Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is a well-known entrepreneur in the hospitality sector who has been in the capacity of managing several firms. He is the chairman and a founding colleague of Sojourn hotels. He also serves as a managing partner of splendid hotels. Moreover, Shiraz Boghani is an associate of Sussex healthcare.

He is the director of the Splendid Hotels. This hotel based organization has built more than twenty hotels. It provides high-grade hotels to the clients. Under Shiraz Boghani’s management, the organization has been able to expand rapidly.

Being the chairman of the group, Shiraz supports the firm in buying the required properties. His business connections are paramount in the progress of the splendid hotels.

Besides, he also assists it in acquiring authorized agreements with several other enormous hotel companies. Mr.Shiraz boasts of more than thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry.

His considerable experience has helped the several organization he manages to develop quickly. Currently, more than nineteen hotels in the United Kingdom are under his management

Also, Shiraz is a member of the Institute of chartered accountants located in Wales and even England. This institute has dramatically supported Shiraz in building solid relationships with affluent individuals and even renowned banks.

He is a vibrant entrepreneur with a great passion for the hotel area. In the 1990s, Shiraz was among the hoteliers who brought up limited service renowned hotels. Besides, Shiraz Boghani a chief supporter of the Agha Khan foundation that is a registered charity in the United Kingdom.

The Sussex healthcare where Shiraz is a joint chairman offers expensive nursing homes for patients. The homes have been in the capacity to treat numerous illnesses. Among the ailments are neurological disorders, learning disabilities, and dementia.

The Sussex healthcare collaborates with several other hospitals to ensure maximum care is given to the patients. The experience and expertise of Shiraz in the hotel sector have played a vital role in developing the Sussex healthcare.

Additionally, Sussex healthcare will grow to higher heights provided Mr. Shiraz is on the lead. In the year 2016 Shiraz was awarded as the hotelier of the year due to his remarkable management and efforts.