The achievements of Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction Company is a family owned established and steadily growing general contractors that is located in Illinois and also major parts of the Midwest working locally. It has been there since the year 2008, and over the years it has been doing good to become a powerhouse to look after in the home-improvement industry. It was started out of the passion for helping people. This construction company has met all legal procedures from insurance coverage, acquiring licenses as well as giving a ten-year craftsmanship warranty. They have collaborated with other already grown companies to bring growth to the construction sector. It has a team that comprises of supervisors that are always on the ground, qualified installers, complete office staff and an overall manager.


Aloha Construction Company has been certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that gave it an A on its ratings. It has also boasted of the honor that was awarded to them by the 2017 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics which is very prestigious as it only honors and appreciates companies that conduct themselves in a very ethical manner. The word that could fit the company describes that it works with integrity. Aloha Construction Company has built an excellent reputation based on excellence and safety that no other company rivals it.


The Aloha Construction Company boasts of having completed over eighteen thousand projects in areas around Pound Lake, Lindenhurst, Palatine, Wauconda, Hoffman to mention but a few. This construction Company offers a wide range of services from roofing, placing of gutters and sliding. They as well provide free inspection services that one can take advantage of. Other services they provide include awnings, carpentry services power washings and door and window services. The management here is on a whole new level that ensures every place they visit does benefit. They indeed work to see that they reign when it storms.