NewsWatch TV Helps Companies Through Their High Quality Reviews

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet is the marketing director for Avanca. When recently asked about her experience with NewsWatch TV, she proudly boasted that they were a professional company that greatly contributed to Avanca’s successful IndieGoGo campaign. NewsWatch TV helped market their IndieGoGo project by reviewing it and airing the review on national television. The campaign ended up making nearly a half million dollars. That’s over twenty nine times their funding goal. The aforementioned project wasn’t Avanca’s first time working with NewsWatch TV. In fact, not only have they worked with NewsWatch TV on an earlier project, but they have been so impressed by NewsWatch and the results that they bring that Avanca is currently using their marketing services on a third project.

NewsWatch TV is a television program that had humble beginnings in 1990 as a monthly show that focused on finances. In the years that followed, NewsWatch TV expanded and began doing reviews of technological gadgets, celebrity interviews, news about the government, and they even started covering major medical news.

The show is aimed a lot more at consumers and those seeking entertainment these days. Due to that, they have become an award winning show with a considerable following. Companies often enlist their services to help market their services, but NewsWatch TV upholds strict standards and all of the services that they agree to review must first pass through an approval process to ensure that NewsWatch TV viewers are only getting accurate and meaningful information.

In recent years the show has collected multiple awards for producing excellent programming. They won both the gold and platinum Marcom awards, a Videographer Award, and they even won a silver Telly award. These awards are proof of their growth as a program, their dedication to quality content, and the value they bring to American viewers.

Zeco Auriemo the Chairman of JHSF

At the age of 30, Zeco Auriemo became the leader of JHSF Company whereby he exhibited different leadership skills by engaging in global youth practices. His company, JHSF is located in Marginal Pinheiros, the place next to a mall, residential buildings, commercial structures, and academies.

Besides, Zeco Auriemo started several big projects which were referred to as high-end condos due to the skills and creativity applied. He has also been able to go the extra mile in constructing a diplomatic airport in the Country. The Sao Paulo Catarina Airport operates 24 hours and consists of a runway of 8103 feet in length; it can accommodate big jets similar to Gulfstream G650 and the Embraer Lineage 1000E.

The Company of JHSF was founded in the year 1972 and is identified for recognizing new avenues in the market segment which it dwells. It engages dearly in providing quality works and has the potential to provide strong solutions in constructions developments. JHSF has an incredible proven track record notwithstanding that it has been providing consistent employment opportunities to the jobless in addition to increasing the country’s revenue.

JHSF Company under the leadership of Zeco Auriemo has extended its segment market to the countries of the United States and Uruguay. Since the Company started its operations, it has developed over 6 million meters square of projects of real estate and has a market value of over $1.20 billion according to the financial index of last year.

Zeco Auriemo is a visionary, a transcendent leader, and has a prodigious entrepreneur who always contemplates on development and progression of the economy of Brazil. Auriemo believes that a smart strategy can only work if it is seriously implemented by the leaders so that it can be effective in the short term and long term basis. Currently, JHSF has the strategy to extend its operations in several other countries.

Shafik Sachedina’s Life and Career as a Dental Surgeon and the Ismaili Leader

Shafik Sachedina is a British national whose area of profession is in the dental sector. He is a qualified dental surgeon and an alumnus of the Guy’s Hospital and Medical Dental School from the University of London. He graduated in 1975 and served for a dozen years in the dental field before starting his own practices. The doctor has further impacted many lives through the establishment of the Sussex Health Care Centre that he founded along with a renowned businessman, Shiraz Boghani who excels in the hotelier industry. Besides, Dr. Shafik Sachedina originally came from Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania in East Africa from where he was born before relocating to the United Kingdom to pursue his education and later settling in the country. For more update connect with Shafik Sachedina on Twitter

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s Impact on his Community

In his capacity as one of the co-founders of the Sussex Health Care Company, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has impacted positively to the residents of Sussex community and its environs. Again, besides serving as the organization’s co-founder, Dr. Sachedina serves as its joint chairman as well. The Sussex Health Care founded in 1985, is one of the best home care facilities for the elderly that has even been previously awarded. Further, the facility not only offers services for the elderly but also provides treatment services to some specific mental illnesses as well. The center offers these and more services in conjunction with some of the major hospitals in Sussex where some of the mental ailments it caters for include Alzheimer’s diseases and Dementia among others.

Furthermore, apart from impacting lives in the health sector, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also has a particular interest in the Ismaili community. He has on two consecutive terms served as the Ismaili community’s president in the UK on a voluntary capacity besides heading the Department of Jamati Institutions. His role in the position involves coordination of activities and programs in the Ismaili’s Institutions in 16 areas. What’s more, Dr. Sachedina’s other areas of responsibility as an Ismaili leader includes overseeing the partnerships of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and the Ismaili institutions from Asia. In addition, Dr. Sachedina is a member of several institutions that govern the community such as the AKDN and the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-donating Committee where he serves as the chairman.

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Man of Action, Not Just Words: Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a man who knows the world of constitutional law and it’s applications for many years. He is one of the foremost expert’s how to put constitutions together for the greater good. Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the University of California at Berkeley. He also has many years of on the ground experience when it comes to putting these documents together. Sujit Choudhry has helped countries like Yemen and Sri Lanka on the road to independence. Sujit Choudhry is also the author of many articles on constitutional law and how to apply it in a modern age. In an article for, Sujit Choudhry explains how to take the words of a constitution and turn it into action.

Sujit Choudhry says that one of the most important things to consider when creating a new constitution is what to leave in and what to leave out, see ( In the early of the twenty-first century, his approach took a turn in a different direction and he has written many new articles to reinforce his point of view. He allowed students and co-workers to point out which countries around the world needed the most help when it came to the building and creating a new constitution.

Now Sujit Choudhry takes the next step in the process. He takes the ideas he gets from people and goes to the countries themselves. In the early part of this century, he focused his attention on the Middle East, read (Works.bepress.coms). He is working in countries like Syria, Libya, and Iraq to try to hel[p ease the strife and make constitutions that will benefit everyone involved. It will not be an easy process for him to complete. The work here will go on for many years, if not decades to come, learn more information on

Sujit Choudhry is a man of not just poetic words but also taking action. He is a man who will try his best to bring everyone together to help create a constitution that works for all. He is a man who is determined to see it through from the beginning to the beneficial end for all, click

Todd Levine, an accomplished commercial litigator at Kluger Kaplan rare talent

Disputes in commercial engagements are inevitable in any industry you are operating. Nevertheless, you need the services of a reliable attorney to be able to solve them amicably. Todd Levine is a Miami based lawyer who specializes in commercial litigation. His areas of focus are real estate litigation. He has represented real estate brokers, financiers, contractors, and sub-contractor in disputes arising from projects. He has also engaged in financial transactions as well as investment partnerships.

Todd is an astute lawyer with proven years of experience. He is also a talented musician and an artist that forms a unique blend of art and science in his career. Combining talent and credentials he possesses give him analytical skills, and creativity skills to solve complex legal problems. He always examines the facts of the case, the evidence presented, and find innovative strategies to deal with a suit or win a legitimate argument.

Todd Levine qualified in bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Florida in 1988 and later pursued Law degree from University of Florida Levin College of Law, J.D in 1991. In 2009, he teamed up together with fellow lawyers and founded one of America’s leading commercial law firm, Kluger Kaplan. Currently, he is a member of the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, the Dade County Bar Association, and the America Inns of Court. Todd has made the tremendous contribution to the firm, including commercial litigation and mentors upcoming lawyers.

Todd Levin has many awards to his name owing to his prowess in commercial litigation. In 2012, Martindale Hubbell Legal Leaders Group recognized him as South Florida’s Top Rated Attorney for Commercial Litigation. In 2018, Todd won the Best Lawyer in America Award for Real Estate Litigation. He has also featured in publications, such as Super Lawyers Business Edition, the Florida Trend Magazine, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Business Journal, for his dedication and exemplary performance recognized him. Todd Levin is an accomplished commercial litigant with motivation and experience. All along, Todd has represented major companies in real estate disputes and won the case.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Discusess Partial Knee Surgery Replacement

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has a notable career as an orthopedic surgeon. For over 10 years, he has worked as the Chairman in the BronxCare Health System. In here, he has developed a maintainable foundation and effective authoritative culture to convey the most elevated quality consideration for over the 1 million patients that attend the hospital. Since 2016, he has served as the Director of Surgical Operations improving the quality of the daily operations. Furthermore, he was one of the founding Executive Director of Medscape Orthopaedics on the Internet.



He is a member of many important organizations and foundations such as The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Moreover, he has been a member of The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and The Orthopaedic Research Society. At his time as chief of reconstructive surgery, he received the James A. Vohs Award for Quality; this happened in 1994. Kirschenbaum has also served as the Advisory Chief Technology Officer in The SwiftPath Program since 2016.



Additionally, he is the winner of several awards regarding his innovation and success in the orthopedic healthcare system. He is the author of several white papers and articles that discuss the importance of orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has also written for different blogs and is a frequent speaker at international al national conferences. He also enjoys participating in symposiums about joint reconstruction, practice management, and, of course, orthopedic surgery.



Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum recently appeared on an interview talking about the importance of partial knee surgery replacement. In this interview, he highlighted that one of the best options for dealing with an injured knee is considering a partial operation on it. A complete knee surgery requires constant checkups and, in the long run, the patient will need another surgery to replace the knee he or she has. This is an important recommendation for athletes especially since knee surgeries can be a threat to them.

Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is a well-known entrepreneur in the hospitality sector who has been in the capacity of managing several firms. He is the chairman and a founding colleague of Sojourn hotels. He also serves as a managing partner of splendid hotels. Moreover, Shiraz Boghani is an associate of Sussex healthcare.

He is the director of the Splendid Hotels. This hotel based organization has built more than twenty hotels. It provides high-grade hotels to the clients. Under Shiraz Boghani’s management, the organization has been able to expand rapidly.

Being the chairman of the group, Shiraz supports the firm in buying the required properties. His business connections are paramount in the progress of the splendid hotels.

Besides, he also assists it in acquiring authorized agreements with several other enormous hotel companies. Mr.Shiraz boasts of more than thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry.

His considerable experience has helped the several organization he manages to develop quickly. Currently, more than nineteen hotels in the United Kingdom are under his management

Also, Shiraz is a member of the Institute of chartered accountants located in Wales and even England. This institute has dramatically supported Shiraz in building solid relationships with affluent individuals and even renowned banks.

He is a vibrant entrepreneur with a great passion for the hotel area. In the 1990s, Shiraz was among the hoteliers who brought up limited service renowned hotels. Besides, Shiraz Boghani a chief supporter of the Agha Khan foundation that is a registered charity in the United Kingdom.

The Sussex healthcare where Shiraz is a joint chairman offers expensive nursing homes for patients. The homes have been in the capacity to treat numerous illnesses. Among the ailments are neurological disorders, learning disabilities, and dementia.

The Sussex healthcare collaborates with several other hospitals to ensure maximum care is given to the patients. The experience and expertise of Shiraz in the hotel sector have played a vital role in developing the Sussex healthcare.

Additionally, Sussex healthcare will grow to higher heights provided Mr. Shiraz is on the lead. In the year 2016 Shiraz was awarded as the hotelier of the year due to his remarkable management and efforts.

Guilherme Paulus Leads His Company Up The Best Path

Brazil is, quite noticeably, is the biggest country on the whole South American continent. What distinguishes Brazil from other countries on the continent is the fact that its people speak Portuguese. This is due to the history of the country and who founded it. Of course, at some point Portugal was one of the countries that colonized land in the New World, along with the Spanish, English, French and Russians.

The Trans-Atlantic slave trade brought millions of Africans to Brazil, which is why there is now a large population of people who are black, or mixed with black. Voluntary immigration has brought people from all over the world to the place, which is why there are large numbers of people from various places. There are especially surprisingly large populations of individuals who have German and Italian ancestry because a lot of people from Germany and Italy went there. It is actually very interesting to consider the fact that the southern part of the country, which includes areas that see cold and snowy climates, is especially known for its presence of European people. These people descend from people who lived in cold climates, and they just happen to live in the colder parts of Brazil. Learn more:,987faeb8b0acd176c397dabb78c37ca5oia3wj4c.html

The history of Brazil has sculpted it into a place that is perfect for the tourism industry. Guilherme Paulus took advantage of this historical context by making a lucrative livelihood from providing customers with tourism opportunities. The presence Guilherme Paulus is a feather in the cap of his company because his decisions lead to more prosperity. Guilherme Paulus has been present at the company since its founding in 1972. Only good things have come out of the leadership of Guilherme Paulus—pride in the services that they can provide customers, monetary prosperity and a good reputation. God only knows what will happen if he every retires. It is a sure thing that nobody is as good of a leader as Guilherme Paulus.

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Jason Hope is Changing Lives through Charity and Professional Advice on IoT

Jason Hope is Changing Lives through Charity and Professional Advice on IoT

Jason Hope is a prominent technology enthusiast, Internet entrepreneur, investor, and generous philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has gained a global reputation for his correct predictions on the Internet of Things (IoT) and steadfast support for research. He also shows a deep interest in politics and its effects on the success of Arizona’s businesses.

Philanthropy – a Major Focus for Jason

Actively supporting philanthropic causes is a major deal for Jason Hope. He has funded and provided expert advice to many organizations that come from different facets of his life. Hope has remained steadfast in supporting research conducted at the SENS foundation, a top nonprofit entity headquartered in California that creates, promotes, and strives to make sure rejuvenation biotechnologies that treat age-related diseases are readily accessible. He believes SENS’ research on anti-aging aims at giving humanity a longer, enhanced quality of life. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Hopes Doles Out $500,000 to SENS Foundation

Professionals across different fields are beginning to notice the significance of rejuvenation biotechnologies in eliminating age-related diseases. In December 2010, entrepreneur Jason Hope demonstrated his commitment to age-related research by giving out $500,000 to SENS Foundation. Hope revealed that he has followed the work of SENS Foundation for a long time, and he is convinced that their work is instrumental to the evolution of human medicine. Hope’s donation will help the SENS Foundation develop effective treatment solutions for arteriosclerosis.

Hope’s Guide on Picking the Right Charitable Organization to Support

  1. List down Your Passions

Write down your personal passions and begin your search for organizations that have included those same features in their values as well as mission statements.

  1. National or Local Organization

Decide whether you want to support local charitable causes or national ones.

  1. How Are You Planning to Get Involved?

Do you want to volunteer or donate money or both? If volunteering, find local organizations that you can join. If money, you can choose to fund either a local or a national cause.

  1. Research

Do intensive research and ask your friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors to recommend you their favorite charity.

Hope’s Interest in IoT

Jason Hope has done thorough research on IoT and written widely on the topic. He predicts a large number of electronic devices will be connected to the Internet, and they would have the ability to collect, send, and store data by 2020. He believes the IoT will play a critical role in getting rid of poverty, solving government failures, and dealing with inequality throughout the world. IoT will revolutionize how people study, do business, and communicate.




Alex Hern’s Unique Love for Technology

Alex Hern is the chief executive officer and founder of Tsunami XR a company that majors in virtual reality and has its headquarters in San Diego, California. On his part, Alex Hern has massive experience in the world of technology and has worked in several companies that deal entirely with technological activities. For the record, the idea for his company came as a result of observing how times are changing in almost all aspects and therefore needed to go ahead to cover a market that was expected to flourish. With such preparations through the company, it will become easy to solve any IT related issues that get experienced by individuals and companies as well. Before establishing Tsunami XR, Alex Hern had co-founded various companies that made some projects a success.

For example, he was co-founder and director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs, a company that facilitated the existence of Yahoo and MSN. In that case, he takes pride in the success of such projects and looks forward to doing more through his company. Other companies he has co-founded and founded include CloudShield, ArcSight,, Military Commercial Technologies, and Yesmail Alex Brown. The excitement that Alex Hern has in technological innovations keeps him awake at night as he finds it convenient for him to come up with new ideas without interruption. He looks forward to seeing endpoint devices become incorporated in his company and the kind of impact they would bring in the current world.

To become productive, he believes that one has to be focused on the set goals regardless of how hard it may appear as a single distraction can ruin the final results. Additionally, he expects people to take their time to make the right decision and settle for ideas that are likely to bring long-term effect. On the one hand, though, Alex Hern discourages the notion of multitasking which he finds to be unfruitful and advise people to be early risers as well and be regular on a daily basis. To become successful in business, one does not necessarily have to handle everything individually and delegating is fine as long as the right people are in charge of different departments. Learn More.