Why Are EOS Lip Balm Gaining so Much Attention?

EOS lip balms hit the beauty scene with an almost meteoric impact. The success may have come out of nowhere, but the EOS founders did take extra pains to try to make their brand as successful of possible. The Evolution of Smooth company put a lot of work into their new lip balm to make it appeal to consumers, to revolutionize a somewhat dry industry, and to make a product that they could believe in full heartedly. The company put a lot of work into their lip balm products. The made a strong formula that would appeal to younger generations, made a strategy to promote and market their product, and created a package concept that would be visually appealing to consumers in a way that older lip balm tubes just couldn’t compete with.

The EOS lip balm company started off with getting their product just right. They made a formula that contained ingredients that would be appealing to consumers who are more focused on what kind of ingredients are within their beauty products. Younger generations and older generations have begun to be more concerned about the number of chemical ingredients in their beauty products. Millennials and other younger people are more focused on having natural and organic ingredients within their beauty products. The EOS founders make their products out of 100% natural ingredients and use certified organic ingredients where the can to make their lip balms. They also made a few specific lip balms that are 100% vegan, although you have to check the labels to find the ones that are vegan. The idea behind using natural ingredients is that the product will be more healthy for the user. It appears to be the case, as most people see positive results from using their EOS lip balm. The founders of the EOS brand also created their own lip balm packaging that was different from anything else. They chose a pod-shaped container that has a handhold to make it easier for people to open and close it. The colorful round pod-shaped containers have really made the EOS lip balms gain attention.

The EOS brand made the containers to gain attention and they also created a marketing scheme to go promote their product. They gave some celebrities the EOS lip balms to try out. This permitted the EOS products to be spotted in the hands of celebrities. The brand also made YouTube advertisements and had their product placed into various music videos of popular pop stars. These approaches helped to make the EOS brand what it is today.