to help young and talented individuals to overcome the burdens that prevent success.


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Highland Capital Management as headed by James Dondero

Highland Capital Markets is a company that is based in Dallas Texas and was cofounded by James Dondero. It is involved in offering investment services to both individuals and institutions. It has headquarters in Dallas abut it has a network in New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore.

It has been in the investment industry for over 20 years, and it has made milestones in the industry. It specializes in the credit and equity market investments. Regarding credit management, HCM has been able to prove to be most trusted credit management for most banks in the economy. They have also invested in the credit management fund that creates income to support their operations.

James Dondero is at the head of the management as the President and co-founder of the institution. Highland Capital Markets has grown due to his ability to make the right strategies in managing and guiding the company. James’ interest in credit and equity management was founded when he joined as an analyst trainee in the Morgan Guaranty Program in 1984 that offered to train interested individuals in the investment industry. He has been in the equity and credit markets for over thirty years.

James Dondero resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). He has a wide experience in the market equities and credit sectors that have made him be involved in most policy making activities. He has been given the opportunity to preside as a chairperson in facilities such as the Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical.

Dondero is also a board member of the America Banknote and MGM Studios. Such recognition and attributes make James Dondero a guru in the investment sector. It has enabled him to be a major decision in Highland Capital Management. HCM have managed to improve the equity and credit segments in the strategies that they are applying presently. Apart from the credit and equity investment they have they have set their standards and targets that drive their successes. They aim at offering services with boldness, experienced and disciplined teams.

He is a robust and determined support of improving the performance of the equity and credit markets a sector which he has suggested numerous policies to be implemented.

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