The Alternatives of Education According To Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos’s favorite area to work in is education. However, she is someone that wants to influence it so that it could change for the better. Therefore, she is willing to take the time to present people with alternatives. Being as involved as she is in the industry of education, it is only fitting that she is aware of every alternative in education. She is also willing to speak on them. Among the most common forms of education is public schooling and private schooling. However, very few people are unaware of the different types of education that are available for them.

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Among the different alternatives that are available are homeschooling and digital learning. Betsy does consider homeschooling to be a good alternative. After all, it is important for people to learn in the safest environment possible. For some people, that is not very likely to happen with public schools. Therefore, Betsy DeVos considers it a valid alternative to public schools. There are a lot of resources that children can use in order to make sure that they are able to get the education they need so that they can still advance to a higher grade in education.

When it comes to digital learning, Betsy DeVos does say that it is in its infancy. While there are some advantages to digital learning, there are plenty of other advantages that are going to be revealed as this form of education develops. As a matter of fact, she believes it can have a ton of influence. With digital learning, people can get their education from their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices with internet connections.

One of the things that Betsy DeVos is trying to bring forth is alternative forms of education that make it easier for people to learn. After all, learning does not have to be limited to the school facilities. People could learn what they need to know from many different sources. However, it is important that they get their education from recognized and influential sources so that they can more easily get a career going with their education background. Visit her website at to learn more.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Swiss Startup Factory- Mike Baur

Every person would love to accomplish their childhood dreams and passion, although most of us to achieve that, few people have reached that including entrepreneur Mike Baur. Mike Baur is a banker, and his passion for finance began when he was still a teenager. Mike was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mr. Baur is a go-getter, and he did not let his dreams and passion for finance die, instead went after his high school education, he ahead to pursue MBA from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Mike Baur began his career working in the Swiss Banking Sector, and his hard work and devotion saw him climb the career leader becoming one of the Executive Board members in a Swiss private bank. Mike has worked in top banks in Switzerland including Clariden, and Sallfort. Baur is also very passionate about seeing young people succeed in life and especially in financial matters. Together with his co-partners, they founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The primary reason for establishing Swiss Startup Factory was to mentor as well as supporting the young innovators in Switzerland and the world over. The institution is privately owned, and it is also funded and supported independently.

Swiss Startup Factory is a unique support organization in Switzerland, and it is designed to run a three-month accelerator program. The accelerator programs are very clear and are meant to describe milestones that will decrease time to market. The young innovators receive funding and execution from the company during the acceleration session. Some of the areas that the organization helps the young entrepreneurs include sales and marketing, finance, law, and technology. The most significant assistance they are offered is the mentorship program which is conducted by top successful entrepreneurs.

Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program does not only provide mentorship and support to startup but also to entrepreneurs in residence who have not yet found a business idea but are willing to found a startup. The young entrepreneurs apply, and they are selected to be part of the startup team that will receive mentorship and support from the Swiss team. The Swiss Startup Factory continues to sustain new start-ups and developments, and it is even more interested to discover more new possible projects. Mike Baur who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and has more than 20 years experience in the financial sector continues to provide leadership to the team to fulfill the young innovator’s dreams.


Construcap A Leading Brazilian Real Estate Developer

Construcap is one of the top ten largest Brazilian construction firms founded in 1944. The company ensures there is a commitment to its customers. Roberto Ribeiro Capobianco heads Construcap as the President of the enterprise. The company specializes in comprehensive construction services to its customers that include commercial buildings, industrial buildings, sanitation, road, railway, and airport infrastructure. Their clients at are of three categories, namely; private entities, government departments and individuals.

People contract the firm to construct residential apartments, housing complexes, and condominiums. Private entities on contract the company for the construction of garages, parking lots, offices, medical clinics and hospitals, educational institutions, commercial garallies and shopping centers. The government departments contract them to build a station for trains and subways, multi-sport gyms, sports courts and stadiums, sports and recreational areas.

Due to the quality services delivered to its clients, Construcap received an award in 2015 the ENR Global Awards 2015 from the Engineering News Record Magazine. Currently, the company has enormously expanded to services like the demolition of buildings and other structure, drilling and boring, electrical installations and maintenance, hydraulic and gas installations.

Cyrela Brazil Reality is the top finest real estate firm in Brazil regarding revenue and market value on The company was founded by Elie Horn in 1962 with its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s two co-Chief Executive Officers are Raphael Horn and Efraim Horn. The company has expanded its wings to the extent of operating 16 states and 64 cities in Brazil. The business success is through the firm’s quality and reliable services brought about by real leadership on

Brazilian leading industries are the Real Estate Industries having grown tremendously for the past years. The property in Brazil is advantageous because of its stability when compared to other platforms of investments, leading to an overflow of foreign investment in Brazil.

Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve speech praises Dubai business partner Hussain Sajwani

The famous Damac Properties real estate developer was established by Hussain Sajwani in 2002, exploiting an opportunity after the Dubai government permitted nonnatives to possess property in the emirate. Purchasing land in a then-undeveloped piece of town, he figured out how to sell his initial 38-story private building in less than six months before he struck the ground to begin development. Sajwani has since shined Dubai’s image as a sparkling destination. Damac has collaborated with worldwide extravagance brands Versace and Fendi for apartments designing while Donald Trump developed golf courses. Promoting tricks incorporate a free Lamborghini or BMW for flat purchasers each January. Hussain Sajwani began his entrepreneur journey in food service business, whereby he attracted clients like the Construction Giant Bechtel and US Military and up to this day, he still runs the food service firm. At Donald Trump’s bash in New Year’s Eve in Florida, he gave a discourse to the visitors in participation and got out his companion and business accomplice Hussain Sajwani. According to CNN Trump said, “Hussain and the entire family and beautiful people are here from Dubai today this evening. What’s more, they’re adoring it”.

It is clear that both Hussain Sajwani and Trump share fondness for flashy real-estates. Sajwani has utilized promotion skills to peddle his luxury flats and homes. Bugatti-marked estates got ready for another group on 1,260 acres that will highlight another Trump International green golf course while in addition to the space near the glass-walled living room whereby owners park and get a view of the Bugatti sports car. Sajwani likewise hit co-marking trades with Versace and Fendi among the other properties Damac Properties is currently developing. Sajwani was back in the United States after the election where he met with Ivanka, and shifting to Washington to be nearer to the White House. Hussain Sajwani is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. He is also the Co, Chairman at DAMAC Holding LLC, and at Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG. Habib Sajwani was born into a middle-class and conservative family of Dubai in 1954. He earned his economics college degree from the University of Washington. Today, Sajwani is a role model to many in business sector among other developing fields.

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Bruno Jorge Fagali

Bruno é um estudioso erudito que se formou na Universidade Católica de São Paulo como advogado em 2009 e se especializou explicitamente em Direito Administrativo e fez seus mestres pela faculdade de Direito da USP. Bruno lida com áreas contenciosas da lei anticorrupção, mas enfatiza enfaticamente questões como contratos administrativos, leis regulatórias e ações civis federais.

Fagali atualmente possui um escritório pessoal em São Paulo, ocupando um cargo de gerente de integridade corporativa em uma empresa privada baseada no interesse público. Sua firma é uma agência adverting especializada em comunicação de interesse público. Sua paixão é uma inspiração que o conduz a entregar o trabalho da qualidade.

Bruno foi na linha de frente sua experiência tem sido notado e concedeu sua chance como um membro da Sociedade de Conformidade Corporativa e Ética ele tem sido vibrante, e parte dos seminários e Congresso relacionados à saúde e aquisição de direito no Brasil.

Fagali lidou com muitos casos envolvendo o direito do consumidor, direito da família e violência doméstica em 2006. No entanto, suas observações foram realizadas quando ele julgou em contrato de consultoria de direito público em 2007. Em 2008 ele tomou sua profissão e tomou grande interesse insistindo em lei regulamentar e Processo administrativo.

Bruno é um homem que arrisca uma vez em seu trabalho que escreveu um artigo para e uma agência de propaganda em matérias relativas à anti-corrupção que trouxe grande controvérsia e levantou o alarme, mas do outro lado, este foi um avanço que o fez firme e mais famoso.

Fagali é muito diferente de muitos de nós ele pode falar até quatro línguas diferentes que são; Inglês, Espanhol, Português e Francês. Sua profissão tem natureza e Bruno Faglai fez falar Inglês e Francês.

Trabalho duro, paixão, humildade e perseverança são as virtudes que podem guiá-lo para o sucesso e acreditar em seus sonhos como Borghi tem decretado no coração.


Learn Why Thousands of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media

White Shark Media is among the finest SEO and advertising campaign organizations on the planet. The organization has established sites for substantial customers who are probably the most fruitful organizations on the planet, besides offering services to private businesses whenever necessary. White Shark Media is one of the key computerized promoting firms on the globe, and with a high number of customers, it has enabled systems on how to meet their demands. For instance, the company has adopted a proactive strategy to ensure tangible solutions for their clients’ issues. Recently, the firm actualized another framework, which deals with any queries from the clients and customers. White Shark Media made a more intricate revealing framework, which sends reports to customers routinely. The new revealing frameworks permit entrepreneurs to audit the use of their advert spending plans. With that knowhow, the association’s customers are far better in terms of the services they get even compared to their competitors.

White Shark builds customer websites from scratch which forms the considerable marketing plans for clients and permits customers to enjoy more of the input from the firm’s work. They construct what their customers have requested from each customer, and they make a universe of pictures which every client is proud in all circumstances. The staff at White shark have been given high checks for the service they offer, and they do communication with clients on a level that guarantees each client is given what they merit in connection to their record. The record of each client accompanies notes that guarantee the client is reached in the best possible time, with the appointments set with the clients far ahead of time. Clients frequently come back for reviewing White Shark Media in light of work they have seen on different sites. They frequently remark on the delightful work or they are very eager to perceive what the business will benefit if their sites are built in similar manner. Today, White Shark Media carries the burden of many businesses while offering solutions regarding the web activities.

Water Quality Returns Close To Normal Levels At Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain

Water quality should always be a major source of concern and regular testing for all resorts around the world, which has been shown to be the case for Squaw Valley Ski Resort that identified the presence of two contaminants soon after a huge rainstorm that flooded groundwater wells across the Placer County region. The Upper Mountain region of the resort has been the only area hit by the water quality issue, which is limited to four wells serving a small portion of the resort; Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney explained skiing is being permitted in the Upper Mountain area, but restaurants and drinking water supplies remain off limits with complimentary bottled water being offered to all visitors.


Liesl Kenney explained it is important to remember the contaminated water supplies were never offered to any visitor at the resort and no health issues have so far been traced back to the contaminated water supply. Squaw Valley’s popular Upper Mountain locations of High Camp and Gold Coast are some of the best known on the slopes of Placer County, but Squaw Valley officials believe keeping restaurants and other entertainment options closed for now serves the health of their visitors and will not reopen until water quality experts have restored the water to normal levels.


In a statement released by Liesl Kenney it was revealed the upgrades to the well water systems made in the Summer of 2016 resulted in the presence of traces of E.Coli and Coliform were identified quickly during regular testing procedures. Immediately upon identifying the issues with the water supply to the Upper Mountain region it has been reported drinking water was turned off in the affected area and a number of local officials and independent experts immediately contacted; Placer County Environmental Health officials, Squaw Valley District agencies, and independent experts have since been working together and report E.Coli is no longer present in three of the four affected wells, and Coliform has also been reduced as the battle to return the water quality to normal seems ot be being won at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

An Epitome of Leadership: Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries

It takes astute leadership to run a company and drive its value to high scales and rankings. But that is not enough, leadership requires relevant knowledge, experience and skills to make a company stand out, not only once but maintain its performance position. That is how the Nabors industries have performed under the directive and leadership of Anthony Petrello as the CEO.

To manage such multibillion oil and gas exploration industry, Anthony, also known as Tony must have had a long journey. Education took a center stage in the currently 61 year old Tony. He studied at Harvard Law School earning a J.D degree before proceeding to Yale University where he earned an MSC in Mathematics. This knowledge has been instrumental in discharging his duties as the CEO of Nabors industries which he heads since 2011.

Anthony Petrello has had a long history of employment. Prior to joining the Nabors industries, he worked as the managing partner at the Baker &McKenzie law firm from 197 to 1991 and he was stationed at New York offices. With determination, Tony has built a Network with affiliate organizations since he began working with the law firm till now as when he heads the Nabors industries. Among the organizations affiliated to him are Yale University, Texas Children’s Hospital and Nabors Blue Sky ltd.

From 2003 upon the resignation of Insenberg, Anthony Petrello served as the deputy chairman of the Nabors to 2012. Previously, he had served as the chief operating officer at the company since he left the law firm in 1991. In 2012, he was promoted to the rank of the chairman of the board of directors at Nabors industries and later became the CEO from 2016. Under his leadership, the company recorded positive growth and zero safety incidents in their entire workforce in 2011. He managed to foster positive working relationship with the investors as well as economic growth.

Besides the leadership, Anthony is a philanthropist engaging in charity missions to help the less fortunate. He is the director of Texas Children’s hospital, a position he has held since 2011 where he has donated $7 million to Jan and Dan Duncan neurological research institute and the hospital.

To sum up, Anthony Petrello’s performance and effective management of the industries has been fostered by his expansive knowledge and experience working at the industry. Being a bright personality, he has offered Nabors industries an economic turnaround. With him, the industry is destined to perform even better.

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Securus helps in creating memories this Christmas season

It is quite challenging for families with some of their members as inmates. They never get to communicate with them frequently nor meet them often. Also, the inmates miss out on some of the families’ special moments. During festive seasons families remember, create and share both old and new memories. Some are forced to make long tiring trips and wake up early to queue in the prisons. All these is to keep in touch with their loved ones during this festive season of Christmas. Children reunite with parents as well as couples. This generates happiness and joy for both inmates and the family at large.


In 1986, an American based company, Securus Technologies was founded. It is well known for providing quality services and civil solutions. It serves law enforcement and correction agencies societies. It links technology to inmates and vital information to people running the correction agencies. Also, it provides communication services for family and friends with incarcerated members in multiple correction facilities. The company’s CEO reported of his business’ mission to meet their customer’s needs entirely.


Securus Technologies has launched a Video Visitation system. The software enables family members to make video calls to the inmates. With a relative in prison, I can call them when at home, in the office and feel connected to them. It is a service that the clienteles will cherish dearly especially during the holiday season. Christmas among other festive seasons is a period where inmates would love to spend longer time with their loved ones. However, they never get to enjoy this due to the limited time in the prison visits. This facility maintains the family bond and avoids hostility among inmates due to loneliness.


A demonstration video of this software was recently released on YouTube. A father whose desire is to be there for his child can make a video call with him. Connecting with family is a special moment in anyone’s life especially for children with parents behind bars. The young boy gets to open his Christmas gift with his father. Prison environments may not be the best for the children and Christmas would not feel complete when loved ones are far away. I feel Securus has met their pledge to offer satisfactory services to their customers. I recommend all walks of people to use the software. It is a user-friendly system, and they can schedule a time to communicate with their loved ones. Being a flexible system, they enjoy booking time around their personal schedules.

Why the CAA is the Only Choice

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the nation’s largest independently run practice of its kind. The CAA consists of a team of more than 80 qualified physicians who all specialize in the field of anesthesiology. Many of the association’s doctors have also received specialized training in areas such as obstetric, pediatric, and cardiothoracic anesthesiology. In addition, the CAA also employs over 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. These nurses assist the doctors to help ensure that each patient has a safe and comfortable experience. The CAA is based in Austin, Texas and provides top notch care to more than 20 medical facilities in the area. Doctors at the CAA offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of each patient. Some examples of these are general, local, and monitored anesthesia services. The CAA is also a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, which works to improve patient care through education and data collection. This partnership allows the CAA to stay up to date on new and useful information, which in turn provides patients with better and better care. This consistent commitment to improving their practice makes the Capitol Anesthesiology Association the obvious choice for all your anesthesiology needs.