What you missed about the Shervin Pishevar 21 hour tweet storm

Twitter users were treated to a dramatic moment when Shervin Pishevar started a rant that lasted for 21 hours. Dubbed the 21 hour tweet storm, the early uber investor and famous investor talked about the economy and the things that are likely to avoid it. He painted a gloomy picture while analyzing some of the recent developments in the economy of the United states. Although he was full of warnings and predicted dark times ahead, he also had useful insights for those who care to know about the financial situation of the country.

An impeding financial crisis

Pishevar spoke of an impending financial crisis that will almost be impossible to avoid. During the time when he posted the tweets, the stocks were not performing well, and he predicted that they would continue to perform that way for many more months. According to him, this would means that there will be little circulation of funds in the economy because of situations such as high interest rates, tax giveaway and enormous discrepancies in credit reports. Shervin Pishevar believes that all these situations have been brought about because of lack of proper policies.

Stop relying on government bonds

According to Shervin Pishevar, the government has always relied on bonds to get out of difficult situations. However, he says that they need to formulate a new policy because this one will not work anymore. He believes that it is something that has been overtaken by time and therefore, the government should look for better ways to raise funds when there is an impending crisis. He told his twitter followers that unless the government finds an alternative, everything will be gloomy.

In addition to talking about the bonds in relation to an impending financial crisis, Shervin Pishevar talked about the Silicon Valley and the perception that America holds monopoly of talents. He warned Americans that other countries had developed in various other ways and therefore, the thought that Silicon Valley holds power over other countries is just lie. He wants the government to readjust its policies and come up with ways to avert the situation because it sure is coming.