Securus and GovPayNet to Work Together

We all know the role that Securus Technologies has played in the prison system. With dedication, the firm has over the years been an important part of service to humanity as it has helped prisoners connect with the outside world through their provision of services. The company, however, has not just stopped at earning a good name as can be concluded by their recent move in which they acquired GovPayNet. Just like Securus, GovPayNet is well known as a company that has been at the forefront in the processing of card payments.




With a humble beginning in 1997, this company has grown and spread its tentacles over the years. This entity has been working to process electronic payments on cards for government entities. The company serves a large market of about 2300 agencies in 35 North American states and continuously strives to provide quality as they serve.




Securus has been a vital force in the correctional market. With its headquarters at Carrollton, this has been a company that has grown in importance to the North American market. With the various services the company provides to the public, it has been able to win the hearts of its clients as well.The President of Securus noted the position of GovPayNet in the market and made it clear that the association between the two companies was well accepted. He hoped that the two companies would continue to cooperate to serve the public even better and grow in the market. GovPayNet’s CEO, was equally excited about the opportunity, citing that they intend to use the opportunity of working under Securus to expand their capabilities. They have made this move with the hope that they will be able to expand into the market at a faster pace and provide services even in new areas that they were not doing before. Even amidst all this, they aspire to keep their clients at heart with quality service.