The Life of the Indefatigable Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has consistently demonstrated exceptional ethical integrity standards as her career has progressed through the years. She also demonstrates great maturity and the defiance to subdue all her challenges. Read more about her life at ProjectEve article.
Helane Morrison has practically shaped the practice of corporate compliance over the course of the last two decades. Helane was one of the pioneers who set the pace for younger generations at a time when corporate compliance matters took a backstage in the business world.
She had made compliance practitioners command respect across the scope. The world remembers her stint with the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. Helane Morrison came in and saw her influence grow within the organization. By the time she inherited the regional office of the regulatory firm, Ms. Morrison was calling the shots against rogue companies.
The level of corruption in the financial markets has soared up in recent decades. More business establishments are involved in underhand dealings, insider trading, fraud, and Helane knew someone had to force such entities to account for all their transactions. Furthermore, the recurring economic woes affecting the global economy result from the unethical business behaviors of individuals and corporate in the financial markets.
Morrison first became a public figure in her role as an administrator for the SEC. She exposed widespread corruption in the San Francisco corporate arena. Some of her victims included a real estate company known as Metropolitan. More information on this case is available at QouteHD. When Ms. Morrison finally became the regional director, she made history as the first woman to hold the senior role at the SEC.
Helane’s commitment to Compliance came after years of dedication to Law and Journalism. These two professional fields provided her basis for investigating, reporting and prosecuting fraudsters. Helane started out as a smart undergraduate student at Northwestern University. Later on, she made her way to the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California for her JD. History also records Helane as having served as the lead editor of the California Law Review magazine.
Today, Helane fulfills her higher purpose at a hedge fund known as Hall Capital in San Francisco. She serves as the managing director, firm lawyer and the chief compliance officer. See her profile at Hall Capital.

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